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Allstate Billing Marketing Brochure


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Allstate Billing Marketing Brochure

  1. 1. A Professional Medical Billing Service <br /> Let us increase your profits…..while you expand your practice…..<br />Reviewed and Rated as Best Medical Billing Service on GOOGLE<br />
  2. 2. Services We Offer<br /><ul><li>Electronic Claims Submissions
  3. 3. Receivables Management
  4. 4. Coding Review and Assistance
  5. 5. Physician Credentialing
  6. 6. Weekly Claims Reporting
  7. 7. Monthly A/R Reporting
  8. 8. Customized Reporting
  9. 9. Claim Status Checks
  10. 10. Patient Statements
  11. 11. Custom Super bill Templates
  12. 12. Custom Demographics Templates
  13. 13. HIPAA Compliance Review
  14. 14. Nationwide Medical Billing
  15. 15. We offer a wide variety of services for a low flat fee per claim for the entire claim life cycle</li></li></ul><li>Advantages of Outsourcing<br />CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING COST REDUCTIONS<br /><ul><li>Employee Payroll Expense
  16. 16. Payroll Tax Expense
  17. 17. Employee Health Insurance Expense
  18. 18. Necessary Continued Education Expense
  19. 19. Postage and Electronic Claims Submission Expense
  20. 20. Office Supply Expense
  21. 21. Storage Expense
  22. 22. Software upgrades and support expense
  23. 23. Time Expense
  24. 24. Employee turnover and Personnel Issues
  25. 25. Outsourcing your billing will greatly reduce your cost while ensuring that you have experts in billing handling your claims. In-house billers are not guaranteed to have the level of know-how and education necessary to get your claims paid</li></li></ul><li>Electronic Medical Billing<br /><ul><li>Allstate Billing is an electronic medical billing service that is dedicated to providing your practice with the most </li></ul>efficient approach to medical billing.<br /><ul><li>Electronic claims processing is the most efficient way to get reimbursed quickly.
  26. 26. Electronic Medical Billing has revolutionized the healthcare industry , while paper claims have become obsolete.
  27. 27. We submit your claims within 24 to 48 hrs of receiving them from your office.
  28. 28. Electronic billing makes our error- free guarantee a possibility due to the audit checks made possible by the best electronic billing software out there.
  29. 29. Electronic billing greatly reduces your underpayments and denials. Your rate of collecting payments increases in volume as well as in pace just by electronically submitting your claims. </li></li></ul><li>Fair-Fee Guarantee<br /><ul><li>Percentage Based Companies</li></ul>Percentage based companies work on the premise that they will collect the most money off of bigger ticket claims. <br /> What does that mean?<br /> EXAMPLE- Small chiropractic office charges $100 per service. Your percentage based billing agency submits your claims. They collect 10% of what is paid. Half comes back paid, the other half denied. Same company bills out for sleep medicine which charges $2500 per claim. Half paid, the other half denied. Who will they dedicate themselves most to? <br /> The answer is simple. Percentage based companies will care about the providers who offer them more revenue potential. The majority of dedicated receivables managers will concentrate on their bigger clients. Why? These providers will guarantee their company more revenue per claim.<br /><ul><li>Flat-fee Companies</li></ul> Flat-Fee based companies are held accountable for each and every claim submitted. We do not favor bigger clients over our smaller ones.<br /> What does that mean?<br /> EXAMPLE-Small chiropractic office charges $100 per service. Your flat fee agency submits your claims. They charge a flat fee for the claim including resubmissions on all denials and underpayments. Half comes paid, the other half denied. Same company bills out for sleep medicine which charges $2500 per claim. Half paid, the other half denied. Who will they dedicate themselves most to?<br /> The answer is simple. Flat fee companies will give equal dedication to both practices. They have the same flat fee for all providers, and act as dedicated billers to each and every claim. They hold no preference towards bigger revenue clients. Why? They do not make extra money off of these providers.<br />
  30. 30. Online Portal<br /><ul><li>Outsourcing your billing has never been easier. Our new online client portal allows us to share files through secure means.
  31. 31. Every provider will have their own log in with their owner username and password.
  32. 32. Every login is protected and completely secure.
  33. 33. You will upload your patient demographics, claims, remittance advice, and any other files.
  34. 34. Allstate Billing will retrieve your files and start working on all demographics, claims and payment posting.
  35. 35. All claims reports, receivables reports, invoices, and other various reporting will be shared through this portal.
  36. 36. The provider and billing office will be notified about each upload and download via email.
  37. 37. The server will save the history of all uploads and reporting for easy access.</li></ul>The Provider Portal is an easy way to securely share information. It will save a lot of time and unnecessary stress that comes with unreliable fax machines, or time consuming mail issues.<br />
  38. 38. Any hidden costs?<br /><ul><li>Allstate Billing does not have any hidden fees
  39. 39. Start up fees? NONE
  40. 40. Software fees? NONE
  41. 41. Resubmission Fees? NONE
  42. 42. Credentialing Fees? NONE
  43. 43. Reporting Fees? NONE
  44. 44. Our goal is to put more money in your pocket. We do not have any hidden fees. Our flat fee covers all services that we provide.</li></li></ul><li>Specialties we cater to<br /><ul><li>Internal Medicine
  45. 45. Chiropractic
  46. 46. Speech Therapy
  47. 47. Physical Therapy
  48. 48. Pediatrics
  49. 49. Occupational Therapy
  50. 50. Ophthalmology
  51. 51. Psychiatry/Psychology
  52. 52. Social Workers
  53. 53. Neurology
  54. 54. Sleep Medicine
  55. 55. Optometry
  56. 56. Non-Emergency Transport
  57. 57. Podiatry
  58. 58. Family Medicine
  59. 59. Consultation Services
  60. 60. Preventative Medicine
  61. 61. Sports Medicine
  62. 62. Gynecology
  63. 63. Endocrinology
  64. 64. Cardiology
  65. 65. Each specialty is unique. Our team of certified billed are fluent in the various medical billing procedures that relate to each scope of practice. </li></li></ul><li>Our Philosophy<br /> Allstate Billing was founded on the belief that medical practitioners should be rewarded for the healthcare that they provide to their patients. We have years of experience in the medical billing industry, and are committed to providing you with an educated and responsible group of professionals that truly want to your practice to thrive.<br /> Too often, insurance companies maximize their profits by delaying, underpaying, or denying claims that a practitioner has submitted. <br /> Our goal is to eliminate these problems by following through on what we call our error-free guarantee. Submitting claims electronically through our auditing system allows us to submit claims error-free. Our software in combination with our skilled billers, help in greatly reducing billing errors that are common within this industry. <br /> Avoidable billing errors account for a huge portion of denied claims. Our philosophy at Allstate Billing is to provide each provider with a high quality service. In doing this we will enable you to improve the flow and the rate of your receivables. <br />Let us increase your profits.....while you expand your practice.....<br />
  66. 66. Contact us<br />You can go to our website and fill out an online inquiry. <br />We will respond the same business day.<br /><br />By Regular Mail<br />4400 Route 9 South<br />Suite 2100<br />Freehold, NJ 07728<br />By Phone<br />Toll-free 800-991-5731<br />Facsimile 800-721-6512<br />By Email<br />Gilat Tunit-President<br /><br />