Assumption allergies at pets


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Assumption allergies at pets

  2. 2. The most fascinating possibilities 1-81. Change DNAs of animals to make themanti-allergic2. Anti allergy radar - emits special waves that eliminates the allergy3. Anti allergy house bubble wrap - you wrap the whole house in a special bubbles thateliminates the allergy4. Anti allergy spices - salt, pepper, curry, etc. with a special substance that eliminates theallergy, so you Use them in your food and the whole family is immune to the allergy!5. Work on animal genetics to change the chemicals - so not ethical6. When you see an animal, you will force your brain to act as if you cannot be influenced byallergies - brain power7. Anti allergy helmet - use it when near your pet and never sneeze again!8. Anti allergy apartments buildings - special buildings that eliminate the allergy of whoeverlives in them
  3. 3. The most fascinating possibilities 10-1610. Holographic virtual pets11. Clones I - have a stock of clones of yourself in case you die of an allergy attack12. Clones II - have a stock of clones of the pet in case you kill them every time you have anallergic reaction...13. New planet - populate a new planet making sure allergy is eradicated14. Parallel universe - create a parallel universe where theres no allergy!15. Kill yourself and your pet (and whoever else you feel like!) so you can have an allergyfree life in the after life16. Pets?! - what is that?Its isnt anymore usual to have pets
  4. 4. The most fascinating possibilities 17-2417. Back-mounted electrostatic generator to attract allergens back to the pet18. Laser-based pet-mounted allergenic proteins disintegrator in the close environmentaround the pet19. A light bulb to eliminate allergy20. We can publish a fake World Health Organization sponsored study that found that petsallergies have disappeared. People will be ashamed to contradict scientists and will hidetheir symptoms. Body will (hopefully) decrease its allergy symptoms over time21. Genetically-engineered insects living in the pets skin that eat all flakes responsible ofthe allergies22. Remote pet: it lives very far but you cancontact by videoconference23. Pets sleep in the dishwasher and get thoroughly cleaned every night(gentle program for fragile plates, though)24. Virtual pets from your computer (with Artificial Intelligence, virtual pets will be smartenough to act like the real one)
  5. 5. The most fascinating possibilities 25-3625. Anti allergy plastic surgery - fix your nose AND eliminate the allergy problem inone single procedure!26. Give allergy to the pets so they suffer with the owner27. Clone the pet modifying its genome to eliminate allergens28. Make a surgery, install air filter in your nostrils29. Volunteer with your pet to research center so they can test anti-allergic drugs on you30. Shave your pet bald if you are allergic to its fur. Shave yourself too so you look more likea team31. Build robot that goes after your pet and collect its fur.32. Made everything in your house out of tiles. Install sprinklers and rinse and flush wholeapartment regularly. Bed and sofas can be made out of rubber or soft water resistantmaterials33. Anti allergy TV - the light from the screen protects the house34. Anti allergy fake skin - a fake skin you grow on yourself to protect you from the allergeniccomponents35. Lobbying to pass a law so that people affect by pet allergies are relieved from theirduties at work36. Buy scuba gear for you and your pet and move under the water
  6. 6. The most fascinating possibilities 37-4837. If you have rush or skin allergies, move to flat with people with skin diseases. At leastyou are not alone any more.38. PETS-COMPI - pets are computer39. Mechatronic pets40. PRO-PETS-Program - desensitization-program for all children41. App for Google glass that show the potential allergenic power of every pet in thevisual field (with automatic tweet in pets Twitter account updating its status)42. background microwave field at home killing all allergenic byproducts43. laser fur removal system and synthetic fur replacement44. Mediate45. Pray for your allergies to go away46. Pet free cities47. Go live in another planet where there are no pets - in 100 years48. All pets havent any fur - bred
  7. 7. The most fascinating possibilities 49-5649. In 100 years, everyone will be living in fanuses (glass globes) as we all will be veryallergic50. Create animal free towns51. Marketing campaign to promote fur-less pets52. Use astronaut suits to handle your pet53. Use the astronaut suit ON your pet54. Induced fear to pets55. Smiling frequently has proven to have positive effects on health. Smile to all pets andlets see what happens56. Hybrid the pets with another species to get the new non-allergic pets that inheritscharacteristics from its parent.
  8. 8. Some possibilities which are a little bit more obvious 57-6957. Keep away from them:) a technological app maybe...58. Anti allergy GUM - effect lasts for 2 hours59. Conduct research for medication60. Anti allergy spray61. Wear a mask&suit - a second skin62. Anti allergy shots - annually -( I think this already exists) this can also be shots foranimals as well as humans63. Anti allergy drug humans take so they can have the pet they want - if they want a cat,they take the anti64. cat allergy drug, if a dog, the anti dog allergy, and so forth65. Anti allergy cream -you put on the skin66. Anti allergy plant - when in the house, eliminates the allergy67. Anti allergy fabrics - when using them as clothes, humans can get close to the animals68. Electric fence while sleeping to avoid pet came too much close to you69. Anti allergy spray - scented, so the air is fresh and no allergy
  9. 9. Some possibilities which are a little bit more obvious 70-8070. Anti allergy pacifier - for babies71. Anti allergy toys - for kids72. spend some time in a tube to inhale some protective gas on a regular basis73. anti allergy powder - on carpets74. create a liquid in a laboratory that will protect you from allergies for a few hours whenyou drink it75. All pets wear an overall76. Use a filter for air to breathe77. Air humidifier type of air cleaner78. Anti allergy books - allergy goes away when you read them :) but you need to keepreading79. Anti allergy radio station - when playing, the allergy is gone80. Anti allergy pet spa send you pet for a week for aspecial treatment to eliminate the allergycomponents through special massages, baths andnatural oils
  10. 10. Some possibilities which are a little bit more obvious 81-9481. Anti allergy squad team - a special cleaning team that comes to your house to eliminatethe allergy82. Anti allergy pens - when used, the inky emits an odor that eliminates the allergy83. Anti allergy magnets - eliminates all the allergy components through a special attraction84. Anti allergy vacuum cleaner - eliminates fur and the allergenic components85. Anti allergy pet food - simply feed your pet with it and allergy is gone!86. Anti allergy water fountain - while providing fresh water to your pet, it adds a specialcomponents to eliminate the allergic component87. Anti allergy cars - take your pet for a ride everyday and allergy is gone88. Anti allergy leashes - like the anti fleas but for the allergic component89. Allergy test in the pet shop before purchasing new pet90. Add calcium to the air steamer ( Calcium decrease allergy symptoms)91. Warning sign on doors. : Warning our (dog, cat, etc. ) animal can cause heavy allergy92. Keep antihistamine in the house if your visitor become allergic93. Pets saliva is algo allergenic: UV light detector of saliva spots on the furniture, floor...94. Website to exchange your pet to an other one (Allergy pet exchange)
  11. 11. Some possibilities which are a little bit more obvious 95-10195. Rental pets - you can have the pets or a while to test if you have allergies or not96. Pet TV channel - a special TV channel thatshows a pet of your choice. Its like havingthe pet in the house!97. Pet detectors - not to come close to them98. Temporal storage facility for the pets during more sensible periods99. Allergen detector embedded in the shoes - early alarm of pet approaching100. Pet exchange service: the system tries to locate a very similar looking pet but lessallergenic101. Made everything in your house out of tiles. Install sprinklers and rinse and flush wholeapartment regularly. bed and sofas can be made out of rubber or soft water resistantmaterials