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Creating An Intelligent City


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John Jung of Canada's Technology Triangle speaks at the Guelph Technology Economy conference on Intelligent Communities.

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Creating An Intelligent City

  1. 1. "CREATING AN INTELLIGENT CITY - THE GLOBAL ICF EXPERIENCE" Presented by John G. Jung CEO, Canada’s Technology Triangle Waterloo, Ontario & Chairman and Co-Founder Intelligent Community Forum, NYC INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM Guelph Technology Economy Conference Jan 19, 2010 Frank Hasenfratz Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing
  2. 2. Intelligent Cities in Saudi Arabia INTELLIGENT Intelligent City - Makkah COMMUNITY FORUM
  3. 3. Intelligent Cities in Saudi Arabia Four Integrated Economic Cities / Intelligent Cities are “In developing being planned by the Saudi Arabian General the Economic Cities, over a Investment Authority (SAGIA): thousand of the world’s free trade zones were surveyed. 1. King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) The sixty deemed most in Rabigh, on the coast north of Jeddah successful were meticulously 2. Prince Abdulaziz Bin Mousaed’s Economic studied to determine key City (PABMEC) near Hail success factors. As a result, the 3. Knowledge Economic City (KEC) in Economic Cities represent the Al-Madinah and ultimate innovation in 4. Jizan Economic City (JEC). Public-Private- * Tabuk Economic City and Ras Alzor Economic City are also planned. Partnership (PPP)”. SAGIA promotional literature. INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  4. 4. King Abdullah Economic City King Abdullah Economy City will help diversify the oil-based economy of the kingdom by bringing direct foreign and domestic investments: •Strategic location 100 km north of Jeddah, the commercial hub of the kingdom and near the holy Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina •Total development area of 173 km! (66.8 sq mi) valued at $27US billion. •The first stage completed by 2010, remainder of city fully completed by 2020. •Estimated to create up to 1 million jobs; population of 2 million. •Focus on development of Ports, Logistics, Light Industry and Services Six main components: o Industrial Zone, o Sea Port, o Residential Areas, o Sea Resort, INTELLIGENT o Educational Zone, and !"#$% &'%'( )''($*+!#$(,-./''(0) COMMUNITY FORUM o Central Business District
  5. 5. Prince Abdulaziz Bin Mousaed’s Economic City (near Hail) The city will have 12 strategic facilities for trade and services, eventually providing 30,000 jobs in 3,000 office units and logistical supply and services centers boasting an international airport, rail, dry dock and operations centre. Expected population: 80,000 Area: 156 million square meters. RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA--(January 26, 2008) - Prince Abdulaziz Bin Musaed Economic City today signed a Cisco’s ICT technology architecture will: strategic agreement with Cisco® for • enable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) infrastructure the information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure to automatically track assets across the city development of what will be one of the • connect all buildings in the city over a secured Internet largest logistics hubs in the Middle East. The collaboration will open up Protocol (IP) the possibility of next-generation • network, help to centralize management operations quad-play connectivity (data, voice, video and mobile communications) to • reduce operations costs. INTELLIGENT all businesses and residents operating COMMUNITY within the city. FORUM
  6. 6. Knowledge Economic City (KEC) Madinah Focus on knowledge based industries on a global scale and aims Statistics: to attract and develop talent from around the world: Jobs: 20,000 • Canadian companies (HOK, IBI) Accommodation: 150,000 • Malaysia companies (Multimedia Development Corporation) Retail: 1200 • Cisco MoU provides access to leading edge networking technologies shops • CompTIA ensures workers with internationally recognised IT qualifications Investment: 10 billion Riyals • Centre for medical sciences and bio-technology Expected to be • High-tech park for knowledge-based, research and scientific development completed by focused on electronic government, distance learning, Arabic language improvement 2020. and technology, tourism technology, call centres • Provide incubators for young Saudi IT and small business entrepreneurs who are looking for a competitive environment to grow their businesses • Educational/entertainment park themed around the heritage of Muhammad • Educational technical and management institute INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  7. 7. Jizan Economic City Plans will create 500,000 jobs in silicon processing, agri-technology, textiles, food processing, and pharmaceuticals. INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  8. 8. Saudi Arabian Intelligent Cities SAGIA’s ambitious “10 x 10” program proposes to place Saudi Arabia among the world’s top ten competitive investment destinations by the year 2010: The objectives of It proposes to advance the broadband economy in the the Economic Kingdom’s regions through the use of: Cities are to: • Information and communications technologies, • Promote • Advancement of global economic sectors, balanced regional development. • Promotion of education, • Achieve • Attracting innovation and investment and economic • Forging its high-tech profile to assist in attracting investors, diversification. jobs and talent to the region. • Create jobs. • Enhance competitiveness in Saudi Arabia. INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  9. 