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Other Class


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Other Class

  1. 1. Adaptation: Construct new sentences like the model, using the cue Word. Construct additional sentences using real or invented names and information. 1. Are you and Bill friends? No. We’re brothers. - Are you and Alice sisters? No. We’re cousins. - Are you and Linda brother and sister? No. We’re friends. - are you and Oscar mechanics? No. We’re teachers. 2. He’s tall, and you’re short. - You’re young and he’s old. - She’s American and her brother English. - You’re sad and your mom happy. - Your friend is a teacher, and his wife is a saleswoman. 3. Is your mother short? No. She’s tall. - Is your father a teacher? No. He’s a doctor - Is your mother a doctor? No. She’s a scientist. - Is your sister sick? No. she’s very fine. - Is your brother present? No. He’s absent. - Is your father old? No. He’s young. Are, is used with the singular and plural of you: Singular: You are a tourist. Plural: you are tourists. All the pictures are in the Lado English Series book. 3. Answer the question according to the pictures. Use it. - Is this Ann?
  2. 2. No. It’s Lynn. - Is this Roy? Yes. It’s Roy. - Is this a saleswoman? No. It’s a nurse. - It this a man? Yes. It’s a man. - Is this Portugal? No. It’s Puerto Rico. - Is this a woman? Yes. It’s a woman. - Is this a dog? Yes. It’s a dog. Practice: Change to the plural. He’s a doctor. They’re doctors. I’m a tourist. We’re tourists. It’s a school. They’re schools. I’m student we’re students. She’s a nurse. They’re nurses. It’s a dog. They’re dogs. He’s a friend. They’re friends. It’s a city. They’re cities. You’re a secretary. You’re secretaries. I’m a lawyer. We’re lawyers. It’s a class. They’re classes. You’re a teacher. You’re teachers. He’s a cook. They’re cooks. It’s a watch. They’re watches. Speak: Linda: are Edward and Charles brothers or cousins? Bill: They’re brothers. Linda: are Vincent and Alice brother and sister? Bill: Yes. They’re brother and sister. Linda: Are John and Francis cousins? Bill: No. They’re brothers. Linda: Are Mary and Alice sisters or cousins?
  3. 3. Bill: Yes. They’re cousins. Linda: Are Rose and Mary sisters? Bill: Yes, They’re sisters. Linda: are Sylvia and Charles parents? Bill: Yes. They’re parents. Linda: Are Edward and Charles friends? Bill: No. They’re brothers. Conversation: Identifying a person Jack: Are you Linda Wilson? Barbara: No. I’m not. I’m Barbara Stern. Jack: Are you and Linda friends? Barbara: Yes. We are. Jack: Is she here today? Barbara: No. she’s not. She’s sick. READ: My family in New York This is my family. We are in New York now. My father is short, and my mother is tall. He is a mechanic. She is a nurse. They are happy. My sister and I are short. My cousin is tall. My parents are old, and we are young. My sister is a travel agent. She is happy. My cousin is a tourist. She is very happy. I am a student. I am unhappy. My father is Venezuelan, and my mother is Colombian. My cousin is Colombian, but my sister and I are American. Answer the questions: 1. Are they in Colombia or New York? They’re in New York. 2. Is the mother tall or short? She is tall. 3. Are the parents happy or sad? They’re happy. 4. Is the cousin a tourist or a travel agent? She’s a tourist. 5. Are the mother and father Venezuelan or Colombian? The father is Venezuelan and the mother is Colombian.
