The Changing Landscape of Public Relations


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Presentation given by Bill Green and Glen Turpin at the PRSA Colorado Engage 2010 event on September 25, 2010.

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The Changing Landscape of Public Relations

  1. 1. The Changing Landscape of Public Relations Bill Green & Glen Turpin PRSA Colorado ▪ Engage 2010
  2. 2. Some things never change.
  3. 3. Communication hasn’t changed significantly in the last 100 years. Only the tools, time and expectations have shifted.
  4. 4. Start with good writing and storytelling. Build relationships. Know your message, your audience and the media. Watch details and deadlines.
  5. 5. Learn the business. Not just the business of public relations, but your company or client’s business. Learn how they do what they do, and why.
  6. 6. Some things will never be the same again.
  7. 7. “Before you can master a device, program or invention, it will be superseded; you will always be a beginner. Get good at it.” — Kevin Kelly in New York Magazine
  8. 8. Be curious. Learn the key concepts and design patterns behind the tools and technologies required to establish an online presence.
  9. 9. Think like a producer. Learn to create, write and produce graphics, audio and video. Understand what makes great content in any medium.
  10. 10. Expect the unexpected. Solve problems.
  11. 11. Go beyond media relations. Use creative tactics to generate business value that isn’t measured in clip counts.
  12. 12. Optimize for search and use pay-per-click to enhance search results while pushing down negative comments.
  13. 13. Listen and learn about the perception of your brand across many different channels and media. Monitor for potential threats before they happen.
  14. 14. Measure and analyze new, more relevant metrics and set direction in real time based on what people are saying.
  15. 15. Create and cultivate communities around your brand and your content.
  16. 16. Get comfortable behind the scenes and at center stage.
  17. 17. Understand your social graph and behave according to the conventions of each medium.
  18. 18. Give up the illusions of control and of privacy. Boundaries between personal and professional are blurrier than ever. If you don’t want to see it, don’t say it.
  19. 19. The boundaries of your organization are porous. Every employee is a spokesperson whether you like it or not, on duty and off. Lead by example.
  20. 20. Be prepared to be the conscience of the organization.
  21. 21. Bill Green Glen Turpin 303-656-9148 720-468-0523 @bill_green @gturpin PHOTO CREDIT Zach Stern