Rec 2 Rec Agencies – 3 Things The Best Employers Are Looking For On Your CV


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Are you considering moving recruitment companies and want to know how to guarantee that next role? Read this article that will give you 3 hot tips that are working now.

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Rec 2 Rec Agencies – 3 Things The Best Employers Are Looking For On Your CV

  1. 1. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118Rec 2 Rec Agencies – 3 Things The Best Employers AreLooking For On Your CV
  2. 2. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118If you are currently seeking out your next opportunity in the recruitment torecruitment business, one of the first things youll need to do is have a quality,up to date CV you can use in your applications. Whether you are applying torec2rec agencies you want to work with directly, or through niche recruiters,the right CV will make you a lot more appealing to both agents and employers.To improve your chances of getting through initial screenings and earning achance to impress at interview, take a look at these three things the bestemployers are looking for on candidates CVs.Real Evidence of Your SkillsOne thing that will make your CV really stand out against other candidates,who will probably have similar experience and skills to you, is real evidence ofwhat you have done.This means you should list actual achievements, backed up by numbers. Dontsimply say that you took responsibility for a high profile account or that you hityour targets consistently, but use real figures or percentages to represent howmuch money you made or saved for your company.
  3. 3. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118If you are looking for a management position, percentages and other datarelating to your teams performance as well as your own will also make yourCV more impressive.Show Your Interest In The IndustryAs well as explaining your work history with your current and previousemployers, your CV should sell you as someone who is enthusiastic about therec2rec business and keeps themselves very active in the industry.The best way to show how involved you are with the wider recruitment torecruitment world is to use examples. If you have ever written aboutrecruitment on a blog or website, whether for your company or in your ownright, you should mention this. Also mention any social media activity that youare involved with from a professional perspective, such as if you looked afteryour companys Twitter account or you have your own Twitter feed aboutrecruitment.Show That You Are an Interesting and Balanced PersonMany people neglect the part of their CV that talks about their interestsoutside of work, but in fact this can be an area where you can really makeyourself stand out from your competitors by highlighting yourself as aninteresting person theyll want to meet, who also understands the importanceof a good work-life balance.
  4. 4. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118Think carefully about what you write here. A lot of people cant think ofanything good to include as a hobby or interest and end up with boring fallbacks like “reading” or “films”. While there is nothing wrong with these, theyare things pretty much everybody does, so if you want to use them you willneed to enhance them – do you review books online, or make your own films?Creative or sporting interests are always good to include because they canreveal your talents and the things you are passionate outside of work. Again,make it interesting and goal oriented if you can – training for a triathlonsounds more intriguing than “visiting the gym”.Use your CV to really show employers that you get results, that you are aninteresting and well rounded person, and that you are active and enthusiasticwithin the recruitment community, and you become a really appealingproposition that will stand out from your peers.
  5. 5. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118About GSR2RExceeding the Standard of Recruitment to Recruitment AgenciesOur vision as a Rec to Rec business has always been to raise the bar and exceed theexpectations of everyone who works with us. We believe, as a business, in demonstratingour passion for what we do through the results that we achieve.Our Vision and Values’To establish GSR2R as the premier supplier of excellent candidates to all sectors of therecruitment market, maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.’We will achieve this by: Providing a great place for people to work, giving on-going training and support Treating each client and candidate as an individual Building relationships on quality of service, trust and results Advising on the latest trends and movements in the recruitment market Continually looking to improve and extend our services Keeping it simpleAt GSR2R we believe in establishing long term relationships that last. To us, everyRecruitment Consultant is an individual. As a result, we work with you tirelessly to matchyou with your ideal company. Our relationship with you doesn’t stop there. We keep intouch after you have been placed to see how you are getting on. We place such an emphasison building relationships that candidates return to us after they have taken the next step intheir career, suddenly finding themselves as a client looking for our assistance. Similarly, webuild strong relationships with clients who then become ideal candidates. Clients becomeCandidates – Candidates become Clients. It is something we are proud of.I don’t know if you have already begun to notice how different we are compared to mostRec to Rec companies in London? Need more convincing? Perhaps our list of top vacancieswill persuade you? Want to know what they are? That’s easy. All you have to do is call usnow. You see, making the move towards achieving your next career goal is where we stepin. GSR2R makes the journey of finding your new job in recruitment easy.Ready to start looking now? Call us on:0203 178 8118.