  4. 4. DIALOGUE Christine, this is a peter. Is Peter a teacher? Yes. He’s a teacher. Is Eve a teacher? Yes. She’s a teacher. Is this a sheep? Yes. It’s a sheep. Adaptation: 1. Are you Linda Wilson? No, I’m not. I’m Barbara Stern. Is she here today? No, she’s not. She’s sick. - Is he Philip Sullivan? No, he’s Jack Newman. Is he French? No, he’s American. - Are you a tourist? No, I’m a saleswoman. Are you French? No, I’m Italian. - Is she American? No, she’s Brazilian. Is she sick? No, she’s very fine. 2. Are you and Linda Friends? Yes, we are. - Are you and Bill cousins? Yes, we are. - Are Philip and Bill brothers? Yes, they are. - are Philip and Alice student? Yes, they are. - Are Alice and I cousins? Yes, you are. Affirmative short answers with be: Yes, we are. Notice the omission of the noun or adjective in the short answers:
  5. 5. Are you hungry?............................................Yes, I am. Am I friendly?................................................Yes, you are. Is Bill a salesman?........................................Yes, he is. Is Linda sick?................................................Yes, she is. Is London nice?.............................................Yes, it is. Are you and Linda thirsty?............................Yes, you are. Are Paul and I handsome?.............................Yes, you are. Are Philip and Ann friends?...........................Yes, they are. Short answers with be end with am, are, or is. No contractions are used in short answers beginning with yes. Practice: 1. Answer with affirmative short answers: he is, she is, it is, and they are. - Is Barbara friendly? Yes, she is. - Are Barbara and jack happy? Yes, they are. - Is Barbara hungry? Yes, she is. - are Barbara and Jack thirsty? Yes, they are. - Is math difficult? Yes, it is. - Is Philip unhappy? Yes, he is. - Are Bill and Christine tall? Yes, they are. - Is Christine happy? Yes, she is. - Is San Francisco in the United States? Yes, it is. - Is it beautiful? Yes, it is. Practice: Answer with negative or affirmative statements with be. Use the pictures for cues when necessary. - Is London in the United States? No. It’s not in the United States.
  6. 6. - Are you from London? Yes. I’m from London. - Are you and Toshi students? No. We’re not students. - am I short? No. I’m not short. - Is Ramon in Costa Rica? No. He’s not in Costa Rica. - Is Linda Sick? Yes. She’s sick. - Are Frank and Carlos in school? No. They’re not in school. - Are you Linda Wilson? No. I’m not Linda Wilson. - Are Robert and I teachers? No. They’re not teachers. - Is Japan a city? No. It’s not a city. Practice: Answer the following questions with negative short answers. - Is London in the United States? No, it’s not. - Is Linda in London? No, she’s not. - Are Barbara and Linda sisters? No, they’re not. - Are you and Barbara friends? No, we’re not. - Is Barbara from Japan? No, she’s not. - Is English difficult? No, it’s not. - Is Japanese easy? No, it’s not. - Am I absent today? No, you’re not. - Are we at a party now? No, we’re not. - Are you sick today? No, I’m not. - Are you and I cousins? No, you’re not. - Are Jack and Barbara cousins? No, they’re not. Speak: Margaret, John, and David are in Washington. Margaret: Good morning John. John: Hello, Margaret. Margaret, this is David. He’s from Chicago.
  7. 7. Margaret: hello, David. Are you a student? David: No, I’m not. I’m a lawyer. I’m a tourist in Washington. Are you a student? Margaret: Yes, I am. David: Are you from Washington? Margaret: No, I’m not. I’m from San Francisco. David: Is San Francisco ugly? Margaret: No, it’s not! It’s beautiful! Are you and John friends? David: Yes, we are. Margaret: Is he from Chicago? David: No, he’s not. He’s from Miami. Read: Joseph and Rose are brother and sister. They are tourists. He is in Berlin. She is in Madrid. Berlin and Madrid are not countries. They are cities. Berlin is in Germany. Madrid is in Spain. Germany and Spain are countries. They are in Europe. Europe is big. It is interesting. Answer the question. 1. Are Joseph and Rose cousins? No. They’re not. 2. Is Rose in Madrid? Yes. She is. 3. Are Madrid and Berlin cities? Yes. They are. 4. Are they in the United States? No. they’re not. 5. Is Spain a country? No. It’s not. Reading: Michael and Kathleen are not brother and sister. They are friends. He is from Chicago. She is from Dublin. Michael is a pilot. He is tall and handsome. He is in Dublin now. Kathleen is a travel agent. She is not sad. She is very happy. Answer the questions. 1. Are Kathleen and Michael brother and sister? No, they’re not. 2. Is Michael from Chicago? Yes. He is. 3. Is Kathleen from Chicago? No. She’s not. 4. Is Michael tall and handsome? Yes. He is. 5. Is Kathleen sad? No. She’s not.