Intergage Linked In Workshop November 2011 Gt


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LinkedIn Training Workshop November 2011

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  • The sheer number of applications available id mind boggling. Each providing a chance for mere mortals like us to create and share content online with the express intention of starting conversation
  • Intergage Linked In Workshop November 2011 Gt

    1. 1. LinkedIn Workshop
    2. 2. Welcome & introductions • Gary Trudgett – Member of CSV – MM on demand – Google+ and LinkedIn Intergage expert • Social media tools – Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn – Google+ – Blogger – WordPress – Foursquare – Delicious – iGoogle • Browser of Choice – Chrome
    3. 3. LinkedIn Profile Intergage Ltd Gary Trudgett
    4. 4. Elements & Content for Today
    5. 5. Social WebINTRODUCTION & HISTORY
    6. 6. 4 Ways To Grow A Business• Cold Calling• Advertising• PR• Word of mouth / referral
    7. 7. The Social Web – An introduction• What is it?• Where does it fit with existing online marketing? UK Social Web statistics
    8. 8. Social Media Tools
    9. 9. Don’t Panic!• They are all kind of the same• They all offer great new opportunities• For now, lets just pick out the major players……
    10. 10. The Evolution Of Search Engines Recommendati ons Social Realtime influences Personalisation Localisation
    11. 11. The Social Graph
    12. 12. Our changed world Marketing Traditional
    13. 13. Social Media’s Influence &Our changed world Importance
    14. 14. Our BeliefsCustomers who are willing to evangelise, based on directexperience, are the only sustainable source of long-termprofitsProfits earned through coercion, trickery, or misleadingadvice are at best short term and will – if left unchecked –ultimately destroy the company Fred Reichheld, author of “The ultimate question”“Trust is the currency of the social Web” Paul Ellis
    15. 15. Online Influence & Sales Strategy• Your name crops up in all the right places for all the right reasons• You are building very real commercial value in yourself and your personal brand• You are building familiarity and trust over time• Your collective influence builds your business influence and reputation
    16. 16. Choose Your Tools B2C B2B
    17. 17. Common Attributes• Communities• Etiquette & rules• Conversation opportunities• Advertising opportunities• Better to do two things well…
    18. 18. Build Your Channels• Focus on one at a time • Use every traditional media to• Decide which order makes sense promote new channels – link them up • Promote your channels on your• Work as a team – everybody has website contacts • Allow your content to be shared• Appoint a coordinator easily• Consider management tools like • Build a big base of testimonials Hootsuite • Don’t forget search and social media traffic generators
    19. 19. How to use the Social Web• Get involved• Listen and watch• Converse• Add value• Engage• Build trust• Build influence
    20. 20. The Social Web• Can deliver more Website traffic• Can deliver better conversion rates• Can help you build a better relationship• Gives switched-on individuals huge potential influence• Gives switched-on teams outstanding opportunities• Can kill scumbags STONE DEAD
    21. 21. Issues you may face…• Resource – who’s going to do it?• When? Timing can be everything.• It’s not my job to talk to customers…• Training• Time (how much)• Measurement• Incentives• Agree a Social Media Policy
    22. 22. What is LinkedIn?
    23. 23. LinkedIn (very) brief history• An online network professional network• Started December 2002 / launched May 2003/• Valued in June 2008 at $1 billion• Freemium model• 135m+ registered users “Every individual is a small business” – Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Founder
    24. 24. LinkedIn users• 135m+ Members globally• 31m+ in Europe• 6m in the UK• Average age 41• 46% business decision makers• Average household income $109,000/£65,000
    25. 25. Alternatives to LinkedIn
    26. 26. The Basics• Start a business network of hundreds of thousands today• It’s Free*• You can do it• Teach other good people how to do it too
    27. 27. Online networking – Sharing contacts
    28. 28. Your network – How big??? • Guess the network size • 438 contacts…. • Include specialist groups438 ? ?
    29. 29. What are people doing on LinkedIn?Business professionals are building the largest and most crediblenetwork on the planet so they can:• Profile themselves and their company• Build their personal business networks• Keep each other updated (status updates)• Form groups• Introduce each other• Recommend each other
    30. 30. What are people doing on LinkedIn?• Having conversations• Asking questions• Answering questions, demonstrating expertise & building reputations, helping each other• Recruiting & checking references• Finding experts, business partners, suppliers and influencers• Organising, promoting and attending events• Market research
    31. 31. What are people doing on LinkedIn?• Researching prospects• Using productivity, collaboration and marketing tools within the network• Preparing for events and meetings• Advertising to each other• Sharing valuable content
    32. 32. What should we do on LinkedIn?• Profile ourselves
    33. 33. What should we do on LinkedIn?• Profile our business
    34. 34. New Developments• LinkedIn Company Pages - Enhancements
    35. 35. What should we do on LinkedIn?• Profile our services
    36. 36. What should we do on LinkedIn?• Collect recommendations
    37. 37. What should we do on LinkedIn?• Raise our profile
    38. 38. New Developments• LinkedIn Share & Recommend Buttons
    39. 39. The 15 point plan1. Decide why you are doing this 8. Profile your products and services2. Sign up and create a profile 9. Make and request3. Connect to contacts recommendations4. Learn how the home page 10. Attend and organise events works 11. Check out the applications you can add5. Explore and join groups 12. Promote your profile6. Try out questions and 13. Ongoing updates answers 14. Explore the advertising7. Add a company record opportunity 15. Add LinkedIn “Share” and “Recommend” buttons to site and blog
