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Gtv Presentation 2011

  1. 1. Meeting ONE MORE STEPS Erasmus Mundus Action 2GRUPPO TRENTINO DI VOLONTARIATO – ITALIA TRENTO’S VOLUNTARY GROUP – ITALY Guangzhou, September 30th - October 1st
  2. 2. FEATURESGruppo Trentino Volontariato (GTV) is a: Non-profit Organization of Social Utilityand * takes the form of an association, founded in Trento (Italy) * is active since 1999
  3. 3. FEATURES Visionin South East Asia in order to build a Bridge from East to West toward a new tomorrow.
  4. 4. FEATURES MissionGTV is an NGO that works in the international solidarity andeducation for development. Its mission is to put in relation theTrentino community with South East Asia in order to developcapabilities and exchange experiences with focus on vulnerablepeople rights like children, women and minorities. GTVintends selfdevelopment as an antidote for the exploitation.
  5. 5. FEATURES Values- Relation: with and between people in the projects.- Responsibility: towards resources and donors, towardcontexts where we work and respect for the time we live.- Democracy: in the group that give value to it.
  6. 6. FEATURES GTV currently operates in South East Asia and collaborates with other associations:* Amici della Neonatologia di Trento (ANT)* Associazione San Prospero* Associazione Santi Martiri Anauniensi
  7. 7. FEATURES GTV is funded:* by Private Enterprises* by Public Bodies (in particular Autonome Province of Trento, Trentino – Sued Tyrol Region and municipalities)* by Private Donors
  8. 8. SECTORS OF INTERVENTIONIn ten years 1999 – 2009 GTVhas worked in:➔ Vocation Training➔ Rural development➔ Hygyene➔ Edcation➔ Human Traffiking “A social commitment to individual liberty must be that it attaches importance to be objective of increasing the capacity that many people actually possess” Amartya Sen
  9. 9. SECTORS OF INTERVENTIONIn ten years 1999 – 2009 GTVhas worked in: Envolving this people➔ Vocation Training ➔ 1.815 people➔ Rural development ➔ 11.256 people➔ Hygyene ➔ 2.676 people➔ Education ➔ 1.818 people➔ Human Traffiking ➔ 13.840 people In Cao Bang, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Nghe An provinces In Vietnam
  10. 10. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Rural DevelopmentThe ecotourism project isintegrated with handicraftand agricoltural productionin the perspective ofterritorial development
  11. 11. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Rural DevelopmentNot only tourism, but also othersectors interconnectedNot only services for tourists,but also services to rise thepopolation’s living standard
  12. 12. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Rural DevelopmentInvolvement of all localstakeholders (Representatives ofhomestays, of tourist guides, ofincence and of honey producers,the commune authorities) andsome external stakeholders, like anational tour operator and tworesearchers of the NationalEconomic University to survey thetourist demand in the Khe Roprimitive forest
  13. 13. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Vocational DevelopmentReintegration of victims of Traffikingthrought an handicracft cooperative inHai Duong, Vietnam
  14. 14. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Vocational DevelopmentObjectives:Reinforcing professional skills,give a work opportunity andgive psicological support toyoung girls being traffickedtrought the creation of acooperative
  15. 15. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Vocational DevelopmentObjectives:Let people of thecommunity being aware ofproblem of traffiking bothin order to prevent newrapes, both in order toreinforce that process ofintegration of victims whocame back.
  16. 16. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Education in BangladeshObjectives:The project aims to insert in scholasticcurriculum a formulation courses ondisaster risk management and impactmitigation. Those activities would involvenot only schools’ class rooms but also thewhole community through socio-recreational activities, like concert inschools’ with the participation of parents,local authorities and differentorganizations of the civil society.
  17. 17. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Neonatal HealthIn the sanitary sector, in collaborationwith Amici della Neonatologia diTrento, GTV has intervened through* health sector personel trainingactivities* equipment of medical instruments* rehabilitation of sanitaryinfrastructures in particular in theobstetric-gynecologic and in thepediatric-neonatologic area.
  18. 18. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Neonatal HealthIn all projects, a special attention ispaid to women’s and children’s well-being, because of their fundamentalrole played in the society andeconomy and because they usuallyrepresent the less-protected subjectsin developing countries.
  19. 19. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Rural DevelopmentFood Security in Atauro – Timor LesteIn collaboration with Santi Martiri Anauniensi AssociationThe general objective of this project is tocontribute to improve the poverty with theguarantee of food security and water accessfor the population of two Atauro islandsvillages (Beloi and Manumeta) in TimorEst.Integrating three areas:1-agricultural and reforestationsdevelopment2-fishings development3-water access
  20. 20. SECTORS OF INTERVENTION NOW Sponsorship Program 80 Italian families sponsor80 children in Son Dong, Bac Giang Province Providing rise, educational material, school fees and exchange communication
  21. 21. THE APPROACHThe projects are planned and implemented through * partecipative methodologies, involving the beneficiary population in all phases of the project, - from the identification of the needs - to the realization of each activity and - to the the final evaluation
  22. 22. Thank you Onorio Clauser President of GTV