863 Mdm 2 2007


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863 Mdm 2 2007

  1. 1. PROCEEDING OF THE DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL EDUCATION AP:: HYDERABAD Procs. Rc.No.863/MDM-2/2007 Dated: 11-01-2008 Sub:-SE-Audit-Write up on performance Audit of National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (Mid Day Meal Scheme) -Reg. Ref:- Govt.Memo.No.10820/Prog.1/A2/2007,Dated:13-07-2007 along with the Principal Accountant General (Civil Audit),A.P., Hyderabad, D.O.No.Pr.AG (CA)/PA/Mid-day Meal/2006-07, Dated: 31-06-2007. *** A copy of the Government Memo read above is enclosed herewith. All the District Educational Officers are requested to produce the records in full shape to the audit team whenever they visit the audit team. Encl: As above C.A.V. Prasad, For Director of School Education To, All the District Educational Officers, in the State. Copy submitted to the Secretary to Govt. School Education, Department, A.P. Secretariat, A.P. Hyderabad //forwarded by order// SUPERINTENDENT