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Global Shapers Vilnius Report 2015-2016


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This is the 2015-2106 report of the Global Shapers Vilnius Hub.

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Global Shapers Vilnius Report 2015-2016

  1. 1. GLOBAL SHAPERS COMMUNITY VILNIUS GLOBAL SHAPERS VILNIUS HUB The Global Shapers Community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum 2015 July -2016 June Annual Report ACCOUNT DETAILS Association: Pasaulio ekonomikos forumo Jaunimo globalaus tinklo Vilniuje bendruomenė Company Code: 303677359 Account No.: LT65 7044 0600 0801 4232 Curator: Andželika Rusteikienė CONTACTS Address: Gynėjų g. 4, LT-01109 Vilnius Phone no.: +37062457394 E-mail: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @ShapersVilnius
  2. 2. ABOUT US Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. This initiative was launched by the World Economic Forum in 2011. World Economic Forum Global Shapers Vilnius Hub was launched in 2013 by four young leaders: Mykolas Majauskas (the founding curator), Simona Meške- lytė, Mantas Sekmokas and Rytis Valūnas. Every curator is appointed for 12 month term starting in July every year. After Mykolas, the next curator for the 2014-2015 term was Žydrunė Vitaitė and for the term 2015-2016 – Andželika Rusteikienė. This year, Darius Tamauskas was elected as the incoming curator for the 2016-2017 term. Darius Tamauskas Upcoming Curator 2016-2017 Andželika Rusteikienė Term 2015-2016 Curator Žydrunė Vitaitė Term 2014-2015Curator Mykolas Majauskas Curator 2013-2014 Rytis Valūnas Founder Mantas Sekmokas Founder Mykolas Majauskas Founder Simona Meškelytė Founder
  3. 3. ABOUT US As a legal entity, the Global Shapers Vilnius Hub was established in 2015. Association was chosen as the the legal status of the Hub. The official founders are: 1. Kamilė Gimbutaitė 2. Rokas Iščiukas 3. Justinas Jarusevičius 4. Simona Meškelytė 5. Laurynas Rekašius 6. Andželika Rusteikienė 7. Mantas Sekmokas 8. Darius Tamauskas 9. Aistė Valiauskaitė 10. Rytis Valūnas 11. Žydrūnė Vitaitė 12. Žygimantas Zabieta The HUB has a constantly evolving membership. List of members as of the end of June, 2016: 1. Kamilė Gimbutaitė 2. Rokas Iščiukas 3. Justinas Jarusevičius 4. Mykolas Majauskas 5. Paulina Marcinkevičiutė 6. Agnė Mereckaitė 7. Simona Meškelytė 8. Tomas Pagirys 9. Andrius Rimdeika 10. Andželika Rusteikienė 11. Laurynas Rekašius 12. Mantas Sekmokas 13. Tomas Šidlauskas 14. Darius Tamauskas 15. Rokas Tamošiūnas 16. Aistė Valiauskaitė 17. Rytis Valūnas 18. Aurimas Viržintas 19. Žydrūnė Vitaitė 20. Žygimantas Zabieta Informal Advisors Committee Honorary Patrons Curator Members New Members Outgoing Curator Upcoming Curator 1 year 5 years 3 months trial period HR recruitment partner Events’ partners Hub partners1 year GOVERNANCE AND STRUCTURE OF THE HUB
  4. 4. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS 2015-2016 for the Global Shapers Vilnius Hub was a year full of achievements, strong teamwork and international outreach. It was also a year of intense work: organising “Shape Europe” - the regional Youth Davos event, creating a new think tank approach and organisational structure, selecting four key strategic areas of engagement - education, innovation, youth policy and women in ICT as well as scaling and building financial sustainability of the flagship HUB project "City Alumni". Taken together, these activities remind us the key purpose we aim for: to make a contribution to our local community here in Lithuania. In June, 2016 the HUB is celebrating it’s 3 years anniversary. Led by a group of exceptional young leaders and opinion makers, the HUB continues to advocate for global awareness, a supportive environment and creation of networks that would allow young people to unleash their potential and strengthen their communities. Taking a retrospective view of the past year our first and major achievement was bringing over 100 young leaders from more than 40 countries to the Shape Europe event in September, 2015 for learning, extending their networks and building joint initiatives. We thank H.E. President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė, Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevičius, event partners as well as honorary guests from World Economic Forum, for their support and trust they have shown to Vilnius Hub in organising this event. Further-on during the year we continued shaping public opinion on variety of topics. We organised a number of other events: a discussion on understanding the Islam, bringing together young Lithuanian politicians from 5 different parties for a joint discussion as well as co-hosting the event for Lithuanian diaspora – people who are studying or working in other countries. Furthermore, we are promoting a new “Outsharing” approach towards international cooperation in high technology B2B services.
