21st Aug. 2012 Staff call


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  • Tandem Jump (MAJ Knable Tracking)Dr. PattersonDr. Smith
  • 21st Aug. 2012 Staff call

    1. 1. Eagle Battalion“We Commission, Army Strong” Sync Meeting 21 August 2012
    2. 2. “We Commission, Army Strong” Agenda• S-1 • Alpha Co • Cadet Association• S-2 • Bravo Co • OP-SGM• S-3 • Charlie Co • BN CSM• S-4 • Delta Co • BN XO• S-5 • Echo Co • BN CDR• S-6 Eagle Battalion 2012
    3. 3. “We Commission, Army Strong” S-1(Personnel) Cadet Whitlock“We were born for Battle” -Beloved Eagle Battalion 2012
    4. 4. “We Commission, Army Strong”Eagle Battalion Strength Fall 2012 TOTAL ON ROSTER 231 Alpha Company 80(40/40) Bravo Company 36 Charlie Company 37 Delta Company 39 Echo Company 39 G 100-90% A 89-80% R 79-70% B < 69% Eagle Battalion 2012
    5. 5. “We Commission, Army Strong”S-1 Report Item Last Update Status NotesMaster Roster 21AUG2012 G • Maintenance Attendance 21AUG2012 G • Maintenance Tracker Freshman • 59 present 21AUG2012 G Orientation • 6 absent Eagle Battalion 2012
    6. 6. “We Commission, Army Strong”S-2(Intelligence)C/TownsendEagle Battalion 2012
    7. 7. “We Commission, Army Strong”Weather Data Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8/20 8/21 8/22 8/23 8/24 High 80 81 86 85 86 Low 69 69 69 67 67 Scattered Scattered Scattered Mostly ScatteredWeather T-Storms T-Storms T-Storms Cloudy T-StormsRain (%) 60 30 30 30 40 PT CLASS PT CLASS APFT Event LAB Eagle Battalion 2012
    8. 8. “We Commission, Army Strong” Intel ReportItem Last Update Status Notes104R 21 August 2012 Black Deadline TentativeMedical 21 August 2012 Black Will meet with Mrs.Documentation JackieAKO Accounts 21 August 2012 Black Will meet with Mrs. JackieIn processing 21 August 2012 GREENBlack Just addedAmber 1 week Check board forRed 2+ weeks Missing Contact ListGreen Clear Eagle Battalion 2012
    9. 9. “We Commission, Army Strong” S-3 (Operations) C/MAJ Basinger“Vini Vidi Vici (We came, We saw, We Conquered)” Eagle Battalion 2012
    10. 10. “We Commission, Army Strong” Key Events Fall 2012APFT (msI/II/III) 24 AugCWST (msI/II) 27 AugBlood Drive 04 SeptBN FTX – (FT. Gordon) 14-15 SeptAPFT (msI/II) 19 SeptAPFT (msIII) 21 SeptAPFT (msI/II) 08 OctAPFT(msIII) 10 OctAPFT (msIV) 12 OctMil App Football game 13 OctKiwanis Fair 15-20 OctAPFT (msI/II, msIV retest) 19 OctGa Shine FTX 24-28 OctAPFT record (msI/II) 12 NovAPFT record (ms III) 14 NovAPFT record (ms IV) 16 NovCommissioning 13 DecCommencement 14 Dec Eagle Battalion 2012
    11. 11. Aug 2012 “We Commission, Army Strong”SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 3 4 LTC Morea - GSU Faculty / Staff5 6 7 8 9 10 11 LTC Morea - GSU MAJ K Return - PMS & Roo H &F COL Fred Color Guard Faculty / Staff MS IV Calib - Workshop Brief Support 1st AASU - 1st Baptist Color Baptist Statesboro Guard RECON12 13 14 15 16 17 18 SAV State – School MS IV SAV ST – PMS Freshman Move 1300 NG Regional Begins Calibration Lab Brief In TRNG Center (GSU) APFT AASU Walkthrough19 20 21 22 23 24 25-Freshman - Classes Begin-GSU - 1st PT GSU (1 -AASU Lab -MSI/II/ IIIWelcome - APFT ROC Drill MIN PU/SU & 1 PMS Brief APFT(GSU) - CWST-AASU Mile run) - HT /WGHT- CDT COC - RECON FGGApresent26 27 28 29 30 31 CWST- MSI/II/III Nurse -Rifle PT – Lab -Labor Day Welcome AASU & GSU MS II/III Brief/ Safety Brief MSIV Swim -RC Assessment Familiarization of -RC Assessment Test -Tandem Jump* battle drills -Insanity PT Eagle Battalion 2012
