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GSSD13 Solution Forum 2 ( UNIDO )


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GSSD13 Solution Forum 2 ( UNIDO )

  1. 1. PROMOTION OF RESOURCE EFFICIENCY AND CLEANER PRODUCTION (RECP)  IN KENYA INDUSTRIES Jane Nyakang’o Director Kenya National Cleaner Production Centre (KNCPC) P.O. Box 1360-00200 City Square, Nairobi Tel. 254-20-6004870/1 Fax: 254-20-6004871 1
  2. 2. RIO+20 outcome text: “The future we want”  The goal is inclusive green growth  Green growth (GG)...”enabling sustainable growth and creating prosperity by taking a holistic approach to development—valuing human, social and natural capital, efficiently and sustainably producing goods and services and building resilience  Sustainable consumption & production is a tool to transit to a Green Economy (GE).  ◦ Resource Efficient & Cleaner Production at micro level 2
  3. 3.       Kenyan economy reliant on its natural resource base – tourism and agricultural sectors. Vision 2030...10% growth over horizon Means ensuring economic growth, creating green jobs and developing green technologies in order to maintain or restore environmental quality and ecological integrity 2012: Gvt +UNEP produced a draft GE Scoping Study that identifies opportunities/challenges towards GG...already ongoing GE activities, needs mainstreaming & scale-up 2013: AfDB+UNEP+WWF to assist Kenya to develop a GG strategy & roadmap to switch to business “unusual”..policy & institutional reforms, other necessary conditions Initial 4 sectors: agriculture, energy, transport & industry, later water, natural resource management, building and construction. 3
  4. 4.  All economic sectors must define and implement key actions that promote and accelerate an inclusive and effective transition to a Green Economy.  The resulting actions, instruments and policy reforms must be embodied within the country’s strategic documents.. Medium Term Plan (MTP) for 2013-2017 and, ultimately, Vision 2030.  Kenya National Cleaner Production Centre (KNCPC) a nodal agency by promoting application of SCP and RECP Centre’s activities goal: zero waste (i.e. source reduction, efficient & sustainable consumption of resources)  4
  5. 5. 1. Training i. Climate Change and CDM ii. Resource Efficient & Cleaner Production (Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Materials management) iii. Waste Prevention & Management iv. Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Target trainees: Consultants, industry & businesses, industry associations, academia etc) 5
  6. 6. 2. Assisting businesses & organisations to adopt Resource Efficient & Cleaner Production (RECP) technologies & techniques “G reening Businesses ”…..Cleaner Enterprise Program (CEP) Focus on sustainable consumption of resources & pollution prevention: ◦     ◦ Energy productivity Water productivity Material productivity Pollution intensity 3-6 month learning by-doing in-plant Resource Efficient and pollution prevention assessments 6
  7. 7. Over 400 companies KNCPC has assisted in last 10 years:  Energy   30-40% reduction in energy consumption with no- and low-cost technology (delamping, efficient lighting, occupancy and/or motion sensors, good housekeeping, preventive maintenance etc)  20% energy savings on new technology (high efficiency boilers, VSD, economisers, fuel switch etc)  Water  25-35 water efficiency with a few retrofits (push taps, preventive maintenance, motion sensors, recirculation, good housekeeping etc) 7
  8. 8.   Materials ◦ 15-20% material use reduction (quality, production scheduling, employee skills, good housekeeping, etc) Waste ◦ 25% waste reduction (source reduction, good housekeeping, recycling, recovery, attitudinal changes, employee skills)  Some of these RECP measures are potential CDM projects and even if not, contribute towards both adaptation and mitigation in climate change.  RECP an integral part of our climate change mitigation and adaptation programs 8
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