9. Why are countries, regions and cities competing for investment, jobs and talent? • Impact of Globalization • Changing nature of the economy • New realities – shifting state of global manufacturing, jobs and investment • Competitive cities / nations • Urban economic regions driving competitiveness / growth • Critical mass of regions / strength in numbers • Differentiation • Mobility – global search for talent INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  10. 10. What makes Cities Successful? “Future-Proofing” – Creating Intelligent Futures: Building on a new economy with the following elements: • High Quality INFRASTRUCTURE • Exceptional EDUCATION creating, attracting and sustaining skilled workers • Attracting INNOVATION and CREATIVITY • Superior and inspiring LEADERSHIP • Effective and stable GOVERNANCE • Excellence in ARCHITECTURE and URBAN DESIGN • Nurturing CULTURE and DIVERSITY • Attracting RISK CAPITAL, Incubating and Commercializing • Promoting DIGITAL INCLUSION • Ensuring SUSTAINABILITY • Building on COLLABORATION • Ensuring HEALTH and SAFETY INTELLIGENT • Effective MARKETING and ADVOCACY COMMUNITY FORUM
  11. 11. Welcome to the Broadband Economy The Broadband Economy is the product of the build-out of low-cost, high-speed communications and information technology on both the global and local levels making Intelligent Communities possible today. INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  12. 12. Creating the Broadband Economy ! Global Broadband " Deployed beginning in 1970s " Connecting economic centers worldwide, enabling… • Collaboration and trade across time zones and borders with low or no transaction cost • Melding financial markets and making investment portable • Making intellectual property and knowledge work dominant economic factors ! Local Broadband " Deployed beginning in 1990s " Providing individuals, local institutions and government with enterprise-level and high-speed access to… • A global and local community • Worldwide information resources • A global marketplace INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  13. 13. Characteristics of the Broadband Economy ! For economic purposes, the hardworking people of Mumbai, Shenzen and Jakarta live next door to the hardworking people of New York, Melbourne and Vancouver– but have much lower costs and living standards ! It’s a “FLAT”, “SPIKEY”, and “CONNECTED” WORLD : " Freidman: Impacts and opportunities of Global Sourcing, Administrative and Labour Arbitrage " Florida and Porter: Mega-regions and Clusters of knowledge and commercialization " ICF: Connected, Networks, Virtual Missions and Global Partnerships ! Supercharged competition between global cities leads to… " Falling prices of hard and soft goods, which challenges established producers while benefiting consumers " Accelerated product lifecycles as competitors vie for advantage in the market " Efforts to move “up the value chain” INTELLIGENT in response to price competition for COMMUNITY commoditized products and services FORUM
  14. 14. What is an Intelligent Community? ! From a Global Perspective: Intelligent Communities – " Recognize the impact of broadband and its role as an essential utility for job creation and economic growth in the new BROADBAND ECONOMY " Work to create a culture of use among citizens, businesses and government to stimulate economic development and political participation " Ensure that low-income and at-risk populations can all participate in the broadband economy " Transformation occurs at every level of live, work and play INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  15. 15. What is an Intelligent Community? Intelligent Communities know that being “wired” or “wireless” isn’t enough… … it needs to be a more comprehensive approach to understanding and building a new community-wide eco-system : " Intelligent Communities respond to the challenge of local economic development in the broadband economy " Work to maintain a high quality of life - as places where the next generation can find a good job, make a home and raise their children " Leverage their unique qualities and traditional strengths in a new economic environment… INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  16. 16. Intelligent Communities “Future-Proof” themselves…… “… it’s my destiny, and I won’t wait for others to create it for me…” Being part of broadband economy means: " Being connected to the global economy: anywhere, anytime! " Everyone is adapting (individuals, businesses and institutions) and innovating to take advantage of changing economic opportunities " Producing and sustaining economic growth through transforming and leveraging local strengths for global use " Recognizing geographic location is no longer an obstacle " Investing in green and sustainable infrastructure and processes " Marketing yourselves and taking action! INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  18. 18. Intelligent Community Indicators !Broadband Infrastructure " Developing a clear vision of all hard and soft infrastructure requirements " Developing realistic policies to for deployment (public, private, PPP) " Identifying and striving to fill “broadband gaps” " Collaborating with the private sector " Tying into all other forms of Infrastructure and related processes • Intelligent Transportation • Smart Cards • Just-in-time Delivery INTELLIGENT • Security and Efficiency: COMMUNITY FORUM example- RFID Tags
