Yunquera Autentica Agricultura Sostenible


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La cocina natural. Proyecto de integración de la Agricultura y Nuevas Tecnologías en la Sierra de las Nieves, en Yunquera.

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Yunquera Autentica Agricultura Sostenible

  1. 1. 7TH DECEMBER 2011 LA COCINA NATURAL de Yunquera food from the sierra vehicula delivered to your door s Ve g Boxe  Box 1 - couple lectus eget 8-10 seasonal vegetables a selection of 8-10 types of seasonal vegetables sufficient for 2 people for 2 weeks TICA Y U N Q U E R Ad AcUdTiE N h e s i e r r a o u e n t Box 2 - small family pr ecologically 8-10 seasonal vegetables a selection of 8-10 types of Yunquera Autentica presents food from the seasonal vegetables sufficient for up to 4 people for 2 weeks sierra, naturally produced and delivered straight to your door - Box 3 - large family 8-10 seasonalit is h a rd t o ea t a n a tu ra l, h e a l t h y d i e t vegetables a selection of 8-10 types r is it ? OK, you work hard La Cocina Natural can help, from of seasonal vegetablesO and there is very little time left over at the end of theday, do you really want to spend it the heart of the la Sierra de las Nieves comes the Yunquera Autentica veg box, ecologically sufficient for up to 6 people for 2 weeksshopping or would you prefer to produced traditional food, delivered Additionsspend it with your family ? straight to your door, and the best you can add as many additional bit ? it is cheaper than you can buy vegetables (or other products) such in the supermarket ! as are available to the selected boxand aren’t you dis-appointed with such products might include staplesthe fruit and veg you buy in the natural, in-season, fresh fruit and such as potatoes, onions, garlic,supermarkets ? sure, everything vegetables along with many other olive oil etc. or any other productlooks good but there is no flavour, other foods such as olive oil, hand available from our websiteand strawberries in January ! what is picked, packed and brought to youthat all about ? just think of the directly from Yunquera Deletionsfood miles ! check out our you can remove from the box up to website for three types of vegetables shouldtrying to manage a busy lifestyle ? more details they not be to your likingyou want to eat a healthy diet, youare concerned about theenvironment, how do you do it ?
  2. 2. why buy fromche ck o u t o u r o f f e r s la cocina natural e promis Box 1 - couple just the two of you ? then order Box 1, enough veg Box 3 - large family our for 2 people for two you have a large family then you need the big when you buy from La Cocinaweeks, picked the day before delivery, box, Box 3, enough for 6 Natural you can be sure that...we bring you a selection of the very people for two weeks,best our gardens have to offer,typically comprises 8-10 types of in- guaranteed fresh and everything is freshseason fruit and vegetables delicious, just like all our vegetables ! and picked the day before comprising the same 8-10 we only sell seasonal food pickedsingle box € 10 varieties of great seasonal food and packed the day before webi-monthly contract € 15 pm deliver it to you single box € 30 low food miles bi-monthly contract € 45 pm we never buy in food from other places and never, ever fly it in from 1000’s of miles away you get fresh, natural Yunquera Autentica food delivered to your door Additions we all carry the staples, ecologically grown potatoes, garlic onions free of chemicals etc and you can add as we grow everything we sell and we Box 2 - small family many of these to your grow it in a traditional way using you have a growing family, you need box whenever you want, methods that have been handed more, then Box 2, is the one for you we can also deliver great down in our village throughout the bringing enough veg for four people for Yunquera olive oil and ages four weeks and with the all same other foods with your delicious flavour of Box 1 and the box, check out the website for details picked when ready same great guarantee of 8-10 varieties we don’t store food, we pick it when as requested € POA it is ready and bring it to you, only in of fresh picked seasonal fruit and vegetables this way can you be guaranteed to get the great flavours of fresh natural food, you will be amazed at the single box € 20 taste ! bi-monthly contract € 30 pm great quality we grow what we sell we control the quality, we use the best seeds and grow the best “let your food be your varieties so you get the best food, simple really ! medicine, and your medicine be your food” best value no middlemen Hippocrates when you buy from La Cocina Natural you buy direct from the producer no middlemen, no wholesalers just great food at great prices delivered directly to your door