Action Plan For Technology


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Action Plan For Technology

  1. 1. task responsibilities Expected timeline Outcomes Staff will Principal & Campus Campus will be October 31, complete STaR Technology Contact rated on 2009 Chart technology proficiency Staff will Principal & Staff will May 2010 complete the Technology Contact become aware Technology of their level of Applications proficiency. Inventory & Staff will be State rated & growth Educational will be expected Technology during the Directors school year. Association (SEDTA) survey Create & Model Technology Contact, Staff and To be lessons using Computer lab students will implemented technology teachers, & become more during the Technology Core proficient in the 2009-2010 Team use of school year. technology and utilize it to improve instruction, student awareness and utilization of resources available through the use of computers. Open access Technology Campus Students will Implement Labs will be Contact, Computer utilize different during used by 6th, 7th, Lab Teachers, & all programs to 2009-2010 & 8th grade other teachers create word school year. across all documents,
  2. 2. content & core spreadsheets, areas. and/or power point presentations for their classes. Disaggregate Principal, Lead Teachers will Implement test data using Teacher, Campus learn how to use during Edusoft Technology Contact, Edusoft to 2009-2010 softwar. teachers create reports school year. that will allow them to analyze team, class, and individual performance on TAKs tests, benchmarks exams, & six weeks tests. Advanced District technology To allow staff to Implement technology staff department, Principal increase their during development knowledge of 2009-2010 technology and school year and proficiency. over the summer of 2010.
  3. 3. Technology Plan For Barrientes Middle School Campus Improvement Plan Goal 3 : Area of Technology – The District shall implement and integrate state-of-the-art technological advances and applications for the educational advancement of all stakeholders. Long Range Goal: Barrientes Middle School staff will integrate the use of technology tools to teach students. The campus will become a Target Tech campus by the 2012-2013 school year. Annual Campus Performance Objective: Barrientes teachers will attend professional development that focuses on technology to ensure that all staff has been properly trained in the use of technology. Teachers will demonstrate an increase in proficiency in the use of technology based on STaR Chart results, Edusoft, and classroom observations. The Campu Technology Team will be re-activated to work on the goal of increasing the use of technology in the classroom. The Technology Team is composed of core area teachers from each grade level. The campus technology contact and the computer lab teachers provide support for the technology team. The technology team will be responsible for creating and modeling technology integrated lessons for their subject area to the rest of the staff. The team will advise and support other staff members with their questions about how to imlement technology into their lessons. The team along with the campus technology contact will help train teaches on how to use Edusoft software. This program allows the user to run reports to analyze test data by class, individual student, or population. This would allow teachers to analyze the TAKS data so that they could taylor their instruction to strengthen their students’ weaknesses. This software can provide important information by
  4. 4. objective or on a question by question basis. Teachers can learn how to align their own tests so that they can analyze the results on this software. The STaR Chart and the SEDTA will be reviewed each year by the principal, technology contact, & the technology team to look for growth and to revise the campus technology plan.