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PJ Tech Catalyst


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The original presentation, as it was delivered in Open Coffee Athens Friday November 30

PJ Tech Catalyst

  1. 1. technology + innovation + support Open Coffee Presentation Nov 30, 2012
  2. 2. Who We Are • Experienced international fund management team • Deep technology and start-up experience • Strong investment sector backgroundManagement Team Loukas Michael Nikos Pilitsis Dimitropoulos Antoniou fund investment investment manager manager manager Kostas Vasilis Chris Arnaud Mallios Theoharakis Tsangos Henin
  3. 3. A Few Myths and Realities Myths Realities• PJ Tech Catalyst is a bank  PJ Tech Catalyst is a € 15 mn seed-stage investment fund  The investors in the fund are the Piraeus Bank Group and the EIF through the JEREMIE program  PJ Tech Catalyst is a fully-independent separate entity• PJ Tech Catalyst gives loans  PJ Tech Catalyst only makes equity investments of up to € 750 k in seed companies  No personal guarantees, no collateral – the Fund invests directly in the company• PJ Tech Catalyst is new to the market  The team members have all been involved with start-ups and innovation in Greece and abroad for several years  PEA has been active in Greece for 3 years – it was 50% anchor investor in the original Open Fund and has most active Taneo VC fund
  4. 4. Our Vision The PJ Tech Catalyst team has the vision to: Support and help shape a dynamic and successful start-up scene in Greece Invest in and help grow a group of promising ICT start-ups into world class companies Work with other market participants to develop local talent and attract investment into Greece 3
  5. 5. Investment Strategy and FocusFund Strategy and Requirements What we look for• Seed stage investment - • Pre-revenue • Strong and committed team • Core team assembled • Typically 6 – 24 month old • A great business idea with clear company competitive advantage • Select idea stage teams• Technology companies (ICT Sector) • Strong international growth potential• Main operations in Greece
  6. 6. What We Offer PJ Tech Catalyst proposes a deep partnership with investee companies that offers: 1 Investment • Equity investment of up to € 750 k per company 2 Deep technology management experience 3 International experience and standards for investing and structuring the deal 4 Global network for business development, follow- on financing and exits
  7. 7. First Steps in a JourneyStart-up financing lifecycle Mature Company Idea Seed VC Financing Exit Financing (Typically multiple (IPO, trade sale, rounds) merger, etc) Seed financing is one of the first steps in a long process in building a successful company
  8. 8. Process and Next Steps PJ Tech Catalyst follows a straight forward 3-step investment process : 1 Understand and evaluate the team, company, and idea 2 Agree deal terms and check the company 3 Invest in and grow the company We are actively reviewing ideas and in discussions with companies – contact us to start the process
  9. 9. Contact Us Contact Details Loukas Pilitsis e - m - (+30) 695.847.2764Mike Dimitropoulos Nikos Antonioue - e - n.antoniou@pjtechcatalyst.comm - (+30) 694.029.9409 m - (+30) 694.486.0931Chris Tsangos Arnaud Henine - e - a.henin@pjtechcatalyst.comm - (+30) 694.820.0001 m – (+30) 694.456.5087Kostas Mallios Vasilis Theoharakise – e – m – (+30) 694.593.5363
  10. 10. JEREMIE Support Financial Support Received from the JEREMIE Facility for PJ Tech Catalyst– Part of the financing comes from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and also national resources, as follows: The “Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises – (JEREMIE)” initiative is implemented in the framework of the Sectoral Operational Programmes “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship” and “Digital Convergence” and the Regional Operational Programmes “Macedonia – Thrace”, “Crete and Aegean Islands”, “Thessaly – Continental Greece – Epirus” and “Attica”, with the co-financing of the Hellenic Republic and the European Union.