A New Haiti


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A New Haiti

  1. 2. The mission of gimmeshelter is to provide for the physical need for shelter and the social need for community for persons who have been displaced by natural and man-made disasters. http://www.gimmeshelter.name CORNERSTONE VILLAGE [a collaborative partnership of UNE NOUVELLE HAITI and gimmeshelter ] is a mixed-use development situated on 9.25 acres near Titanyen,Haiti. It is designed to be a safe residential, educational, and commercial community for the people of Haiti to live, learn and lead productive lives. http://www.anhaiti.org The mission of UNE NOUVELLE HAITI is to create a new Haiti: One person, one family, one church, one school, one business, and one community at a time through the establishment of Cornerstone Villages.
  2. 3. A NEW HAITI currently owns 9.25 acres beautifully situated between the ocean to the south and the hills to the north on Route Nle #1 near Titanyen. This village is planned specifically for that site. The business/commercial buildings can accommodate businesses and shops with moveable partitions. The education/dormitory buildings will accommodate classes for children in the day and adults in the evening, as well as a training center for training adults in the basic trades and business practices. Dormitory space is available to those who wish to live on campus. A regulation soccer field and playground areas serve both the school as well as the orphanage and the community at large. The orphanage can accommodate 110 children as well as house parents in each 22 child tri-mod unit. The residential units are flexible in plan accommodating singles to large families. They can be short term/long term leased apartments or condominiums.
  3. 5. The Three Foundations CARE will be the Primary foundation for each Cornerstone Village by providing: Food & Nutritional Care Filtered Water for Cooking & Drinking Shelter Clothing Medical & Dental Care Orphan Care DISCIPLESHIP will focus on the Spiritual, Educational, Technological, and Agricultural empowerment to the Haitian community: Spiritual - Teaching groups to Love and to Service Jesus Christ, Family, Church, and Community Educational - Educating students of all ages: Pre-Kindergarten Primary School Secondary School Vocational & Technical - Educating adults in: Law, Business Development, Accounting, Banking, Engineering, Construction, Technology, Architecture Agricultural &Trade - Training youth and adults in: Agriculture, livestock, masonry, plumbing, carpentry, culinary DEVELOPMENT will focus building on our 9.25 acres of land in Titanyen, Haiti, 30 miles north of Port-au-Prince: • Schools • Housing • Businesses {Waste Management {Water & Sewer Treatment • Infrastructure - {Roads & Transportation {Energy {Fiber-optic & Wireless CARE DISCIPLESHIP DEVELOPMENT Care, Discipleship, and Development are the three foundations for each Cornerstone Village. Together, they will empower the Haitian people to achieve a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.
  4. 6. Une Nouvelle Haiti - A New Haiti is the vision of Pastor Jean Telfort. Pastor Jean states, “T h e vision is to create One New Haiti through the strategic training and mentoring of Haitians, in partnership with the Global Community, in order to create healthy and sustainable Haitian families and communities. This vision can become a reality through the Haitian people loving and valuing themselves and being loved and valued by others, just as God loves and values them. Pastor Jean, a native of Port-a-Prince, Haiti, lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and children. He is the Haitian Connection Pastor and an Assistant Benevolence Pastor at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte, North Carolina. Pastor Jean Telfort, Founder
  5. 7. The mission of gimmeshelter is to provide for the physical need for shelter and the social need for community for persons who have been displaced by natural and man-made disasters. Human beings are social creatures. Any study of the history of mankind will show that people congregate and establish villages as a way of bring organization and sense to their communal lives. Whether it is Native Americans or Africans in their tribal villages, the ancient Hebrews in the wilderness, the Greek polis, medieval Europe or suburban America, villages organically arise. Even modern urbanization has led to urban villages within the larger cities. By erecting villages on a planned site, people are placed in a village environment where they can flourish in a connected and secure environment. Since Haiti lies in a region that is prone to hurricanes and earthquakes, gimmmeshelter plans to use structures that are resistant to these potential natural forces. Under these conditions, stressed membrane structures have proven to be the best solutions for larger public buildings. Glen A. Stancik has designed a earthquke/hurricane/flood resistant building system utilizing proprietary modules called SafeHouses™ that can stand alone or be clustered for a multitude of uses such as orphanages, apartments, or condominiums. Glen A. Stancik, Executive Director
  6. 8. A stressed membrane shelter using Sprung® Instant Structure © Glen A. Stancik 2010
  7. 9. A stressed membrane housing unit for 88 people © Glen A. Stancik 2010
  8. 11. <ul><ul><ul><li> </li></ul></ul></ul>A tri-mod SafeHouse™ cluster configured for a 24 resident orphanage © Glen A. Stancik 2010