    12. 12. “We Commission, Army Strong” 20Aug12-26Aug12 Monday 20 Tuesday 21 Wednesday 22 Thursday 23 Friday 24 Saturday/ Sunday 25/26- Classes Begin-GSU - 1st PT GSU (1 MIN -AASU Lab -MSI/II/ III APFT- APFT ROC Drill PU/SU & 1 Mile run) PMS Brief- CWST-AASU - RECON FGGA - HT /WGHT- Day 1 Ceremony• Mission: Conduct PT, PMS Brief and MS I/II/III APFT.• Commander’s Intent: – The purpose is to assess cadets weaknesses in pt and to 27/28 22 23 24 25 26 inform cadets of PT: Ability Groupin Rem. PT (0600) PT: Ability GroupPT: Ability Rem. PT (0600) standards PMS brief Group 0630 Staff Call - Endstate: All cadets 0630 awareLab: his/her deficiencies in pt and are of STX(Ambush) 0630 understand all standards issued by PMS Eagle Battalion 2012
    13. 13. “We Commission, Army Strong” PMS Lab Brief All Cadets 23 Aug12Task: Key Personnel/Location/1. All cadets will be briefed on Purpose: upcoming events OIC-Basinger2. PMS will brief AOIC- Supan expectations of cadets for the Location: GSU PAC semester3. After completion of brief all contracted cadets scholarship/non- scholarship will report to ROTC bldg NLT 15 min. after completion Uniform – of brief ACUs, Pen, Pencil, Paper. Contracted- Bring leases and/or invoice Eagle Battalion 2012
    14. 14. “We Commission, Army Strong” 27AUG12-02SEP12 Monday 27 Tuesday 28 Wednesday 29 Thursday 30 Friday 31 Saturday/ Sunday 01/02CWST MSI/II/III Nurse Welcome -Rifle PT – AASU & Lab -Labor Day SafetyMS IV nurses APFT MSIV Swim Test GSU MS II/III Brief/ BriefMS IV RC APFT -RC Assessment Familiarization of -RC Assessment -Tandem Jump* battle drills -Insanity PT• Mission: Conduct CWST, MSIV swim test, PT, and MS level lab• Commander’s Intent: 22 23 24 25 26 27/28 - Purpose: Assess cadets abilityRem. PT (0600) PT: Ability GroupPT: Ability Rem. PT (0600) PT: Ability Group to perform various tasks in the water Group 0630 Staff Call 0630 Lab: STX(Ambush) 0630 - Endstate: All cadets successfully complete CWST, PT, and Lab Eagle Battalion 2012
    15. 15. “We Commission, Army Strong” MS II Lab 30AUG12 Mission: MSII cadets will conduct lab on 30Aug12 IVO stadium parking IOT receive initial instruction on how lab will be conducted, MSIII demonstration of battle drill 1.A and intro of the 9 battle drills. Task- Key Personnel/Location/ 1. Cadets will learn how Purpose: to properly conduct a STX lanes from the AA. OIC-Holmlund 2. Cadets will learn how AOIC- paragraph 3 of the OPORD changes with each battle drill. Allen Chapman Hughes Witt Hard Times- First formation NLT 1600, Final formation NLT 1800Uniform – ACUs, Pen, Pencil, Paper , Water Source, TMK, OPORD shellCoordinating instructions- S4- 4 water cansStandard- To train IAW the below references, References: FM 7-8 Eagle Battalion 2012
