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Vote Wisely


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Published in: News & Politics
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Vote Wisely

  1. 1. Dear fellow Indian sisters and brothers, I created this presentation because of my guilt. I voted UPA last general elections. Now I feel I am somehow responsible for the terror attacks…for the blood of the innocents…for the tears of agony of the parents and relatives and widows. The UPA politicians valued vote bank politics more than the security of the nation. They blatantly diluted and removed anti-terror laws. They made Anti Terrorist police divert their attention from real terrorists. Their home minister was more interested in his wardrobe display than the victims of terror. I realized I have made a blunder by voting UPA to power. I realized I have made the lives of our children passport to power for the dynasty heirs through vote bank politics. This is my small effort to compensate. I do not support any political party. But I will support any political party that will fight terror.
  2. 8. India is a democracy. We have a stake in the government we form. We get the government we deserve…even if that government sells us to terrorists for vote banks. So Choose wisely. Not just for you…for your children. Jai Hind.