  5. 5. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS This new concept means building a long-term, high value-added partnerships as opposed to the short-term, low value-added outsourcing contracts. We also continued to enlarge our "City Alumni" diaspora network, launched by the HUB in 2014. It seeks to energise social initiatives by re-connecting back migrants with their hometown communities. Hub has also launched the Global Dignity Day initiative in Lithuania. On behalf of Curator and Vice-Curators I thank the Members of the Global Shapers Vilnius Hub and all Global Shapers Community for their time and support this year. I look forward to new Shapers activities and efforts to make our community a better place to live, with even more opportunities for young people to make the impact they wish and dream for. Curator, Andželika Rusteikienė Meeting With the Patron Ilja Laur 2015-07-01 Network Pop-ups 2015-2016 Social Capital: What‘s in it For Me? 2015-09 Working Lithuania - Pop-up 2015-09-10 Global Dignity Day 2015-10-21 Strong Girl 2015-11-10 Islam: Is It a Threat or Unifying Force? 2015-12-02 Xmas Drinks: Lithuanian Professionals Living Abroad Welcome Home! 2015-12-25 Young Politician: Is It a Myth or Reality? 2016-01-14 Work-life Balance: Mission Possible? 2016-01-19 Young and Known Politician – Is It Possible? 2016-03-09 Today GLOBAL SHAPERS COMMUNITY VILNIUS Shape Europe 2015 2015-10-14 TechHeals - The Outsharing Day 2016-06-30
  7. 7. KEY RESULTS: EDUCATION Media: The group featured an analytical article in the national business portal, which was based on latest work of the OECD on international trends shaping education and assessed their implications for Lithuania: click link Conferences and events: The HUB introduced a panel discussion and a number of working groups on the topic of education during the international “Shape Europe” event. Invited global expert A. Youssef Gaboune delivered a presentation on the topic “Redesigning education system”. Honorary panel consisting of: Stephan Chambers (Said Business School, University of Oxford), Youssef Gaboune (Al Jazeera), Unė Kaunaitė (University of Cambridge), Greta Grassick (Barclays), Yori Kamphuis (Coblue Cybersecurity) held a discussion on the topic “Youth in/for Education“. Working groups invited all the participants to brainstorm and come up with solutions on the topics of Education for Social Change, How education can help overcome gender gap, Skills-set for future leaders to overcome global challenges, How can ICT make stronger impact in education – online vs. offline and Higher education beyond job creation. In addition, presentations were also made in several international and national conferences/events, including a presentation on Global education policy in “Youth to Youth Forum” in Vilnius and a discussion on the regional dimension of education in the “JPP Kurk Lietuvai" closing conference. Partners: several meetings were held with local stakeholders, including Lithuanian Central Bank representatives working on financial education and chancellor of Kazimieras Simonavičius university. In this thematic area, the HUB focused its activities by enriching the debate in Lithuania with global insights.