    16. 16. MSIII Lab 30Aug12 “We Commission, Army Strong” Mission: MSIII cadets will conduct a walkthrough of AA and PCC operations IVO ROTC Bldg. NLT 301600AUG12 IOT grasp an understanding of SL tasks in STX lanes.Task-1. Cadets will arriveNLT 1545 Key Personnel2. Cadet Leaders willgain accountability. OIC: Ryan3. Cadets will be formed MSIVs:up outside w/ equipment MorrillHard Times- First Ballowformation NLT 1600, SpenceFinal Formation NLT Morrison1800 (And all other available MSIV cadets not already tasked) Uniform – ACUs, pen, pencil, paper, TMK, OPORD shells Formation- NLT 1545, Side of ROTC building Standard- To train IAW the below references References: FM 7-8 Eagle Battalion 2012
    17. 17. “We Commission, Army Strong” Blood Drive 04Sept12• 1100-1630• Goal: 100 units signed up• Hourly Shifts of cadets• 8 cadets per shift o 2 registration o 2 Canteen servers o 2 traffic control o 2 escorts• Cadets should arrive 15 minutes prior to shift• Uniform- ROTC shirt
    18. 18. “We Commission, Army Strong” S-4 (Supply) C/CPT Hughes“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” Eagle Battalion 2012
    19. 19. “We Commission, Army Strong”Upcoming Events Event Updated Status NotesMSI-III APFT 21AUG12 G Supplies Available CWST 21AUG12 G Supplies Available Riffle PT 21AUG12 G 29AUG12 MSIII LDAC 21AUG12 A Gathering InformationSupply Tracker Class A 21AUG12 A Working Plan with Mrs. Blair Turn-In G 100-90% A 89-80% R 79-70% B < 69% Eagle Battalion 2012
    20. 20. “We Commission, Army Strong” MSI Supply Needs• Carter, D • Ramsey, A• Chance, M • Schefeild, R*• Crockett, K • Sexton, N• Fisch, R • Smith, J*• Grisby, A • Tullius, D• Katia, A • Vargas, J• Khutzara, P • Washington, Q*• Lewis, R • Wells, S• Radcliffe, M • Wright, W* *Denotes need is other than Rank and Nametape (ACU)
    21. 21. “We Commission, Army Strong”APFT 24AUG12 Item Updated Status NotesClipboards 21AUG12 A 30 requested, 20 available.Pens/Pencils 21AUG12 G 20 requested, 20 available.Stopwatches 21AUG12 G 2 requested, 2 available.Score sheets 21AUG12 G To be Printed G 100-90% A 89-80% R 79-70% B < 69% Eagle Battalion 2012
    22. 22. “We Commission, Army Strong”APFT 24AUG12 Item Updated Status NotesEngineer tape 21AUG12 G 100 ft square of tape available.Ground Stakes 21AUG12 G 4 stakes available in the APFT container.Bib Numbers 21AUG12 G 200+ Bibs Available G 100-90% A 89-80% R 79-70% B < 69% Eagle Battalion 2012
    23. 23. “We Commission, Army Strong”CWST 27AUG12 Supplies Item Updated Status NotesDummy Rifles 21AUG12 G 6 Requested, 6 Available LBE 21AUG12 G 4 Requested, 4 Available 550 Cord 21AUG12 G 2 Spools Available Blindfold 21AUG12 G PT Caps Available (1) G 100-90% A 89-80% R 79-70% B < 69% Eagle Battalion 2012
    24. 24. “We Commission, Army Strong” S-5(Public Relations)CDT WITKOWSKI Eagle Battalion 2012
    25. 25. “We Commission, Army Strong”Public Affairs Event Updated Status Notes Snacks-4- A -CDT Bailey will be reporting on this 21AUG12 G Soldiers event individually -In the process of coordinating a time for Pictures 21AUG12 R cadet/cadre leadership to get current photos taken and put up on wall -Youtube video is complete Facebook 21AUG12 A -Facebook being checked/updated Youtube weekly ** Please note: CDT Witkowski is still currently coordinating with CDT Bailey to exchange information to insure the success of this change in leadership. Eagle Battalion 2012
