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Google Home Services Webinar For Plumbing & HVAC Companies


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Hands down, the biggest disruption for online marketing for plumbing and HVAC businesses, ever, period.

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How Google Home Services works?
What cities are live with Google Home Services Ads?
What are the next cities that are rolling out Google Home Services?
How can you get qualified and get ready for Google Home Services?
How Google charges you for this services?

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Google Home Services “Coming To A City Near YOU!”

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Google Home Services Webinar For Plumbing & HVAC Companies

  1. 1. Google Home Services “Coming To A Location Near YOU!” Brought to you by: Gregg Towsley
  2. 2. • What is Google Home Services? • What industries can participate in Google Home Service Ads? Who qualifies? • What cities are live with Google Home Service Ads? • How it works? • How Google charges for Home Services Ads? • How to get started? • How to prepare for Home Services and be on the early waiting list once it arrives at your market? Today’s Agenda
  3. 3. Home Services - Background “What is the problem?”
  4. 4. Business Verticals LIVE ON GOOGLE • Locksmith • Plumbing • HVAC • Electrician • Garage Door • Roadside Assistance • Auto Glass • Painting • Handyman • House Cleaning
  5. 5. • San Francisco • San Diego • Los Angeles • Sacramento • San Jose • Stockton • Philadelphia Coming Soon!!! • Seattle • Chicago • Phoenix • DC • New York City Live Cities
  6. 6. Screen Shots Preview
  7. 7. How Google Home Services Ads Work? (As a Consumer)
  8. 8. How It Works
  9. 9. Constant Testing!
  10. 10. Call or Send Request
  11. 11. Zip & Job – Step 1
  12. 12. How It Works Describe The Job – Step 2
  13. 13. Timeframe – Step 3
  14. 14. How Google Home Services Ads Work? (As a Business Owner/Advertiser)
  15. 15. Home Service Mobile App
  16. 16. Declining Leads If you are not interested in a lead, you can select the DECLINE button on the top right corner of the page.
  17. 17. Turning Ads On & Off
  18. 18. Profile Page
  19. 19. How Google Charges? • No Formalize Billing System Built By Google • Set A Weekly Ad Budget ($1000-$2000) • $23 Per Lead (moving target) • A Monthly Itemized Invoice Via Email From Previous Month
  20. 20. How To Get STARTED!
  21. 21. Onboarding • Fill In Contact Form • Online Credibility • Basic Business Information • Employees Pass Background Checks • General Liability Insurance Coverage • Contractors License
  22. 22. How To Build Online Credibility?
  23. 23. Process & System
  24. 24. Onboarding • Acceptance Into Program • Receive Welcome Email • Background Checks (Pinkerton) • Download Mobile App • Complete Training
  25. 25. Gregg Towsley Phone: 310-909-8835 Cell Phone: 617-549-5241 Email: Blog: Onboarding – Here To Help You!