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North vs south before the civil war


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A educational PowerPoint comparing the north and the south before and after the civil war

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North vs south before the civil war

  1. 1. The South was mainly made up of farm land and very small towns. The Southerners relied on slaves to work on and run the farms on the plantations. The plantation owners needed the extra people to work on their farms. They had to enslave these people because, if slave owners paid slaves, the masters wouldn’t make any money.
  2. 2. The North The North was mainly made up of big cities and factories. The Northerners relied on factories to get their supplies. The Northerners hire people to work in the factories. With all these big cities in the North, there were lots of jobs. So people in the north could by stuff made in factories because, they had money
  3. 3. The north had lots of factories The north had big cities The north didn’t have any slaves The south had many plantations the south had very small towns the south had many slaves They both were made up of several states They both had ways of making a living They both sell their goods to other states in the US. They both have thoughts about slavery
  4. 4. After the Civil War, the South was left in ruins. Most of the battles of the Civil War had been fought in the South. Homes and buildings had been completely destroyed. Crops had been burned. There were no longer any slaves in the south. During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which freed all slaves. When the north won the war, all slaves were freed.
  5. 5. After the Civil War, the north wasn't very much different. Most of the battles were fought in the south. So there wasn’t much destruction. All the people in the north were grateful that the United States was unified once more. Slavery was done for. Everyone was now celebrating. Everybody was thinking about a loved one
  6. 6. North VS South Before the Civil War The south by Robby Howe The North by Robby Howe Venn Diagram by Robby Howe North VS South After the Civil War The South by Robby Howe