Market Drive Innovation Management, from the inside in


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A presentation of a so-called paper, earlier today at APMS 2008, Helsinki, Finland

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Market Drive Innovation Management, from the inside in

  1. 1. Market-driven innovation management, from the inside in Georgios G. Tziralis Ilias P. Tatsiopoulos, NTUA APMS 2008, Sep 15-17, Helsinki
  2. 2. Enterprises and organizations seem like market-agnostic, semi- permeable bubbles, in a market- powered universe.
  3. 3. the problem • Innovation management and idea selection • in general: - n potential evaluators of ideas - m ideas, - evaluated by i variables each • optimal solution: the evaluation of an omniscient agent
  4. 4. background • need for efficient information aggregation • tools in use so far vary - nominal groups, brainstorming, discussion boards and voting systems - poor for information evaluation (static, low motive, etc) • other options?