  8. 8. KEY RESULTS: INNOVATION GROUP Media: Group has introduced the concept to global as well as local media via a number of articles including at Forbes: Link and World Economic Forum blog Link , portal Link , 150sec. Link , 15min portal Link , Arctic Startup Link International cooperation: Vilnius hub has established cooperation with 8 Global Shapers community hubs from Minsk, Sofia, Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa for creating a movement towards expanding the Outsharing concept across central Europe. Follow the link . Conferences: The leader of the group delivered a presentation on the topic “4th Industrial Revolution” at the “Lithuanian Economic Conference” organised by the journal “Valstybė”. Follow the link . Partners: Key partners for the project in Lithuania attracted: Infobalt, Aciety. Innovation group carried out a market research and a consultation of stakeholders working in the technology and innovation ecosystem. It allowed identifying the key bottleneck for growth - the focus on low-cost service provision. As a conclusion, the group has decided to
  9. 9. KEY RESULTS: YOUTH POLICY Media: Group members have met with media channel to discuss the topic of new generation politics. Conference and events: group has organised two discussions on the topics “Young politician: myth or reality”? link and “Young and known politician – is it possible?” link Partners: Young Professional Programme “Create for Lithuania” Alumni association (JPP “Kurk Lietuvai” programos alumni asociacija). Future: The group is heading to organize a Forum in winter 2016 on “New generation of political leaders and public servants in Lithuania”. The aim of the Forum is to bridge and create a platform for the new generation of politicians and public servants for joint networking and exchange of the ideas. The Forum should become an annual event involving more and more stakeholders. It aims in 2017 involve the public sector (NGOs and philanthropists), in 2018 involve investors and corporates, in 2019 involve media and communication sector and finally in 2020 involve start-ups and position the event as “Davos of Lithuania”. The event will be organized together with “Create for Lithuania” Alumni association. Youth policy group was created to increase the debate on expanding the number of young political leaders and has identified three target audiences: youth, a new generation of politicians and political parties. After organising a joint discussion for young political leaders from key political parties in Lithuania (all under 30) the group has decided to focus and introduce the new way of calling young politicians: new generation of politicians. The group has created a database of young political leaders born from 1986.
  10. 10. KEY RESULTS: WOMEN IN ICT By promoting the ICT sector and its’ opportunities and widening the talent pool with brightest and best women, interested in the industry offers, IT sector will continue to grow, ensure competitiveness of Lithuania in the international arena. Global Shapers Vilnius Hub believes in its potential and addresses the issue. Media: Comments by Ž. Vitaitė on a topic in journal „Užprogramuota Nelygybė“ – Interview on a topic of career in ICT sector – Link Conferences and events: Global Shaper Vilnius HUB shaper Žydrūnė Vitaitė has participated in public discussion “Tvirta mergaitė” organised by leading private educational institution “Vaikystės Sodas” - Link Global shapers Vilnius Hub together with Barclays, Teo, Infobalt, MIT, organized conference to discuss woman in ICT challenges and solutions “Technologijos ant aukštakulnių” (Technologies on the high-heels). Media coverage in local portals - Link Conference “Shape Europe’15” organised in Vilnius addressed the topic of gender equality in dedicated workshops. Future: Global Shapers Vilnius Hub will be working in raising awareness on women in ICT topic, promoting women leadership and is planning to launch a mentorship project to increase popularity of ICT among girls, students and recent graduates. Women in ICT working group was addressing the issue of gender equality in highly demanded ICT industries in Lithuania. A 2013 EU study showed that bringing more women into EU digital sector would bring about a €9 billion annual GDP boost. Today, only 29 per 1,000 women in the EU have an ICT related degree (compared to 95 men) whereas results from Lithuania reveal that only 15% of students in 2015 chose technological sciences as their future degree without taking into account gender inequality.