    26. 26. “We Commission, Army Strong” S-6 (Communication) C/CPT Small"NOUS RESTERONS LA“ –We Will Remain Eagle Battalion 2012
    27. 27. “We Commission, Army Strong”Communication Event Updated Status NotesStaff Call Slides 21Aug12 A Slides were last updated 1 May 12. Websites A Received all codes and started working on 21Aug12 passwords updates. Created Skype for GSU, and starting ones for Contact 21Aug12 A fellow schools. Eagle Battalion 2012
    28. 28. “We Commission, Army Strong”AlphaC/CPT Freeman Eagle Battalion 2012
    29. 29. “We Commission, Army Strong” Alpha Company Event Updated Status Notes Personnel Issues 21AUG12 G None NoneAttendance Trends – PT (1st 2nd PL) 21AUG12 GAttendance Trends – 21AUG12 G None PT (RC)Attendance Trends- 21AUG12 G None Lab Equipment Issue 21AUG12 G None Raise All APFT Scores Above 270 Positive Attitude during PT Training Goals 21AUG12 P Familiarization of All Battle Drills Staying as a unit (no fall outs) G 100-90% A 89-80% R 79-70% B < 69% Eagle Battalion 2012
    30. 30. “We Commission, Army Strong” Training Plan 20AUG- 25AUGMonday- 20 AUG Wednesday- 22 AUG Friday- 25 AUGNo PT 0615 1ST PT 0545 APFT  1 min pu/su  1 mile run Eagle Battalion 2012
    31. 31. “We Commission, Army Strong” Training Plan 27AUG- 31AUGMonday- 27 AUG Wednesday- 29 AUG Friday- 31 AUG0545 CWST 0615 Riffle pt/RC 0615 Insanity pt/RC assessment assessment Eagle Battalion 2012
    32. 32. “We Commission, Army Strong” Risk Mitigation Activity Hazards Risk Level Solution Residual Risk LevelLab •Dehydration Med •Safety Brief Low •Wildlife •Hydrate •Terrain •Ensure Water Jugs are at OBJAPFT/PT •Curb/Rolling Med •Hydrate Low Ankles •APFT Brief •Dehydration •Safety Brief •Cramps •Reflective •Cars Gear/Hand signals Eagle Battalion 2012
    33. 33. “We Commission, Army Strong” Challenges/Acknowledgments-MS3 Lab-Equipment deficiencies for LDAC- Identifying potential Ranger Challenge members Eagle Battalion 2012
    34. 34. “We Commission, Army Strong” Bravo C/CPT HolmlundLeadership- The Art of influencing Soldiers, by gaining their willing obedience to accomplish the mission. Eagle Battalion 2012
    35. 35. “We Commission, Army Strong” Bravo Company Event Updated Status Notes Personnel Issues 21AUG12 GAttendance Trends - G 21AUG12 PTAttendance Trends- G 21AUG12 Lab Equipment Issue 21AUG12 G Training Goals 21AUG12 P G 100-90% A 89-80% R 79-70% B < 69% Eagle Battalion 2012
    36. 36. “We Commission, Army Strong”Training Plan 20AUG-24AUG Monday-AUG 20 Wednesday- AUG Friday – 22 AUG 24 No PT 1st GSU PT APFT 1 mile run 1 min push ups 1 min sit ups Eagle Battalion 2012
    37. 37. “We Commission, Army Strong” Training Plan 23APR-27APRMonday- AUG 27 Wednesday- AUG 29 Friday- AUG 31 CWST I-II GSU Rifle PT Safety Brief RC Assessment RC Assessment Insanity PT Eagle Battalion 2012
    38. 38. “We Commission, Army Strong” Risk Mitigation Activity Hazards Risk Level Solution Residual Risk LevelLab •Dehydration Med •Safety Brief Low •Wildlife •Hydrate •Terrain •Ensure Water Jugs are at OBJAPFT •Curb/Rolling Med •Hydrate Low Ankles •APFT Brief •Dehydration •Safety Brief •Cramps Eagle Battalion 2012
