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Civic Entrepreneurship


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This was my Pecha Kucha for High Tech Happy Hour in Madison.

I talk about how I went to from building a pet project into a believer in civil entrepreneurship and try to inspire my audience to do the same.

Published in: Technology
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Civic Entrepreneurship

  1. 1. Civic Entrepreneurship hacking our neighborhoods Greg Tracy | @gregtracy
  2. 2. SMSMyBus Real-time arrival estimates delivered via SMS
  3. 3. SMSMyBus Interfaces: • SMS • Voice • Chat • Email
  4. 4. i wasn’t alone
  5. 5. virtual bus stops
  6. 6. This work made the system better!
  7. 7. my civic epiphany time + passion = goodness
  8. 8. This isn’t new. craigslist
  9. 9. Gov2.0 Big goal of open data (it’s important for Madison to embrace this)
  10. 10. Enabling platforms driving cost to $0 drives efficiency to the moon!
  11. 11. Make your neighborhood, block, or street an even better place to live
  12. 12. hacking schools
  13. 13. let’s fix this
  14. 14. let’s optimize these
  15. 15. Don’t let anyone ask you about business models success & failure are relative (and experiments are cheap!)
  16. 16. Don’t think big Hyper-local is the new black
  17. 17. Madtown bliss
  18. 18. Go. do something great for your community Greg Tracy | @gregtracy