Aunt Arctic Case


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Aunt Arctic Case

  1. 1. In a World of Death
  2. 3. 2 Penguins live to bring you the missions on club penguin Here’s the first.
  3. 4. 1
  4. 9. In the pet store, click the note...
  5. 10. Figure out what the note says with your code. Remember: All notes are different!
  6. 11. In the sport shop tell G what the note said!
  7. 12. Pick up the lifepreserver and head to the iceberg and save all the penguins!
  8. 13. At the Ski-mountain fix the telescope with your wrench in your spy-phone tools.
  9. 14. Look through the telescope, to your left and you should spot the green puffle. Say that your done!
  10. 15. Pick up the rope... And drop in your inventory!
  11. 16. Go to the tallest mountain and look up then throw your rope and you should be at the top!
  12. 18. Talk to Aunt-Arctic Then Revieve your medal! And Letter!!!
  13. 19. Thanx 4 watch'n!