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Squad attack_approved

  1. 1. Squad Attack
  2. 2.  Before receiving your OPORD tell your team leaders to get security. AT(9-3b/w of12) BT (9- 3b/w of 6) “Get cover while you’re in these positions.” Tell your RTO to leave after the Execution Para, so they can begin setting up the TMK. Grab your RTO and follow the TAC. Take out your pen and template and prepare to copy.
  3. 3. 12 Alpha 39 Bravo 6
  4. 4.  After your TAC finishes reading you the OPORD, ask for SECURITY! Pull in your TLs and issue WARNO If security is granted, begin your team rehearsals while you put your OPORD together. Remember, 1/3-2/3. You only have 15 minutes to spit out your OPORD from H-Time.
  5. 5.  Once you have your OPORD together pull both teams in, (Bravo on my left, Alpha on my right). Brief the OPORD and go over your plan (TMK) thoroughly. Ask for any questions and answer them confidently. BACKBRIEF!!!
  6. 6.  You have 30 Minutes to go over your mission. Go over actions on repeatedly until the whole squad understands your “CONCEPT”. After that, do a silent walk through from AA- MVT-ORP-OBJ, insure everyone understands what is expected of them. Brief and go through different contingencies: sniper, indirect fire, LDA, COB/MOB, IED, ETC. Your contingency plans should be mission dependent.
  7. 7.  Give your TLs a chance to do some work by allowing them to conduct a PCC. After the TLs conduct their PCC you should conduct your own PCC and back brief as you conduct it. (check to ensure the compass works, actually get hands on equipment, don’t take someones word for it, leave the area exactly as it was found)
  8. 8.  (This is TAC dependent)-Don’t ask to LD, you have already been briefed what time you should be crossing the LD so say this “T16 this is C31, Crossing LD, Time now H+45” Once MVT has been initiated there is NO MORE talking. Hand and arm signals only. Set up ERP or Check Points METT-TC dependent.
  9. 9.  Ensure your squad maintains proper spacing. They should be at least 10M or more between each other, METT-TC dependent. Enter the ORP as you briefed: by force or by recon. Set up security just as you had in your AA Call in your Recon team: You, ATL, RTO, 3 RM from Alpha
  10. 10.  Leave a 5 Point with your BTL, = 1)Where you going, 2)Who are you taking with you, 3)NLT time you should be back, 4)what to do if I don’t come back, 5)actions to take if you or myself come under fire; BTL should count you out. Utilize the same entrance and exit point in your ORP. Once you either have eyes on or you move out to a position that your ATL wants to set up support, drop your S/O team off, BRIEF A 5POINT!
  11. 11. OBJ Roger, see you in 10MikesORP
  12. 12.  When you have PID on the enemy, INFORM HIGHER. Brief your BTL what you saw. Tell your ATL to pick up and move to the S/O position. Instruct your ATL to initiate fire once they get online at that position. This way your MVT is masked by their fire. Conduct your BOLD flanking movement to get on line. “METT-TC dependent” You will determine which way to attack in your RECON.
  14. 14. OBJ Shift FireBANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG
  16. 16.  After your BT LOA’s have them pull immediate security. This can be done by rotating your most far rifle men to cover your flanks, or you can pull 360 security. Immediately receive your ACE reports: Ammo, Casualties and Equipment. Don’t‘ allow them to say “green-green-green”, instead say 1-UP-UP; unless there are casualties or your equipment is lost or broken. Then send up that report to higher.
  17. 17.  Call in your special teams, if there are no injured then there is no reason to call in you’re A&L. EPW comes in to search the bodies, while they are being searched your RTO will record everything they yell out. Take a quick look around the objective, if there are notebooks or maps look at them to see whats inside them. Ensure your TLs have their teams spaced out efficiently and ensure that they are at least 35m away from the OBJ. Give your SALUTE report to higher.
  18. 18.  After you send your reports….if you were given a follow on mission do that, if not call higher and seek further guidance. If higher instructs you to CM… Call in your DEMO team to destroy the enemy equipment. Fire in the hole-1”AT off”,2”BT off”,3”SL,RTO, 2RMforDEMOTeam off” Mission Complete.