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Scrive e-signing service | Guardtime value


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On how Scrive provides its market leading e-signing service and the role Guardtime plays in a mix

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Scrive e-signing service | Guardtime value

  1. 1. måndag 4 februari 13
  2. 2. Tablet signing. Send for signature. Webintegration. Tablet signing. Send signature. Web integration. “Documents signed through Scrive are provable, independently of Scrive or any third party, until the end of time.”måndag 4 februari 13
  3. 3. Why$Scrive? !!!!!!!With!distance!signing!25%!of!the!contacts!that!are!signed!are!signed!within! Faster$close !!!!!!!8!min,!50%!in!2h!and!75%!!in!25h.! !!!!!!!Our!customers!report!average!decrease!of!document!signing!cycle!of!2@4! Shorten$cycle$3me !!!!!!!weeks!when!distance!signing. !!!!!!!30%!reported!increase!in!conversion!when!using!online!forms!for!online! Increase$conversion !!!!!!!sign@up!instead!of!sending!papers. Decrease$admin !!!!!!!!Save!many!days!in!administraEon!by!automaEng!the!archiving!process. Delight$customers !!!!!!!Common!feedback:!“WOW!”!and!“Thank!you!for!saving!my!Eme.” Increase$doc$quality !!!!!!!!The!worlds!best!electronic!documents.!BeNer!than!paper.måndag 4 februari 13
  4. 4. Selected$Customers Largest PR-publishing platform in the Nordics Largest European consumer bank Largest site for real estate search in Sweden The largest IT-consultancy company in Sweden Leading IT bank in Sweden Largest telecom reseller in Sweden Second largest food retailer in the Nordics Largest hotel chain in Sweden (6th in the world) The largest gym chain in the Nordicsmåndag 4 februari 13
  5. 5. Be=er$than$paper “Documents!signed!through!the!Scrive!system!are!provable,!independently!of!Scrive!or!any! third!party,!unEl!the!end!of!Eme.”! Digital$ Evidence$log$and$ Capture signature$and$ Evidence$ Evidence documenta3on$ Evidence$ iden3fica3on 3me$stamp of$intent documenta3on brief log Features For!idenEfying!the For!a!tamper!proof! For!provable!intenEon!to! For!document!self@! For!transacEon!Eme,! For!redundant signing!parEes. document!and!exact! sign!the!document. documentaEon. place!and!history!and! legal!documentaEon. transacEon!Eme. doc!self@documentaEon. Importance Must$have Should$have Signed$and$ Copy!of!signature. scanned$PDF EDsigning$ Signature!and!any! Time,!place!and!history.! A!few,!most!don´t. compe33on$PDF addiEonal!ID!provided. But!no!documentaEon. Paper!doesn´t! No!need!to!explain!and! Time!and!place,!but!no! Fingerprints,!original! Paper!is!tamper! Paper signature!and!stamp. proof!by!nature. change,!digital! therefore!no!need!for! transacEon!history.!No! environments!do. documentaEon. documentaEon!needed. Signature!and!any! Scrive$PDF addiEonal!ID!provided.måndag 4 februari 13
  6. 6. Customer testimonials/cases @ Avanza Bank (1:39 min): @ Mynewsdesk (1:36 min):åndag 4 februari 13
  7. 7. Guardtime @ Scrivemåndag 4 februari 13
  8. 8. After the document has been signed by the parties Scrive execute several actions related to Guardtime 1. Append link to integrity verification plugin 2. Append the digital signature algorithm 3. Append the digital signaturemåndag 4 februari 13
  9. 9. Integrity$verifica3on$plugin Guardtime plugin to verify Verifikat Transaktion 09179748218119192507 document integrity with Verification page with no technical expertice Dokument transaction details Demo contract copy Huvuddokument 2 sidor Skickat av Lukas Dukas Parter Lukas Dukas LD Scrive ID-nr. 808080-0000 898989-0000 Registrerade händelser 2012-09-24, 09:09:18 BST Lukas Dukas signerar dokumentet online med e-post som IP: verifieringsmetod. 2012-09-24, 09:09:18 BST Scrive skickar en inbjudan att signera till L D. IP: 2012-09-24, 09:09:45 BST L D granskar dokumentet online. IP: 2012-09-24, 09:09:50 BST L D signerar dokumentet online med e-post som verifieringsmetod. IP: 2012-09-24, 09:09:50 BST Dokumentet förseglas och signeras digitalt av Scrive. Short explanation of the nature of the document Detta verifikat är utfärdat av Scrive. Kursiverad information är säkert verifierad. Tidsstämpeln säkerställer att dokumentets äkthet går att bevisa matematiskt och oberoende av Scrive. För mer information se den juridiska bilagan (använd en PDF-läsare som kan visa dolda bilagor). För er bekvämlighet tillhandahåller Scrive även en tjänst för att kontrollera dokumentets äkthet automatiskt på: 1/1 “Click the link to verify the document integrity”måndag 4 februari 13
  10. 10. Digital$signature$and$algorithm$(in$Adobe$Reader) The$digital$signature The$digital$signature$algorithm “Signed by Scrive” with the Guardtime digital Guardtime digital signature signature algorithm for independent mathematical confirmation of document integrity Open in in browser and read about “How to verify this document?”måndag 4 februari 13