  19. 19. Intelligent Community Indicators Broadband Infrastructure For example - most of the Smart 21 and Top 7 cities are early adopters and have a wireless strategy as part of the transformation of their communities… Intelligent Communities 2002-2009 Great cities seize the opportunity to be early adopters of new technologies. "To enhance competitive and locational advantages. "To empower residents, workers and employers. INTELLIGENT "To maximize the human potential of its people. COMMUNITY FORUM
  20. 20. Intelligent Community Indicators Creating A Knowledge Workforce ! Knowledge-based Workforce " Create, attract and retain a workforce that can perform “knowledge work” (in universities; primary schools; factories & R&D labs) ! Ubiquitous broadband suggests universal deployment and use. " requires a complete overhaul in our collective ability and interest to ensure that everyone in our society can take advantage of broadband applications and services. " this further requires that we educate and make available to everyone the tools to utilize and ultimately purchase these services to achieve this kind of prosperity. ! Building ubiquitous broadband requires building ubiquitous demand. ! Creation, Attraction and Retention INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  21. 21. Intelligent Community Indicators Innovation and Creativity ! Changing people’s lives; efficient services; e- government; community culture of use ! Innovation occurs when the environment is created for creativity and ideas to flourish and the resources and technologies are accessible (and affordable) to enable them to happen. INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  22. 22. Intelligent Community Indicators Digital Inclusion ! Ensure that the benefits of the new economy reach all rungs of the economic ladder ! Digital and Broadband Economy is fundamentally transforming societies, their economies and their cultures around the world. ! But populations are becoming increasingly divided between those with access to technologies, education and the jobs and lifestyle that they offer and those without. ! Unequal adoption of technology usually has had massive ramifications to the health of the local or regional economy and its related social and cultural advancements. ! Brookings Institute & Gartner Dataquest study: " Impact of ubiquitous broadband at 10 mbps, $500 billion in North America and globally $10 Trillion " “The largest single opportunity is to capture demand from those previously denied access”. INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  23. 23. Intelligent Community Indicators Marketing and Advocacy ! Globalization of markets, capital and business operations puts a premium on ability of communities to market their “intelligence” ! Intelligent Communities market themselves effectively, based on needs of growth industries and competitive offerings of other communities ! Opportunity for “Communications and Advocacy” as well as “BRANDING” INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  24. 24. The Smart21 of 2009 " Albany, New York, USA " Manchester, England, UK " Ashland, Oregon, USA " Moncton, NB, Canada* " Bristol, Virginia, USA * " Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa " Dublin, Ohio, USA " Porto Alegre, Brazil " Edmonton, AB, Canada " Eindhoven, Netherlands* " Riverside, CA, USA " Fredericton, NB, Canada* " Stockholm, Sweden* " Gold Coast City, Q, Australia " Tallinn, Estonia* " Issy-les-Moulineaux, France* " Trikala, Greece " Kenora, ON, Canada " Westchester County, NY, USA " Malta " Taoyuan County, Taiwan * Blue: TOP 7 Intelligent Communities, 2009 INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  25. 25. Waterloo, Ontario ICF recognized Waterloo, not for efforts to transform a failing economy, but for its commitment to fostering institutions that drive technology innovation and share its benefits with the community at large. Waterloo is a Broadband Economy Success Story Waterloo Region Education and Public Network • High-speed connections to 247 schools • Waterloo's 3 post-secondary institutions participate in ORION (Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network),high-speed fiber network connecting 100 educational & research institutions Government and business have created more than 150 research institutes in the region: • Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics • Center for Wireless Communications • Leitch-UW Multimedia Laboratory • Nortel Networks Institute for Advanced Information Technology. •120-acre Research and Technology Park INTELLIGENT • CIGI COMMUNITY • WATCar FORUM
  26. 26. “What’s in the water in Waterloo?” David Johnston, UW President Diverse. Innovative. Entrepreneurial. & Collaborative Canada’s Most A Recognized Business & Financial Manufacturing-Intensive High Tech Cluster Services Metro Area Plus Converging Technologies and Talent Pool are opening up INTELLIGENT Emerging Opportunities in Health and Life Sciences, Pharma, COMMUNITY Neutraceuticals, Digital Media, Gaming, Design, etc……. FORUM