    40. 40. Using Your LinkedIn Account• Put time aside at least once a week• Go through all those business cards you’ve collected!• Link to Outlook – see YouTube• Use RSS
    41. 41. 1. Decide why you are doing this!• Clear objectives – begin with the end in mind• Build a big network• Build a quality network • LION
    42. 42. 2. Create a complete & full profile
    43. 43. 3. Connect to contacts• Searching and browsing• Add via email addresses/address book• Former colleagues and classmates• People you may know feature
    44. 44. 4.Make the home page your friend• Your information centre• Your inbox• Update your status• Keep your finger on the pulse of your network• Customise the information you see
    45. 45. 5. Explore and join groups• Join groups of people with the same business interests• Join discussions, “meet” experts and build relationships• Demonstrate expertise
    46. 46. 6. Questions and answers• Find help• Provide help• Make new contacts• Demonstrate expertise in your niche• Dave “The Wireman” Maskin
    47. 47. 7. Add a company record• Companies have records too• Individual people profiles linked to companies• Upload logo and create description and specialties• It will show up in the search engine results!• Links to your website• Is shown to non-members• You can now “Follow” companies
    48. 48. 8. Profile your products and services• Companies have records too• Individual people profiles linked to companies• Upload logo and create description and specialties• It will show up in the search engine results!• Links to your website• Is shown to non-members• You can now “Follow” companies
    49. 49. 9. Recommendations• How do you feel when people recommend you?• How do you feel about the person that recommended you?• Why you should recommend others• Users with recommendations are 3 times more likely to get enquiries through searches• Build testimonials and recommendations into your sales process
    50. 50. 10. Attend and Organise events• Create an event• Share it with up to 50 of your contacts• Ask colleagues to like or recommend the event• If they attend or flag it as interesting they pass it on• Online and offline events
    51. 51. 11. Applications• Reading lists• Events• Polls• Blog link• Slideshow• File sharing and collaboration• Travel tools• Company Buzz• Projects & team spaces
    52. 52. 12. Promote your profile• On your email footer• On your website• On your blog• On your business cards/brochures• Via Twitter
    53. 53. 13. Ongoing updates• Status updates • Upload presentations to• Adding connections share• Save your searches • Make recommendations• Request introductions • Organise & publicise• Ask & answer questions events• Join group discussions & • Update your reading list contribute • Add polls
    54. 54. 13. Ongoing updates• Read blog updates and update your blog• Share and “Like” content by others• Keeping delighting customers and adding recommendations!
    55. 55. 14. Advertising on networking sites• Targeting• Video vs static text ads vs e-mail• CPC vs CPM• Search advertising vs social network advertising
    56. 56. 15. Update your web properties• Website (s)• Blog
    57. 57. By job function…
    58. 58. If You Cold Call• Search For The Company – Find Contact Details• Research Your New Potential Contact• Look For Common Ground• Open Your Conversation With, “Hello Sue – We Are LinkedIn Connections…”• How Much Better Would Your Chances Be?• Preparing for meetings
    59. 59. If You Sell• Search For Your Target Market• Target highly connected prospects• Find Potential Users of Your Product/ Buyers and Decision Makers• Find Your Customers’ Customers• Find Influential Consultants• Get Introduced or Point to Your Recommendations• Join Groups, Listen, Advise & Build Relationship• Delight customers and solicit LinkedIn recommendations for your products and services
    60. 60. If You Are Looking For An Employee• Search The Single Largest Network of Recruiters Available• Do Reference Checks – Contact Former Colleagues• Check CVs Against LinkedIn• See Who They Know• Check Out They Present Themselves Online
    61. 61. If You Are Looking For Information• Check Out LinkedIn Answers• Ask Questions And Forward The Question By Email To Relevant Contacts• Rate The Answers You Receive• Search For Experts• Experts Will Contact You To Sell Their Services
    62. 62. If You Need Business Partners• Find Local And International Suppliers And Resellers/Partners• Find Joint Venture Opportunities• Check Their Experience and Background – You May Get More Than You Would Have Asked For In Person• Find Contacts to Verify Their Claims of Capability
    63. 63. If You Need To Create A Reputation• Watch the Questions and Monitor Your Subject(s)• Provide Answers – People Will Check Out Your Profile• Great Answers Turn You Into a Visible Expert• You May Create Customers Around the Globe• Collect personal and company testimonials and recommendations
    64. 64. If You Need To Advertise• Define Your Target Market in Terms of Geography, Company Size, Seniority, Sex, Age and Industry• Choose a Payment Model• Choose Your Budget Level• Create Compelling Ads – Each Targeted at Variations of the Above• See new microsite
    65. 65. If You Organise Events• Create your event• Share Your Event With Your Contacts (Ask Them To Respond “Attending” Or “Interested” And Forward/Recommend To Contacts)• Mark Yourself As Attending/Presenting• Publicise Your Events
    66. 66. If You Want To Grow Contacts• Join LinkedIn Groups/ Read Questions/ Answers & Get Involved!• Outright Selling Is Obvious And Worthless• Add Relevant Content And News – People Notice• Start Discussions And Debate – Ask The Burning Questions• Follow The Conversations And Get Updates Automatically• Start A Group On A Niche Topic• Get Introduced Using LinkedIn Introductions• Get a Premium Account And Join The OpenLink Network
    67. 67. Any questions?
    68. 68. Notices• Feedback Forms• Training Workshops • Google+ • Facebook • Twitter • Blogging• Seminar: 7th December• LinkedIn Recommendations
    69. 69. Contact Details @garytrudgett @intergage Gary Trudgett Intergage Ltd Gary Trudgett Intergage