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Recruitment Consultant Jobs – So What Are The Best Sectors To Work In This Year?


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Recruitment consultant jobs are available in most market sectors that you could possibly imagine.

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Recruitment Consultant Jobs – So What Are The Best Sectors To Work In This Year?

  1. 1. ~ 1 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web: z Recruitment Consultant Jobs – So What Are The Best Sectors To Work In This Year? Prepared by: Cheryl Wing
  2. 2. ~ 2 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web: Recruitment consultant jobs are available in most market sectors that you could possibly imagine. With the current upswing in the economy many successful recruitment consultants are looking for new opportunities and will often ask me what are the sectors they should consider when they are considering a move. From my own experience as a rec to rec company, all our sectors have grown in the last year. However it is a good idea to get onto Google and have a look around for yourself. Though I have saved you the trouble as I have listed down my top 4 below. They are in no particular order. Remember when you are considering a move; don’t just move to the latest fad or trend. As a recruiter you can, and should aim for a long term career. This month financial recruitment might be the flavour of the month, later in the year it could be another sector. Of course market growth is important however think about your own skill set; what you like doing and do you have a network of contacts that can help you excel. 1. IT and Digital This sector is obvious. Don’t assume because it has been on top of the recurring growth markets for a while that the growth has slowed down. It hasn’t and with, IT being the centre of most of our lives; I know we just moved offices recently and I had a sharp reminder about how vital it is; this will always be a key recruitment area.
  3. 3. ~ 3 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web: 2. Construction Nice to see this one increase. Last year we placed a number of construction recruitment consultants and with the economy moving this is set to continue. You only need to keep your eyes and ears open as you travel around the UK to notice new builds occurring at an increased rate. 3. Finance As the economy bounces back this sector will always move with it. The upside is that all the aligned departments will also grow. This is something to consider as it might be worth thinking through your options and consider exploring working with an agency that, though they recruit into the finance sector, they also provide additional services and source candidates for all the different roles their clients might need e.g. admin, support, marketing and sales.
  4. 4. ~ 4 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web: 4. Engineering and Manufacturing Both are on the up and lovely to see, as a nation that has manufacturing and engineering as our backbone. Both these areas growth can be attributed north of Watford gap with the north; particularly Yorkshire showing the biggest expansion. Many sectors are still great places to work and if you are an experienced consultant, my observations; having placed thousands of candidates is you will always be successful. Think about it? I wouldn’t be surprised if many recruiters reading this article will have recruiter friends and contacts that are knocking it out of the park, in what, on the surface, appears to be impossible situations. Skill, knowledge and a good dose of hard work can work wonders no matter what sector you choose. Till next time, Cheryl
  5. 5. ~ 5 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web: GSR2R Your Award Winning Expert Rec to Rec Agency – With a Different Approach At GSR2R we opened the doors for business in July 2001, placing the first of thousands of Recruitment Consultants just days later. Since 2001 we’ve celebrated more than 10 years as the established Rec to Rec company recruiters go to when they are looking to move. Since GSR2R started as a Rec to Rec consultancy the recruitment industry has changed. However, one thing remains the same, which is that GSR2R provides the highest quality Rec to Rec service to our clients and candidates. We keep to our vision of providing an uncompromising service, working with the best candidates and clients the industry has to offer. Isn’t it nice to finally find a Rec to Rec company that has recognised experts in the field? Ready to take action now? We have vacancies in ALL the fastest growing sectors, call us on 020 3178 8118. At GSR2R our drive and determination to become the leading name in the Recruitment to Recruitment sector has helped us build long-standing connections with our clients and candidates. These relationships are the foundation of our business success today. Winning the Best Recruitment to Recruitment Award for Outstanding Excellence in 2007, we are told that our approach is refreshing. We operate with the same principles that we always have – to be the best at what we do and put passion into how we do it. We are proud to have helped our Trainee Recruitment Consultants throughout their careers. Many of whom we still work with as Directors of their own companies in the future. Are you ready to work with an award winning and established Rec to Rec company? Call us and speak to one of our expert Consultants now on 0203 178 8118. WHY US GSR2R? ABOUT US