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Recruitment is like many other professions. You either love it or hate it. Those who hate it tend to stray away from the industry after a while, whilst the ones who love it stay for years, even decades. In fact, some people love recruitment so much, they work in recruitment all their life.

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Rec 2 Rec Agencies| Cheryl Wing| GSR2R

  1. 1. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118Fed up with recruitment or just in the wrongcompany?
  2. 2. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118Recruitment is like many other professions. You either love it or hate it. Thosewho hate it tend to stray away from the industry after a while, whilst the oneswho love it stay for years, even decades. In fact, some people love recruitmentso much, they work in recruitment all their life.But what happens when one day you decide “That’s it, I’ve had enough.Recruitment just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.” The fire, drive, passion andenergy that once made you bounce have gone. And, you just can’t see yourselfdoing this in six months time.Before you start ploughing through the jobs section of the local paper, scouringthe Internet for something completely different and telling anyone who willlisten just how fed up you are, ask yourself this one important question:Are you fed up with recruitment or are you in the wrong recruitmentcompany?Think about it. When you first started in the industry, it was fast-paced, it gotyou excited, you loved the social circle, the competition that made you thriveand not to forget the rather generous commission. That buzz of adrenalin youfelt when that candidate was finally placed was fun, it was dynamic; you lovedrecruiting!So what changed? Is it you? Are you sure? Maybe, just maybe it isn’t you afterall. It could be that you are in the wrong company. Before you suddenly quit aprofession which you once embraced, sit down with a pen, have a little heartto heart with yourself and work out what you really want and what will makeyou happy.
  3. 3. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118Like any industry, there are great recruitment companies and not so greatrecruitment companies and many options in-between. Remember the dayswhen recruiting made you happy… Chances are if you have changed companysince it could just be that you and your company don’t match.As a recruiter, you know first-hand that when you are matching candidateswith clients, they have to connect in a way that will create a happyemployer/employee relationship. Company culture, ethos and workingconditions are all vital elements that make a company either a good, bad oraverage place to work.Before you decide to change career direction completely ask yourself, do youreally want to give up your recruiting career?The thing is with recruitment it has a lot going for it especially when you workin the right company. The benefits package is a direct reflection of what youput into it. Not the case in many other careers. The more focused you are themore you generally end up billing and the higher your earnings go. The thing isthough how do you find the best company for you. The fastest way is to use arec2rec company. Why? It is simple they will be able to speed up the wholeprocess and will get access to a wider range of recruitment positions inrecruitment sectors you normally wouldn’t gain access to.At GSR2R this is our passion and we have helped literally hundreds ofrecruiters find a job that they love. We are one of the most established Rec 2Rec agencies in the UK based in our Soho Offices. We serve a whole range ofsectors from Construction, Fashion to Finance and Digital.The difference with GSR2R is that all our consultants are experienced. In factCheryl Wing our M.D has over 15 years’ experience in recruitment where shehas a name for matching candidates with the careers of their dreams.Before you decide that recruitment is not for you call us at GSr2R, let’s have aconversation and explore if our huge range of opportunities and jobs can fitwhat you are looking for.
  4. 4. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118About GSR2RExceeding the Standard of Recruitment to Recruitment AgenciesOur vision as a Rec to Rec business has always been to raise the bar and exceed theexpectations of everyone who works with us. We believe, as a business, in demonstratingour passion for what we do through the results that we achieve.Our Vision and Values’To establish GSR2R as the premier supplier of excellent candidates to all sectors of therecruitment market, maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.’We will achieve this by: Providing a great place for people to work, giving on-going training and support Treating each client and candidate as an individual Building relationships on quality of service, trust and results Advising on the latest trends and movements in the recruitment market Continually looking to improve and extend our services Keeping it simpleAt GSR2R we believe in establishing long term relationships that last. To us, everyRecruitment Consultant is an individual. As a result, we work with you tirelessly to matchyou with your ideal company. Our relationship with you doesn’t stop there. We keep intouch after you have been placed to see how you are getting on. We place such an emphasison building relationships that candidates return to us after they have taken the next step intheir career, suddenly finding themselves as a client looking for our assistance. Similarly, webuild strong relationships with clients who then become ideal candidates. Clients becomeCandidates – Candidates become Clients. It is something we are proud of.I don’t know if you have already begun to notice how different we are compared to mostRec to Rec companies in London? Need more convincing? Perhaps our list of top vacancieswill persuade you? Want to know what they are? That’s easy. All you have to do is call usnow. You see, making the move towards achieving your next career goal is where we stepin. GSR2R makes the journey of finding your new job in recruitment easy.Ready to start looking now? Call us on:0203 178 8118.