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Quick book hosting

  1. 1. QUICK BOOK HOSTING :INTRODUCTIONS :The QuickBooks accounting software application runs on our high speed remote Terminal Servers in a secure data center and not on your local network. QuickBooks Remote Access is extremely fast allowing users access from anywhere at anytime via the Internet.Quick book hosting applies for the standalone performance into a standalone application.Usefulness is that it applies for the software professionals as well as the accounting business software professionals in a real time environment.Unlike other applications it is a most trusted hosting services, and it applies for the 24 * 7 support.Cloud application hosting and accounting hosting mainly clarifies :Virtual cloud hosting :Application of and access of data and resources from anywhere around the world-Mantaining the application accessible for people never been so easy. The hosting solution is a rock solid service infrastructure and backed by a team of experienced, dedicated and highly skilled support engineers.Added advantages :Share data with users anywhere in the world Includes Open Office Suite Install and share nearly any Windows application Data is stored on clustered Storage Area Network - All data on RAID storage - Backed up Data daily Ideal QuickBooks server
  2. 2. Multiple security layer to protect your QuickBooks file and Data Includes Anti virus protection-QuickBooks hosting including other accounting softwares like PeachTree, MYOB, Quicken and all other application those are ideally suitable in terminal services hosting environment-People have also gained expertise in hosting all leading Tax Software applications like ATX, Lacerte, Proseries, Ultra Tax, Taxwise, Drake and many other in quick book solutions.cloud accounting software and Tax software is in Boom and within few years it will be a part of every small and large business.We can access the applications anywhere on the terminal servers without any having it installed on the local computers. QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, ATX, MYOB, Lacerte, Proseries, Taxwise are always available 24x7 on our servers and well maintained by the Data center engineers.QUICK BOOK HOSTING ON TERMINAL SERVERS :1: Hosting on standalone platform transforms into the collaborative applications-2: useful for business owners and the accountant software personals.3: Quickbook comes with reliability application that it is entrusted to be the most valuable 24 * 7 support application solutions .Terminal server applications :Simplified AdministrationOne point of control to manage, configure, and deploy multiple virtual desktops and sessions, along with easier single-sign on administration.Increased Value
  3. 3. Support for lower-cost storage hardware options like direct attached storage, eliminating the need to rely on expensive storage area networks.Richer ExperienceA superior user experience with support for low-bandwidth, high-latency wide area networks, and new support for USB and multi-touch devices.The time and speed factor:1: Maximum access to the data and resources and also the accounting resources in the maximum uptime solutions.2: maximum uptime and also access to the resources , maintain a real time environment and also maximum upload facility of data in real time solution without hassle free logistic issues.Always on connectivity:1: With QuickBooks hosting on Terminal Servers, you have access to your QuickBooks file online at anytime and from anywhere.2: purely a property of cloud computing on which sharing of resources prevail.Multi-user facility:1: Dnt need to install multiple software licensed version on the local software ,2: Multiple users can access the same files simultaneously which saves the trouble of installing multiple copies of the software on different PCs. Also, hosting of QuickBooks on Terminal Servers, have the option of restricting each user to their respective file(s).3: with maximum uptime one can access to the resources easily.Reduce your IT Infrastructure costs:
  4. 4. 1: QuickBooks hosting leads to less expense on IT infrastructure, as the QuickBooks software is installed on Terminal Servers and not on thePCs or local servers.2: No need of technical up gradation, system access is perfectly done remotely-Run any QuickBooks version with QuickBooks hosting service:1: as a special part of applications some companies allow the running and configuring of quickbook software’s multiple licensed on the shared platform in the terminal server on real time applications.Data Security:1: multiple backup of files in the most entrusted data center in most secured environments-2: encrypted version of data with complete backup in the virtual data centers with most secured environments.QuickBooks add-ons:1: quick book addons with most entrusted industry specific requirements and also industry specific requirements are catered.Quick book hosting and applications :1 Maximum security and application of data reliability.2: most authenticated and encrypted by strong credential passwords with realtime monitoring backups , also clustered server resource utilizations – most password credited by the applications-