    39. 39. “We Commission, Army Strong” Challenges/Acknowledgments-Nurse welcome-Ensure Cadets are transitioning well-Maintain company fitness Eagle Battalion 2012
    40. 40. “We Commission, Army Strong”Charlie C/CPT Huff“Standard Issue Excellence” Eagle Battalion 2012
    41. 41. “We Commission, Army Strong” Charlie Company Event Updated Status Notes Personnel Issues 21AUG12 G NoneAttendance Trends - 21AUG12 G APFT PTAttendance Trends- 21AUG12 G Lab Lab Equipment Issue 21AUG12 G Equipment Issued •Conduct APFT and Use Results for Future PT Planning. G •Raise PT Scores Above 250 Training Goals 21AUG12 P •Successfully Conduct CWST Operations G 100-90% A 89-80% R 79-70% B < 69% Eagle Battalion 2012
    42. 42. “We Commission, Army Strong” Training Plan 20AUG-24AUGMonday- Aug20 Wednesday-Aug22 Friday- Aug24APFT ROC Drill Minimal Impact PT APFT MSI/II/III Warm Up/Stretch 1 Min PU PU Form Evaluation 1 Min SU SU Form Evaluation 1 Mile Run Cool Down/Stretch Eagle Battalion 2012
    43. 43. “We Commission, Army Strong” Training Plan 27AUG-31AUGMonday- Aug27 Wednesday-Aug29 Friday- Aug31CWST MSI/II Rifle PT Insanity PT Eagle Battalion 2012
    44. 44. “We Commission, Army Strong” Risk Mitigation Activity Hazards Risk Level Solution Residual Risk LevelAPFT •Curb/Rolling Med •Hydrate Low Ankles •APFT Brief •Dehydration •Safety Brief •CrampsCWST •Drowning Med •Hydrate Low •Mishandled •CWST Brief Equipment •Safety Brief •Dehydration •Proper •Cramps Swimming Classification Eagle Battalion 2012
    45. 45. “We Commission, Army Strong” Challenges/Acknowledgments-Volunteers for Operation Move-in-Cadets Wishing to Participate in RC Assessment-Internal PT Organization Eagle Battalion 2012
    46. 46. “We Commission, Army Strong”DeltaC/CPT FincherEagle Battalion 2012
    47. 47. “We Commission, Army Strong” Delta Company Event Updated Status Notes Personnel Issues 21Aug12 p G 37 Personnel according to rosterAttendance Trends - PT 21Aug12 A p NoneAttendance Trends- 21Aug12 p None Lab Equipment Issue 21Aug12 p None •Achieve and maintain a CO APFT average of 250 •Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA G •100% Completion of Community Service Training Goals 21Aug12 hours •Familiarization with Land Navigation •Meet contracting standards G 100-90% A 89-80% R 79-70% B < 69% Eagle Battalion 2012
    48. 48. “We Commission, Army Strong”Training Plan 20Aug-24Aug 20Aug2012 22Aug2012 24Aug2012 APFT ROC Drill Stretch /Warm Up Walk APFT Through PT Standards Brief and Demo 1 min Push ups 1 min Sit-ups 1 mile Run Cool down Eagle Battalion 2012
    49. 49. “We Commission, Army Strong” Risk Mitigation Activity Hazards Risk Level Solution Residual Risk LevelLab •Dehydration Med •Safety Brief Low •Wildlife •Hydrate •Terrain •Ensure Water Jugs are at OBJPT •Curb/Rolling Med •Hydrate Low Ankles •Dehydration Eagle Battalion 2012
    50. 50. “We Commission, Army Strong”Challenges/Acknowledgments-More Info to come Eagle Battalion 2012
    51. 51. Echo Co“We Commission, Army Strong” ”C/CPT Brown “Born to kill, trained to lead Eagle Battalion 2012
