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Reputation management with google alerts


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A short practical presentation on setting up google alerts to monitor your reputation or other topic of interest.

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Reputation management with google alerts

  1. 1. Reputation Management with Google Alerts Tracking what others say about you and your business
  2. 2. Reputation Management • Basic reputation monitoring is easy • Simply set up a number of Google alerts to email you when new content mentioning your name is indexed by Google • Follow the steps below
  3. 3. Go to
  4. 4. Make Sure You Are Logged In • If you are not logged into your Google account then do this first. • If you do not have an account, create one • If you have forgotten your password. Retrieve it.
  5. 5. Type in Keywords You Want to be Alerted On. Follow the Prompts Below
  6. 6. Click on Manage Alerts to View Alerts Set Up
  7. 7. Your Email Will Receive Alerts If Your Keyword is Found in Google
  8. 8. This was an alert on my Name (Fortunately for me - It wasn’t me who died)
  9. 9. Google Alerts Actions • You can thank people for mentioning you or linking to you and build relationships. • You can respond to negative feedback to apologise and rectify, dispute it, go legal on it. • You can monitor industry topics and be the first to share on Facebook, Linkedin or tweet it on Twitter.
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