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JKB Mastery timeline for tumblr post


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A short presentation of a timeline for completing my Masters Degree - Internet Marketing from Full Sail University

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JKB Mastery timeline for tumblr post

  1. 1. Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership  April 2014-My goal is to master the concepts for becoming a true “master” of Internet Marketing within 12 months by applying principles and knowledge gained by completing this course.  Read “Mastery” by Robert Greene and learn his strategies and tactics for becoming a Master.  View YouTube video presentations of other cutting edge leaders from the “Talks@ Google” series.  Search through my LinkedIn connections to see who would be a good fit as a mentor in this field.
  2. 2. Internet Marketing Fundamentals  May 2014 - My goal is to gain a solid understanding of the principles and best methods of SEO and Internet specific Marketing Strategy.  Read THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SEO at  Read “THE 10 ROCK SOLID ELEMENTS OF EFFECTIVE ONLINE MARKETING” Copyblogger Media 2014  Join the American Marketing Association.
  3. 3. Business Storytelling and Brand Development  June 2014 – My goal is to acquire the necessary skills to give my business brands a strong Internet presence in the business and consumer market.  Join the Student Branding Society at Full Sail.  Read “INTERNET MARKETING FOR SMART PEOPLE” Copyblogger Media 2014  Conduct an interview with Robert Croll and blog about it in My Mastery Journal
  4. 4. Internet Consumer Behavior and Analysis  July 2014 – My goal is master the principles of “personalized marketing” and how to develop business plans that incorporate consumer behavior analysis.  Explore for how to videos that would explain additional consumer behavior and analysis tools.  Look for case studies or white papers on the latest trends in this field published or recommended by the American Marketing Association.  Interview Hillary Bressler of .com Marketing about Consumer Behavior on the Internet and blog about it in my Mastery Journal.
  5. 5. Web Design and Usability  August 2014 – My goal is to learn design principles that incorporate web savvy SEO into user friendly websites for maximum effect.  Read “LANDING PAGES How to Turn Traffic into Money.” Copyblogger Media 2014  Apply these course principle in real life by evaluating my existing websites and making appropriate changes or improvements as needed to make them consistent with best practices.  View the current “Best of Industry” winning websites at and share the findings in my Mastery Journal.
  6. 6. New Media Marketing  September 2014 – My goal is to acquire the skills needed to determine which new media approaches will benefit my internet businesses and then effectively implement them.  Join the Mobile Marketing Association  Read “The Future of Mobile Advertising Will Be Shaped By Two Trends” by Dan Rowinski future-programmatic-contextual#awesm=~oDjHuZx6X9jCfN  Interview Dwight Hooper, CEO, Right Brain Media and blog about it in my Mastery Journal
  7. 7. Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies  October 2014 – The goal is to become even more focused on digging deeper into cutting edge Internet specific Marketing Strategies and best practices that will help me to become recognized as an authority in the Christian Media world that I serve.  Read “EMAIL MARKETING How to Push Send and Grow Your Business” Copyblogger Media 2014  Put this knowledge into practice in the real world by revisiting and re-evaluating my corporate Internet Marketing Strategies then making appropriate adjustments as necessary.  Further explore for the most current videos on this subject
  8. 8. Advanced Search Engine Optimization  November 2014 – My goal is to master the advanced SEO principles and best practices by drilling down to deeper levels of competency thru course materials and case studies.  Begin the course with a basic review by watching the video “SEO Fundamentals with David Booth” at  Implement and apply this knowledge in the real world by re- evaluating the current SEO status of my brands in comparison to the new knowledge acquired in the course.  Become a corporate member of SEMPO by enrolling my company ProtoStar Digital Designs, LLC
  9. 9. Startegic Internet Public Relations  December 2014 – My goal is to master the proactive Public Relations methods that are unique to the internet in order to protect the online image and reputation of both myself, and my corporate brands.  Read “THE BUSINESS CASE FOR AGILE CONTENT MARKETING” Copyblogger 2013  Read “Tips for Online PR” Lee Odden  Intentionally implement and with authority apply the knowledge acquired from this course in the real world to my Internet based brands as needed.
  10. 10. Web Analytics and Optimization  January 2015 – My goal is to gain a practical understanding of web metrics and analysis principles to help me make productive decisions in the real world that facilitate growth and strengthen my brands’ marketing goals.  Search then watch for the most current videos on search, and strategic analysis and reporting techniques.  Read “KEYWORD RESEARCH A Real World Guide” Copyblogger Media 2014  Read “CONTENT MARKETING RESEARCH The Crucial First Step” Copyblogger Media 2013
  11. 11. Internet and the Law  February 2015 – The goal is attain a working knowledge of legal aspects of the Internet and related governmental regulatory issues at an executive level of competency.  Visit for the latest articles or discussions regarding legal issues related to the Internet.  Join The Internet Society (ISOC) involved/join-community  Read “Who Has Your Back 2013” by Marcia Hoffman and related current Electronic Frontier Foundation articles (
  12. 12. Internet Marketing Campaign Development  March 2015 – My goal is to master the “how to” and best strategies for all of the differing types of Internet-specific Marketing campaigns and apply that knowledge directly to my Internet brands.  Read “HOW TO CREATE CONTENT THAT CONVERTS How to Tell a Story Over Time That Transforms an Audience Into Customers and Clients” Copyblogger Media 2013  Read “WEB 360 – The Fundamentals of Web Success” by Peter Prestipino  Watch all available videos on Viral, Pay-Per-Click, Email, Banner, and Affiliate Marketing.