Search Engine Marketing Overview


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Growth Strategy
Your bottom line growth is our passion. If you are looking for a superior internet marketing strategy that impacts your bottom line, you have landed in the right place! You know that internet marketing must be part of your growth plan. Whatever business you're in, WSI can deliver the right solution to put your offering in front of more qualified customers.

Let's face it. If you business isn't on the first page of Google for your important keywords, your company doesn't exist to a large potential market. It's time for YOU to get noticed by potential new customers. It's safe to say that if they can't find you online then they'll find your competition.

Lead Genertation and Communication
The process of "being found' is called search engine marketing. Schedule a demo now or call 310-909-8835. We will answer all your questions and explain search engine marketing in simple business based terms.

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  • We have all heard of black hat and white hat SEO.But do we know the difference between some of these techniques?This scatter graph shows the search engine optimization techniques being used and the value that one could expect from each technique.It is obvious that we should focus on the white hat techniques of high valueThat way we will provide good relevant content that would help in converting search traffic to prospects
  • This scatter graph shows the “high value” road that white hat SEOs should implement.Focus on getting your content found, then make it easy to share so that it gets spoken about and goes viral.Vertical search engines for specific nichesE.G. Embeded widgetsCreating embeddable content like widgets, badges, or videos can be a fantastic link-building strategy for many reasons.Ensures the link when they use your widgetHas anchor text & target page – you get to chooseHard to buildHard to incentivizeHard to get wide distributionWhere is it relevant to your business
  • Search Engine Marketing Overview

    1. 1. Digital Media Marketing Campaign Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing
    2. 2. An incredible planthat integrates SocialMedia & SearchAnd takes all thecomplexity out of it
    3. 3. Online Prospect & Credibility & Lead Generation ClientBrand Exposure Communication
    4. 4. Execution – Competitive Analysis What you need to know to get in front of your competition!• Who are your Top 10 competitors?• What is their internet strategy?• How can I compete?• What are my prospects searching for and how are they going to find me?
    5. 5. Execution - Keyword Research
    6. 6. SEO Execution – Link Building• On Page/Off Page• Social Networking• Social Bookmarking• Blog Linking/Commenting• Article Marketing• Directory Linking• Press Releases• Video Marketing
    7. 7. SEO Landscape… XML Sitemap Keyword research Spam reporting creation competitors Vertical search On page targeting optimization Meta keywords DMOZ, Yahoo Internal link Embedded widgets submission & badges Search engine architecture Wikipedia links submission Rewriting dynamic URLs Viral content PageRank sculpting Linkbait Press releaseLow optimization HighValue Value Link trading Do follow Automated content blog comments generation Paid directory link building Keyword stuffing IP cloaking Automated blog spam Injected links Parasite hosting
    8. 8. SEO going forward… Keyword research XML Sitemap creation Spam reporting On page competitors Vertical search optimizationMetakeywords DMOZ, Yahoo targeting submissionSearch engine Wikipedia links Embedded widgetssubmission Internal link & badges Press release architecture optimization Rewriting dynamic URLs Viral content Linkbait PageRank sculptingLow HighValue Value Do follow blog comments Paid directory Automated content Link trading link building generation Keyword stuffing IP cloaking Automated blog spam Injected links Parasite hosting
    9. 9. Execution – Social Media MarketingDevelop a strategyClaim/setup local & social pagesCreate a stream of quality contentManage social media pagesMonitor & improve reputationEngage & respond to customer/fansOptimize it all for search enginesTrack & analyze results We do ALL of this…while you run your business!
    10. 10. Contact Us Gregg Towsley 310-909-8835