HowSocialRU Launch Presentation, Startup Weekend Athens


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The launch presentation of, a service created during Startup Weekend Athens

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HowSocialRU Launch Presentation, Startup Weekend Athens

  1. 1. We are social beings, we love talking to and communicating with each other...
  2. 2. ...while some of us clearly have a louder voice and a bigger effect...
  3. 3. by motivating the right people to spread their message. But who are the right people? And how can we put that into perspective?
  4. 4. Let’s switch the conversation to the social web and focus on twitter for example. What’s the first thing you do when you visit a twitter page?
  5. 5. What I do is checking the number of following and followers, and I bet that’s among the first that you do, too.
  6. 6. But what’s in the number of followers? Why some of us are big and some others are less big?
  7. 7. Ok, let’s stop understanding the world with twitter eyes and realize that, after all, what we are actually trying to come up with is...
  8. 8. ... the eternal search for social impact. But how can we actually assess the social impact of somebody? Let’s take a look at this photo...
  9. 9. ...that’s the graph of flickr users. And given this social graph, our core question now is how can you assess the informational value of each node? Does that remind you of something? Yes, you’re right, google solved that problem for web pages before, you know the story. But, what about people? is there anything like ‘PeopleRank”?
  10. 10. There are various attempts, but not a single one has managed to provide a global way to address the problem. But we believe there is a solution to spot the informationally effective people, and it exists in the social web.
  11. 11. So we set up a fantastic team and spent a *whole* weekend to bring it into reality.
  12. 12. And we built some crawlers to scan across the web and its social graph and store all information of value,
  13. 13. while we also came up with a sophisticated algorithm, properly utilizing all that information to finally provide a single metric, we call it...
  14. 14. Social Impact demo “Social Impact”, quantifying your influence across the global social graph. You may visualize it as ‘pagerank for people’, or ‘Peoplerank’, but let’s take a look at an actual demo of its results...
  15. 15. No, we’re definitely not the new google (and I hate repreating it)...
  16. 16. ... though we provide three discrete offerings built on Social Impact, and these are:
  17. 17. free for individuals the first one is free. Each one of you can learn her social impact, in specific networks like twitter and friendfeed but also the global one, just by navigating to our website and entering her user names.
  18. 18. Yes, you’ll find out which your actual social power is.
  19. 19. standard reports Next to that, we have our standard services, providing reports in a regular basis...
  20. 20. and on specific keywords, tags or groups of people (for example, the 10 bloggers in greece with the biggest social impact, the 100 most influential people in politics or the 500 most socially valuable entrepreneurs)
  21. 21. premium on demand Finally, we also provide premium services,
  22. 22. giving you the ability to submit your very own list of people you want to be ranked according to their social impact (to give you some insights on who the best transmitter for your message is etc)
  23. 23. So, that’s, we think it’s fun and useful, we’ve worked really hard on it during the weekend, we hope you’ll like it! :)