  11. 11. CITY ALUMNI – reconnecting diaspora with their hometowns Several of the initiatives are seeking to foster cities’ competitiveness. Alytus Economic Forum, organised jointly with City Alumni was an event that managed to gather huge amount of field experts who were glad to share their insights regarding the economic potential and opportunities for growth in Alytus city. The fact that organizers are already committed to organise a second event next year is a sign that they addressed the needs of the city excellently. More about the event: and lrytas . There were also those cities that tried to reach out to youth and students to guide them when making career choices. Gargždai Alumni joined their forces and invited several hundred students to an open conversation about their future career. Huge interest of students, great number of questions and strong personal stories of various professionals made the event big success. More about the initiative: Considering goal to build strong local communities, this year’s edition of Neighbours’ day in May, co-organised by City Alumni, for the second time in a row has served its purpose bringing neighbours together to spend some quality time and appreciate the power of getting to know and understand each other better. One feature that makes this project unique is the fact that it’s always changing and evolving - sometimes in an unpredictable direction. There are several communities who have already formed their identities and have clear goals ahead. There are some others that are still reaching out for solutions that would benefit their home towns. So the idea of learning from each other and having an opportunity to interact with people having different experience bring new ideas, motivate and connect people and their hometowns. Follow the action on a project website and Facebook page: Project “City Alumni” was launched in 2013 under the leadership of Andželika Rusteikienė and Simona Meškelytė. New project leader Une Kaunaite steps in from July, 2016. City Alumni has undoubtedly contributed to making cities more vibrant and communities more enriched. Even though all the City Alumni communities are slightly different in their attitude towards home town and the people who are willing to share their energy and ideas, there were several directions that all initiatives aimed at together.
  12. 12. ON THE 30TH OF JUNE WE CELEBRATED THE #OUTSHARING DAY! The goals of the event were: To once again emphasize the importance of tech in the world’s progress. To encourage more people choose tech occupations and career pathway. To give some credit to the tech community and encourage it to develop more socially empowering solutions. To encourage cooperation in tech software development among the regions. To help shape the concept of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The meanings of the hashtags included: #TechHeals: referred to the positive impact of the technology for enhancing life. The mobile solutions enable on-the- go type of lifestyle, agility and efficiency. Numerous platforms bring more transparency, reduce the number of middlemen and bring new levels of productivity and experience. The new solutions empower some of the low-and- middle-income societies and contribute to lowering the in-equality. We notice that most of the people have generic understanding about the positive impact of tech. We want to strengthen it by illustrating a great number of real life cases (examples), where tech products truly open new opportunities, enhance productivity or even literally heal. It was a virtual event on Facebook where people shared tech solutions they admired, which helped them solve huge head-aches or simply made their daily life easier. To connect the hashtags #TechHeals and #Outsharing were used. The event encouraged more than 140 posts with a total social reach of 160 000 people. It was mentioned by ArcticStartup and The Huffington Post. Different software development companies joined the initiative as well as the largest association of IT companies in Lithuania - InfoBalt. 2016-06-30 OPEN EVENTS AND DISUCSSIONS
  13. 13. ON THE 30TH OF JUNE WE CELEBRATED THE #OUTSHARING DAY! #Outsharing: referred to creating high value-added solutions and movement from low-cost primitive programming, known as outsourcing, to integrated solutions development and building additional value. In such countries as Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and others it refers to having an equal tech partner who analyses your business case deeply, reads beyond the specification lines and pro-actively proposes optimization solutions. Outsharing partners focus on value whether it’s designing and building new functionality, enhancing existing user experience or optimizing the processes. Event: (aktyvuoti, kaip visur kitur, zodi link) Event: link 2016-06-30
  14. 14. YOUNG AND KNOWN POLITICIAN – IS IT POSSIBLE? 2016-03-09 Discussion participants: vice-minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, member of Social Democrats party Marius Skarupskas, member of Lithuanian Christian Democrats party, Vilnius City Council member, social media activist Adomas Bužinskas, Deputy of the Chairman of Labour party Ieva Kacinskaite-Urboniene, Member of Liberal Party, Vilnius municipality Council member, blogger Skirmantas Tumelis, TV show “Dviračio šou” creator Haroldas Mackevičius, editor of research department Šarūnas Černiauskas. Discussion was moderated by “Global shapers” member, social media activist Žygimantas Zabieta. Event: link Global Shapers Vilnius hub has organised a discussion about young – new generation – politicians already active in the social media. But still it‘s tough to be featured in a national media channels. Media, political and society representatives discussed what are the recipes for young leaders to become known and make an impact.
