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CompTIA Strata Green IT Certificate


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CompTIA's Strata Green IT certificate is designed to enhance an IT professional's experience, knowledge, and existing IT credentials to incorporate emerging technologies shaping the global green IT industry today. IT professionals that pass the Green IT exam validate that they have the aptitude needed to effectively implement and measure green IT programs and investments.

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CompTIA Strata Green IT Certificate

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  2. 2. CompTIA Strata Green ITFast Facts<br />Going green is fast becoming the accepted practice within IT departments around the globe. Adopting a green IT strategy provides financial savings as well as impacting on the environment. CompTIA have developed the Strata Green IT certificate to validate an IT professionals experience, knowledge and ability to effectively implement and measure green IT programs and investments. Topics covered include:<br />A specialized knowledge of current IT methodologies and best practice<br />The ability to develop, deploy and calculate return on investment for Green IT initiatives<br />A knowledge of cost-cutting power management and IT virtualization techniques<br />Proven understanding of environmentally-sound waste disposal<br />An awareness of global organizations mandating Green IT standards and regulations<br />The CompTIA Strata Green IT certificate is the perfect validation for IT professionals with decision-making authority on corporate IT infrastructure or who work in implementing Green IT initiatives.<br />
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  4. 4. CompTIA Strata Green ITPractice Exams<br /><br />Exam information:<br />FC0-GR1<br />Passing score of 70%<br />60 minute exam duration<br />Available in English only<br />
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