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About me

  1. 1. About me By:Mariann
  2. 2. Childhood Hello my name is Mariann I am 11 years old turning 12. My birthday is on Feb.2. I was born in Brownsville, Texas.
  3. 3. My family Even though my family is weird, I love them.♥ My mom’s name is Aida. My dad’s name is Mario. I have an older sister name Melissa and a younger sister named April.
  4. 4. My favorite candies One of my favorite candies are Tootsie Rolls, I eat them everyday. Another candy I like eating are Lucas, many people say I eat them a lot. Another of my favorite candies are Skittles, even though there sour I eat them.☺ But my FAVORITE candy are gummy bears, they are delicious!
  5. 5. My best friends Even though I have many friends, I have my best friends. One of my best friends is Laura, I’ve been her best friend since 2nd grade. Another of my best friends is Christina, I have known her since 3rd grade. The last of my best friends is Mae, I met her in 4th grade, but we always hang out together.
  6. 6. My favorite sports. I like playing all the sports, but I only play my favorite ones. The first sport I play is football, I play it with my dad and friends. Another sport I like playing is volleyball, sometimes I play it with my sister. The last sport I like playing is basketball, I usually play it by myself.
  7. 7. My favorite songs My favorite song I like hearing is Love Like Woe. Another song I like playing in the computer is Just The Way You Are. The next song I like listening to is Teenage Dream. The last song I enjoy hearing is Dynamite. All of these songs are cool.
  8. 8. My favorite colors. All of the colors are cool, but the one I like the most is navy blue. Another of the colors I like is green, it’s very bright. Another color I like is purple. The last color that I like using is orange, I usually wear it in parties.
  9. 9. My favorite movies. The movie made me laugh until it ended was Grown Ups, it was the funniest movie ever! Another movie is Paranormal Activity 2, that movie gave me the chills. The next movie that I will watch again is Megamind, that movie was cool! And the movie that made me cry was The Last Song, it was very sad.
  10. 10. My favorite books I like reading many books, but the ones that are not long. One of the books that I liked was Cheerleaders: The First Evil, it was really cool. Another of my favorite books is goosebumps, I check them out every time I go to the library. The last book that I like reading is Rotten School, it’s a very funny book.
  11. 11. My favorite hobbies. My favorite thing to do is going to the mall and shop with my friends. Another thing that I like doing is having sleepovers with all of my best friends. Another of my favorite things is playing sports with my family and friends. The last thing I love doing is dancing, it’s one of my favorite things to do.
  12. 12. My favorite places to eat There is A LOT of places I like to go eat. One of my favorite places to go eat is Chillis, it has delicious food! Another place is Chick-Fill –A. The last place I like to go eat is Texas Roadhouse.
  13. 13. Places I will like to visit One place I will like to visit is Paris. Another place that I will love to go is California, everyone says it’s a great place to go. The next place I will like to visit is Hawaii. The last place is that I want to go visit is Los Angeles, because there is many famous people there.
  14. 14. My favorite places or cities I’ve visited The place that I liked going and will like to go again is the mall from Houston, it’s huge! Another place that I will like to visit again is Puerto Vallarta because the water and weather was great. Another place that I visited is Sea World, it was very fun. All of these places I will LOVE to go again.☺
  15. 15. My favorite holidays One of my favorite holidays is Halloween because you get a lot of candies. Christmas is another of my favorite holidays because I get a lot of presents. I also like Thanksgiving because you eat turkey and get time to hang out with your family. The last holiday I like is New Years Eve because you get to sleep late and start another great year!
  16. 16. Things I don’t like about school One thing I don’t like about school is waking up very early. Another thing I don’t like is the food. The third thing I don’t like is doing a lot of writing and work. And the last thing I don’t like is wearing uniform.
  17. 17. Thank you!