    52. 52. “We Commission, Army Strong”Echo Company Event Updated Status NotesEquipment Issues 21 AUG12 4 MSI cadets will need nametags for ACU’s Training Goals 21AUG12 • 250 APFT average • Maintain 3.2 GPA • Begin and continue to train new cadets in D&C, and how to wear the uniform G 100- A 89-80% R 79-70% B <69% 90% Eagle Battalion 2012
    53. 53. “We Commission, Army Strong”Training Plan 20AUG-24AUGMonday- 20AUG Wednesday- Thursday-23AUG Friday- 24AUG 22AUG-Classes Begin -0615 1st PT (1 -0530 HT/WT -0530 MSI/II/III-No PT MIN PU/SU & 1 MSI/II/III APFT-DAY 1 Event Mile run)2015 Eagle Battalion 2012
    54. 54. “We Commission, Army Strong”Training Plan 27AUG-31AUGMonday- 27AUG Wednesday- 29AUG Friday- 31AUG-CWST MSI-II -Rifle PT -Labor Day Safety BriefSWIM TEST -RC assessment -RC assessment -Insanity PT Eagle Battalion 2012
    55. 55. “We Commission, Army Strong”Risk Mitigation Activity Hazards Risk Level Solution Residual Risk Level Lab • Dehydration Medium • Safety Brief Low • Wildlife • Hydrate • Terrain • Ensure water jugs are at OBJ APFT • Curb/ Rolling Medium • Hydrate Low ankles • APFT Brief • Dehydration • Safety Brief • Cramps • Weak Medium • Lifeguards Low Swimmers on DutyCWST/ SWIM • Cadets TEST • Hydrate Drowning • Cramps • Safety Brief Eagle Battalion 2012
    56. 56. “We Commission, Army Strong” Challenges/Acknowledgments-MS I’s equipment needs have been identified and willbe issued-100% Accountability for DAY ONE event-MSI PT failures-MSI weak swimmers Eagle Battalion 2012
    57. 57. “We Commission, Army Strong” “We Commission, Army Strong”Cadet Association CDT Ivey Eagle Battalion 2012
    58. 58. “We Commission, Army Strong” “We Commission, Army Strong” Cadet Association Event Updated Status NotesCadet Fund 21August12 G $1,410.00Current Acct. 21August12 A Primus, Garner, CPT. ChicolaSignersSigners in Ivey, Leszczynski, Collier, Allen, 21August12 GTransition Juarez, Irizarry A Friday 1130 ROTC bldg MSIIIMeeting Time 21August12 classroom Currently finished up PresidentClub Status 21August12 G paperwork to finalize club. Eagle Battalion 2012
    59. 59. “We Commission, Army Strong” “We Commission, Army Strong”Fundraising Ideas-07September2012 Fun PT-Military Appreciation KK or DD SalesGame-Fall 2012 Eagle Cards 5 Eagle Battalion 2012 9
    60. 60. “We Commission, Army Strong” “We Commission, Army Strong” Risk and Special Issues-Meet with CPT Chicola aboutbudget/funds-Cadet Association t-shirts-Freshmen recruitment Eagle Battalion 2012
    61. 61. “We Commission, Army Strong”OP SGM C/ SGM Supan Eagle Battalion 2012
    62. 62. “We Commission, Army Strong” Designated Driver Report:FORMER Friday 2012 Saturday 2012WEEKEND: Pickups: Pickups: THIS Friday 2012 Saturday 2012 WEEKEND: -TBD
    63. 63. “We Commission, Army Strong”BN CSM C/CSM Alexander Eagle Battalion 2012
    64. 64. “We Commission, Army Strong”BN XO C/ MAJ Holmes Eagle Battalion 2012
    65. 65. “We Commission, Army Strong” Talking Points-MSIV Calibration-Freshman Move In Operation-Freshman Orientation-First Week Operations ( Lab, APFT)-Blood Drive Eagle Battalion 2012
    66. 66. “We Commission, Army Strong”BN CDR C/ LTC Navedo Eagle Battalion 2012