Blake's lewis & clark presentation


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Blake's lewis & clark presentation

  1. 1. Read this!<br />Blake’s Lewis & Clark<br />Powerpoint<br />
  2. 2.  Events <br />1803- April 30th The United Stated buys the Louisiana Territory from France! Yay!<br />1803-Spring-Summer  President Jefferson (the third president of the United States) chooses Meriwether Lewis to go on the Lewis & Clark Expedition!<br />1804-May 14  The Corps of Discovery departs from Camp DuBois and sails up the Missouri River<br />1804-July 21  The expedition reaches the Platte River and the Great Plains. They must’ve traveled far!!<br />
  3. 3.  More Events!!  <br />1804- July 30th A council or meeting is held at what would be called Council Bluff. No wonder!<br />1804- October 26th  Lewis & Clark and their friends reach the Camp of Mandan Indians near present-day Bismarck, North Dakota. They start building Fort Mandan, where they will spend the Winter. It must be cold!<br />1805-April 7th  the expedition continues it’s journey on the Missiouri River. Keep going Lewis & Clark!<br />1805 April 26th  the Yellowstone River is passed. Yay! <br />
  4. 4.  Even More Events!! <br />1805- May 26th The Corps of Discovery sight the Rocky Mountains. I hope they make it!!<br />1805- June 13th  The Corps of Discovery reaches the Great Falls of the Missouri River. From there, they must travel overland for 16 miles before continuing. Dang it!!!<br />1805- July 13th  The journey continues again by canoe. Yes!!!<br />1805-September 22nd  The Rockies are crossed. Yay!! <br />
  5. 5.  A Lot of Events!!! <br />1805-October 16th The expedition contiues by water, first on the Clearwater and then on the Snake River, which leads to Columbia. That’s long!<br />1805- October 17th  The exploration party reaches the Columbia River which will lead it to the sea. Hooray!!<br />1805- November 17th  Lewis & Clark sight the Pacific Ocean completing their journey across America. They start building Fort Clatsop, where they will spend the Winter.<br />
  6. 6.  The End Of Events <br /> 1806- March 23rd the Corps of Discovery start going home. Yay!!<br />1806 April 11th  Three Clatsop Indians doggnaped Seaman. <br />1806- June 24th  The trip back across the Rocky Mountains starts the party splits into two groups to explore more land. They link up again at Fort Mandan on August 12th and resume the homeward journey. Hooray!!<br />1806- September 23rd  After 2 years, 2 months and 9 days, the expedition arrives at St. Louis again!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
  7. 7. --Extra Stuff!--<br />On the Lewis + Clark Expedition (The time is unknown to me) they found what they called ‘Barking Squirrels’. They’re really Prairie Dogs.<br />They discovered that Indians did not know it was possible to have a Black Man without paint. Well, until they found out York didn’t have paint on him!<br />Clark bought a dog just before the Expedition. He was very expensive. His name is Seaman. He proved useful by saving Lewis when he fell of a cliff and when he saved the Corps of Discovery by warning them when there was a Buffalo Stampede<br />
  8. 8. --Extra Stuff! Continued--<br />Clark released all of his slaves (including York) after the Expedition<br />John Baptist was the final member of the Corps of Discovery<br />When the boat tipped over, Sacagawea saved the most items.<br />
  9. 9. I’m sorry for making you read!<br />For those people who are bored:<br />I’m sorry for making you read all those boring facts!<br />For the people who wanted to read it:<br />We’re sad you probably didn’t get to read it.<br />Come to think of it, you probably didn’t read this!<br />
  10. 10. Credits<br />Blake Abel for Text<br />Blake Abel for Colors<br />Blake Abel for Background<br />Blake Abel for everything else!<br />