  27. 27. Diverse. Innovative. Entrepreneurial. & Collaborative….. ! Canada’s Most Manufacturing Intensive Regional Economy (27%) " Automotive " Advanced Manufacturing " Fabricated Metal Products " Electrical and Electronics " Food " Machinery " Plastics " Green Products and Technologies ! Recognized High Technology Cluster " Information Technologies " Communications Technologies " Imaging/Photonics Canadian Business, " Bio/Health Sciences/ Medical Devices/ Pharma September 2008 " Digital Media " Environmental " Satellite Technologies ! Insurance and Business Services " Actuarial Sciences " Top Business and Math Schools ! Agricultural and Agri-Food " Neutraceuticals " Part of Ontario Food Corridor INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  28. 28. Canada’s Technology Triangle: A Tale of Three Cities Downtown Kitchener Downtown Cambridge UpTown Waterloo INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  29. 29. Regional Growth Management Strategy Population: Currently over " Million – projected to 712,000 by 2029 INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  30. 30. Telecommunications Infrastructure ! National Providers such as Bell Canada, Allstream & Rogers ! Full Cellular Capabilities (Digital/Analogue) ! Locally owned Atria Networks, sub of power utilities ! Fibre-optic Metro Ethernet to 1,000 Mbps ! Bandwidth from ISDN to OC-48 to Gig-E ! Fully Redundant ! Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) Zones ! Waterloo Region Education & Public Network (WREPNet) Utilizes Atria to Connect 200 Public Sector Sites INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  31. 31. Major Employers (Companies With 500+ Employees) ! Research In Motion Limited ! COM DEV International Ltd. ! Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. ! Bend All Automotive ! Manulife Financial ! Rogers Communication ! Sun Life Financial ! Economical Insurance Group ! Maple Leaf Consumer Foods (Schneider Foods) ! Lear Canada ! ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. ! Sutherland-Schultz Inc. ! Loblaw Companies Limited ! Canadian General-Tower Ltd. ! Babcock & Wilcox Canada ! Kuntz Electroplating Inc. ! Challenger Motor Freight Inc. ! Dare Foods Limited ! iQor (CBCL Outsourcing) ! Krug Inc. ! Rockwell Automation Canada Control Systems ! BLM Transportation Group ! Arvato Services Inc. (Bertelsmann) ! Frito-Lay Canada INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  32. 32. Waterloo Region and Guelph Technology Sector Software CTT/Waterloo Advance Manufacturing 7.0% 4% 3% Region 4% 4% IT Services Toronto 1.4% 5% Internet Technology 37% Hardware 6% Ottawa 0.6% Environmental/Engineering Medical Devices/Photonics/Digital Media Hamilton 2.0% 10% Biotech Telecommunications 13% 14% Services and Suppliers Firms by Category Information and Communication Technology Employment Growth Source: Waterloo Region Tech Directory INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  33. 33. Looking to the Future of the Regional Economy: Diversity Semiconductors Optics Neutraceuticals Biotechnology Medical Devices Materials Bioinformatics Quantum Computing Pharmaceuticals Mechatronics Health Sciences Nanotechnology Health Informatics Robotics Adv. Manufacturing Clinical Trials Design Creative Industries Environmental Science Gaming Broadband Alternative Energy Animation Business Process Actuarial Outsourcing Contact Centres Sciences CRM Digital Arts INTELLIGENT Back Office IT Outsourcing COMMUNITY FORUM
  34. 34. World Class Post-Secondary Education University of Waterloo (35,000) Wilfrid Laurier University (10,000) Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (7,000; 37,000 part-time) Nearby University of Guelph (10,000) INTELLIGENT Nearby future Stratford Institute COMMUNITY FORUM
  35. 35. World Class Research From Seagrams Distillery to CIGI +PI = from “Grains to Brains” Home to Think Tanks with Global Ambition: Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI) – Stephen Hawking The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) The Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) Balsillie School of International Affairs $350+ million in private-sector R&D expenditures INTELLIGENT $200+ million in public-sector R&D expenditures COMMUNITY LEED Buildings/ Brownfield Reuse FORUM
  36. 36. Ontario’s “Places to Grow” Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe “Close but distinctive enough to be different” “Close enough to be only 45 minutes away from Pearson Intl Airport” “Closest region just the other side of the INTELLIGENT Greenbelt” COMMUNITY FORUM
  37. 37. Ontario’s “Places to Grow” Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  38. 38. Ontario’s “Places to Grow” Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  39. 39. Ontario’s “Places to Grow” Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  40. 40. Common factors of Intelligent Communities ! Big or small – most have a “sense of urgency” or pursuing a strategic direction ! Decision to actively adapt to new market and technology forces ! Leadership defined clear vision of the challenge and how it could be met ! Built public understanding of the challenge and communicated urgent need for action ! Spirit of collaboration manifested in forums and programs involving government, business, nonprofits and educators ! Embraced Intelligent Communities approach and not shy to globally market their successes Named one of the Smart 21 or Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year by 7 TOP INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY ICF… and so can your community! INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY FORUM
  41. 41. Join the Intelligent City Movement – ICF ICF Summit BBE2010, (NYC) – May 19-21 Immersion Lab PTC Conference (Honolulu) Jan 21 Workshops - Accelerator Studies Benchmarking Speakers Bureau Submit an application: Awards Program: • October 2010 Intelligent Community of the Year Available through • January 2011 TOP 7 INTELLIGENT • May 2011 COMMUNITY SMART21 FORUM
  42. 42. John G. Jung Thank you! Chairman and Co-Founder Intelligent Community Forum 55 Broad Street, 14th Floor Q&A New York City, NY, USA, 10004 & CEO, Canada’s Technology Triangle Waterloo Region