Rec 2 Rec - 3 Telltale Signs You Need To Move To A New Recruitment Company


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If you are a recruitment consultant who doesn’t’ know if it is time to move companies take a few minutes to read this article.

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Rec 2 Rec - 3 Telltale Signs You Need To Move To A New Recruitment Company

  1. 1. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118The 3 Telltale Signs You Need To Move To A NewRecruitment Company
  2. 2. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118Throughout a career in recruitment, as well as most other industries, it is likelythat a person will change jobs a few times. There can be lots of reasons fordoing this, for example wanting to move into a certain niche, wanting moremoney, wanting more responsibility or bigger clients, or being unhappy withthe working culture. Sometimes, a change can simply offer you a new dose ofenthusiasm and help you regain lost motivation.If you have been working for your current recruitment company for a while,these are three signs that your best times there might be behind you, and itjust might be a good idea to start looking for your next opportunity:1. Your Performance Has Plateaued or Is In DeclineYou feel like you are working just as hard as ever, if not harder, yet yournumbers have been stuck in a rut or declining for some time.This could be symptomatic or a few things. On one hand your recruitmentcompany may be just chugging along, meaning there are less good clientaccounts to go round. It could also be that you lack some of the energy andenthusiasm you used to have and despite putting in a lot of effort you arentworking at your best.
  3. 3. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118It is worth noting that everyone has the odd bad month, and that youshouldnt view it as a sign that you need to take drastic action like looking for anew job. Instead what you need to do it take note about how often this ishappening. If it is continuing for a prolonged period, despite you takingproactive action to improve things, then it might be time to consider moving topastures new.2. You Arent Getting The Support You Need To ProgressYou want to move onwards and upwards in your recruitment career, whetherits handling more prestigious clients or moving into management, but yourcompany seems to be happy with you where you are for the foreseeablefuture.Sometimes, your billing manager or your recruitment company as a wholemight not be aware that you have aspirations to move up in the ranks. In thiscase, you need to make your intentions known and ask for the support youneed, whether it is training, shadowing other team members, or simply beingconsidered for a promotion.In other cases, there may not be room for you further up in the food chain atthis time, or they may view you as being more junior and further away fromthe job you want than you feel that you are. In that situation, the best route tomore responsibility will usually be a new employer.3. Youre Not Excited by your Job AnymoreYou used to get a real adrenaline rush when you did a deal, and feel excitedwhen one of your candidates was at an interview, waiting to get theirfeedback. Now, you dont feel the same buzz, or dont feel it as often as youused to.
  4. 4. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118In any work, things that felt new and exciting at the start can become routine,but in recruitment, the wins are the best part of the job. If you arent feelingthe same thrill when your candidates get those offers and you know you havematched up a great client with a great new employee (as well as hitting yourbillings target) then you have lost a big part of your motivation. Changingthings up by working in a new environment with new clients and new targetscan help you reignite your passion for success.If you can identify with these scenarios and you are ready to start looking foryour next job in recruitment, then a positive first step is to talk over your needswith a good rec2rec agency. This can help you assess what you should belooking for in your next job, and help you find suitable vacancies you can applyfor. The reality is to work in recruitment to recruitment successfully consultsneed to know their ‘stuff’ on all levels. That includes understanding candidatesand roles they will succeed in and the best companies and jobs on the market.If you live and work in London there is one recruitment to recruitmentcompany that top recruiters always use and that is GSR2R. They have beenaround over 12 years and know the market, better than anyone else. If youwant to find out more visit their website at
  5. 5. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118About GSR2RExceeding the Standard of Recruitment to Recruitment AgenciesOur vision as a Rec to Rec business has always been to raise the bar and exceed theexpectations of everyone who works with us. We believe, as a business, in demonstratingour passion for what we do through the results that we achieve.Our Vision and Values’To establish GSR2R as the premier supplier of excellent candidates to all sectors of therecruitment market, maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.’We will achieve this by: Providing a great place for people to work, giving on-going training and support Treating each client and candidate as an individual Building relationships on quality of service, trust and results Advising on the latest trends and movements in the recruitment market Continually looking to improve and extend our services Keeping it simpleAt GSR2R we believe in establishing long term relationships that last. To us, everyRecruitment Consultant is an individual. As a result, we work with you tirelessly to matchyou with your ideal company. Our relationship with you doesn’t stop there. We keep intouch after you have been placed to see how you are getting on. We place such an emphasison building relationships that candidates return to us after they have taken the next step intheir career, suddenly finding themselves as a client looking for our assistance. Similarly, webuild strong relationships with clients who then become ideal candidates. Clients becomeCandidates – Candidates become Clients. It is something we are proud of.I don’t know if you have already begun to notice how different we are compared to mostRec to Rec companies in London? Need more convincing? Perhaps our list of top vacancieswill persuade you? Want to know what they are? That’s easy. All you have to do is call usnow. You see, making the move towards achieving your next career goal is where we stepin. GSR2R makes the journey of finding your new job in recruitment easy.Ready to start looking now? Call us on:0203 178 8118.