Surviving your first ten days as a new teacher


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Surviving your first ten days - a presentation for student and new teachers by Angela Sneddon, Acting Depute Headteacher, Milton Primary, Lesmahagow

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Surviving your first ten days as a new teacher

  1. 1. SURVIVING YOUR FIRST TEN DAYS A PRESENTATION FOR NEW TEACHERS BY ANGELA SNEDDON ACTING DEPUTE HEADTEACHER, MILTON PRIMARY, LESMAHAGOW *Organisation and presentation of your classroom *Decision making with your class *Getting to know each other *Things you might not have thought about
  2. 2. ORGANISATION AND PRESENTATION  School ‘housekeeping’ – dinners and formal arrangements such as timetables and buses  Labels and information to support learners’ independence and smooth running of your classroom  Consider best location for key resources, such as core schemes of work and pupils’ jotters / folders  Best use of space – where should furniture go to support effective learning and teaching  Bright and inviting – visuals that create a talking point and/or support chn’s learning  Be prompt in getting children’s work on wall – give them ownership of the classroom and make them feel
  3. 3. DECISION MAKING  Expectations – what do they look for in a ‘good’ teacher and what do you look for in your pupils  Reward systems – consult school policy, discuss and decide with your learners  Display responsibilities – photos and names  Setting targets – start as you mean to go on
  4. 4. GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER  Take an interest in your learners’ experiences and hobbies, likes and dislikes – and share your own!  Actively observe learners early responses – try to get a balance of oral / written and practical activities built in to your first ten days, ensure you build in games  Be aware of first ten days as a bit of a honeymoon!  Take immediate steps to familiarise yourself with learners’ abilities and gradually build in school schemes of work over first ten days  Make full use of hand over notes – try to get these before the summer if possible and ensure you find out about specific needs as early as possible
  5. 5. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS  The things learners notice.............  First impressions  Nerves and experience  Being yourself and letting them in  Ask lots of questions  The joy of the staffroom
  6. 6. FINALLY..........AND THIS IS IMPORTANT!  Try to relax and enjoy it – your learners will pick up on your vibe!