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83 Mdm 2 08


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83 Mdm 2 08

  1. 1. Most urgent/Immediate PROCEEDINGS OF THE DIRECTOR OF THE SCHOOL EDUCATION AP:: HYDERABAD Procs.Rc.No.83/MDM-3/2008 Dated: 23-1-2008. Sub: - SE- Annual Work Plan & Budget 2008-09 of Mid Day Meal Scheme Submitted- Reg. Ref:- National Programme of Mid Day Meal in Schools (MDMS) AWP&B 2008-09 from MHRD Department, Government of India. *** A copy of the reference read above is here with communicated to all the District Educational Officers in the state and they are requested to submit the required information in the prescribed proformma’s through E-mail by31-01-2008 and also furnish a hard copy so as enable this office to consolidate and to submit the same to the GOI with in the stipulated period. The same has been placed in the E mail for your convenience. Top priority should be given to this item of work. This has the approval of the Director of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad. Encl: As above C.A.V.Prasad, For Director of School Education To All the District Educational Officers in the state. //forwarded by order// SUPERINTENDENT