  15. 15. WORK-LIFE BALANCE: MISSION POSSIBLE? Media: The discussion was attended by dr. psychotherapist Eugenijus Laurinaitis, member of the Vilnius Municipality Council, blogger Skirmantas Tumelis, the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers hub curator, association Investors’ Forum strategic project development and communication manager Andželika Rusteikienė, advertising agency TBWA / Vilnius CEO Agne Dulskiene. The discussion was moderated by “Vaikystės sodas” owner, mother of four children, doctor of social sciences Austėja Landsbergienė. Event: link Video record: link Global Shapers Vilnius hub together with educational institutions network “Vaikystės sodas” invited to the discussion about career and family. What should be a priority, what is the right answer and what are the alternatives? Is it possible to reconcile work and family - what it takes to balance your life? 2016-01-19
  16. 16. YOUNG POLITICIAN: IS IT A MYTH OR REALITY? Discussion members: Jurgita Vijūnė, member of Labour part and council member of Ukmergė municipality, Tautvydas Tamulevičius, member of (public election committee “Alytaus piliečiai”, Council member of Alytus municipality, Aušrinė Armonaitė, member of Liberal movement and council member of Vilnius municipality, Andrius Vyšniauskas, member of Lithuania Christian Democrats and council member of Marijampolė municipality, Daumantas Simėnas, member of public election committee “P. Urbšys uz sąrašą “KARTU” and council member of Panevėžys municipality. Discussion was moderated by “Global shapers” member, social media activist Žygimantas Zabieta. Event: link 2016-01-14 The year 2016 Global Shapers Vilnius hub has began inviting young political leaders from key parties working in the councils of municipalities for a joint discussion on their daily challenges and successes, myths around being young and what does it require for young leader to become strong member of political party.
  17. 17. XMAS DRINKS: LITHUANIAN PROFESSIONALS LIVING ABROAD WELCOME HOME! World Economic Forum Global Shapers in Vilnius, Global Lithuanian Leaders and Lithuanian City of London Club invited Lithuanian professionals living abroad to gather together in Vilnius on the second day of Christmas to enjoy networking with each other and sharing insights both on their lives abroad and their native country. 2015-12-25 The Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius has joined the crew and at the start of the evening shared his insights on the daily life of the city, vision and strategy for capital of Lithuania. He also welcomed successful Lithuanians who make their careers and live abroad and introduced opportunities to get involved in the city life which are offered in Vilnius. The Mayor was also eager to gain insights and new ideas from people with international experience so that the best practices could be applied in capital of Lithuania. The discussion with the Mayor was moderated by Vilnius hub curator Andželika Rusteikeinė.
  18. 18. ISLAM: IS IT A THREAT OR UNIFYING FORCE? Mufti of Lithuania Muslim community Romas Jakubauskas, a Middle-East political specialist, Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science lecturer Ieva Koreivaitė-Sadauskeinė, an expert of Muslim culture, Oriental Studies Centre lecturer Maritana Larbi and a photographer who led the project “Islam in Lithuania” Neringa Rekašiūtė kindly shared their expertise with everyone who joined the discussion. Discussion was moderated by Vytis Jurkinis, political scientist at Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University. Both the representatives from academia and Muslim community leaders were sure that not only media but also politicians sometimes provided misleading information concerning Islam and this definitely needed to be changed. It was agreed that growing intolerance within any country cannot be considered a unifying force. Negative attitude and prejudice are destructive for each and every country. Therefore experts were explaining the culture and the context of the Muslim community to raise awareness and critical thinking among the audience. Event: link Article: link On the 2nd of December Vilnius Global Shapers invited local community to share ideas, exchange points of views as well as to raise awareness regarding religion of Islam and local Muslim communities. Panel of experts was gathered to discuss the theme which is undoubtedly essential for us to become a welcoming community which value diversity and variety of ideas. 2015-12-02 Photo Lukas Balandis,
