Rec to Rec Companies- What Recruiting Managers Are Looking For


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As a rec to rec company, we would you like to know the attributes of the successful candidates we place. This article gives you 3 must have.

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Rec to Rec Companies- What Recruiting Managers Are Looking For

  1. 1. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118What Are Recruitment Managers Looking For In TheirNext Recruiter?
  2. 2. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118If you are currently looking for your next big career opportunity in recruitment,whatever your sector, then you might be thinking about how your skills andexperience make you marketable as a candidate. As a rec to rec company wecan place candidates more easily if they have certain key attributes. The thingis with so many people competing for the most appealing jobs, how can youprofile yourself as a truly great proposition?Beyond a good billing record and the right skills and knowledge, recruitmentmanagers are looking for people with competencies and behaviours that puttheir heads above the bar. Here are some of the traits and attributes that canmake you a great potential hire:Immersing yourself in the industryDo you live and breathe recruitment (at least during business hours)?Recruitment managers love candidates who are conversant in all of the latestindustry news. Do you know who all of the other key players in your sectorare? Have you seen the latest research and statistics relating to that importantarea of your business?Being an avid reader of industry websites and news, and being plugged intorecruitments leading thinkers on social networks shows that you are genuinelyenthusiastic about the world you work in and how to arm yourself with all thefreshest information.Create opportunities for the businessAnyone who thinks about the vision and direction of the business and usestheir own ideas and connections to proactively draw opportunities towardstheir employer adds value well beyond simply doing well at the role they arehired for.Beyond creating opportunities with clients and candidates, you can reallyimpress if you are somebody who is motivated to help the business in new andinteresting ways. Is there a software tool you have used in the past that youcould help bring in here? Do you know of some good training that might help
  3. 3. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118your new team? Are you connected with people who can help get yourcompany better publicity?Demonstrate how you can, and will use your knowledge and network beyondthe requirements for your role. Make suggestions, and offer ways to help.Mentoring and coaching skills – regardless of your levelEmployees who can lead by example as well as bringing a positive,motivational attitude to their peer group boost any team, no matter what levelthey are at within the business. Beyond this, being able to help cultivate skillsin other team members and giving them the encouragement to develop is notsomething that is reserved for supervisory roles – good coaching andmentoring skills are something employers look for in all potential employees.Essentially, these three behaviours all come about as a result of a person beinghighly motivated, and enthusiastic about what they do. Being proactive is aword that is thrown around a lot in business. The proactive recruiters arealways the ones that get the best placements, smash their billings and as a ruleof thumb get promoted faster.
  4. 4. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118About GSR2RExceeding the Standard of Recruitment to Recruitment AgenciesOur vision as a Rec to Rec business has always been to raise the bar and exceed theexpectations of everyone who works with us. We believe, as a business, in demonstratingour passion for what we do through the results that we achieve.Our Vision and Values’To establish GSR2R as the premier supplier of excellent candidates to all sectors of therecruitment market, maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.’We will achieve this by: Providing a great place for people to work, giving on-going training and support Treating each client and candidate as an individual Building relationships on quality of service, trust and results Advising on the latest trends and movements in the recruitment market Continually looking to improve and extend our services Keeping it simpleAt GSR2R we believe in establishing long term relationships that last. To us, everyRecruitment Consultant is an individual. As a result, we work with you tirelessly to matchyou with your ideal company. Our relationship with you doesn’t stop there. We keep intouch after you have been placed to see how you are getting on. We place such an emphasison building relationships that candidates return to us after they have taken the next step intheir career, suddenly finding themselves as a client looking for our assistance. Similarly, webuild strong relationships with clients who then become ideal candidates. Clients becomeCandidates – Candidates become Clients. It is something we are proud of.I don’t know if you have already begun to notice how different we are compared to mostRec to Rec companies in London? Need more convincing? Perhaps our list of top vacancieswill persuade you? Want to know what they are? That’s easy. All you have to do is call usnow. You see, making the move towards achieving your next career goal is where we stepin. GSR2R makes the journey of finding your new job in recruitment easy.Ready to start looking now? Call us on:0203 178 8118.