  19. 19. STRONG GIRL Participants of the discussion: founder of „Vaikystės sodas“ and Karalienės Mortos school Austėja Lansbergienė, Vilnius City Opera's artistic director, director Dalia Ibelhauptaite, Children Support Centre Manager Aušra Kurienė and the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Vilnius Hub member, CEO of “Mainsec” Žydrūnė Vitaitė. The discussion was moderated by the psychiatrist, psychotherapist Eugenijus Laurinaitis. Video record: link Article: link Vilnius hub has joined the discussion on the topic of “Strong girl” to talk about violence against children and women, girls' self-confidence, the status of women in the family and society. The discussion was organized by “Vaikystės sodas” and Karalienės Mortos school. 2015-12-02
  20. 20. GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY "I have many times heard that we - Lithuanians - we are too self-critical. Unfortunately, suicide statistics in Lithuania shows that we have serious problems with assertiveness, bullying, self-esteem. We understand that one day event and nice words won’t change the situation, but we can no longer pretend that the problem does not exist and just keep silent about it" - said Global Shapers member, World Dignity Day in Lithuania organiser Darius Tamauskas. Event: link Article: link Vilnius hub has joined the international Global Dignity day movement and invited Lithuanian youth, schools to join the initiative. Together with Global Shapers Vilnius Hub the initiative was joined by “Kam to reikia?!” (link) and Junior Achievement Lithuania. 2015-10-21
  21. 21. SHAPE EUROPE 2015 Together with 30 speakers from Lithuania, Great Britain, United States, Qatar, Poland, Netherlands and other countries, Vilnius hub has created a space for youth leaders to exchange their ideas, learn from each other and find solutions to the local problems. Over the period of 3 days Shapers from all around the world had a chance to speak out about the issues that matter for them most, present their local hub projects, work in groups during workshops on concrete topics they are interested in most. As most of the visitors were in Lithuania for the first time, they were shown the very best of Vilnius has to offer, like the Palace of the Dukes, Vilnius Old Town, local music and food. The feedback received after the event was very positive, as one of the most professionally organised WEF GS events in recent years. Event website: Event photo album on Facebook: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 A short post-event video: youtube link Video application for the right to host the event in Vilnius: youtube link Shape Europe is the annual meeting of World Economic Forum Global Shapers community that brings together its members from the region and beyond to discuss and proactively impact the global agenda. After first two events in Madrid and Lisbon, this year Vilnius was honoured with the opportunity to host the event in the capital of Lithuania. Over 100 young change makers, start-up founders, social, education, art leaders came to Vilnius for October 1st-4th Shape Europe event. The topic of 3rd annual event was “Global citizen. Local challenges”. The event was joined by another 100 Lithuanian youth leaders to create the environment for networking and cooperation. The President of the Republic of Lithuania greeted the participants via a pre-recorded video message (youtube link) followed by the greeting from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania (youtube link) . 2015-10-14
  22. 22. WORKING LITHUANIA - POP-UP Event: link Video: link World Economic Forum Global Shapers Hub together with Business Council, Global Lithuania Leaders, Create for Lithuania Alumni association has initiated an open pop-up event - working space where everyone could come for a day and hear more about the “New Social Model” discussed in the Parliament of Lithuania. 2015-10-14
  23. 23. SOCIAL CAPITAL: WHAT‘S IN IT FOR ME? WEF Global Shapers Vilnius Hub together with Global Lithuanian Leaders and JCI Lithuania organized a discussion on the topic of social capital. Why to volunteer? What is social capital? All the benefits of volunteering, social partnerships and networks were revealed by Chair of the Board at Global Lithuanian Leaders Domas Dargis, JCI president Ismail Haznedar and the Curator of Global Shapers community in Vilnius Andželika Rusteikienė. Article: link 2015-09
  24. 24. GLOBAL SHAPERS VILNIUS HUB MEETING WITH THE PATRON ILJA LAURS Global Shapers Vilnius Hub members have met with one of their patrons Ilja Laurs to share the insights on the network activities and Shapers role in Lithuania. 2015-07-01