Rec 2 Rec - 3 Reasons Why Niche Recruiters Use Rec2Rec Agencies to Find Great Recruiters


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If you want to get your next niche recruitment role go rec2rec rather than direct. Why? Because you are more likely to get access to the best roles around and this article explains why.

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Rec 2 Rec - 3 Reasons Why Niche Recruiters Use Rec2Rec Agencies to Find Great Recruiters

  1. 1. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 81183 Reasons Why Niche Recruiters Use Rec2RecAgencies to Find Great Recruiters
  2. 2. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118If you are a recruiter looking for a new role in a niche recruitment agency, thenthe best way to get yourself in front of the most appealing potential employersis to work with a good rec2rec agency. Niche recruiters use rec2rec agencies toidentify the top talent in the business and help them find people well suited totheir culture, and this means youll often find that rec2rec companies haveaccess to jobs you wont see advertised anywhere else.Here are the three top reasons why niche recruiters choose to use rec2recagencies to help them fill their recruiter vacancies:A Rec2Rec Agency Understands a Niche Recruiters Challenges and NeedsNiche recruiters are looking for employees with knowledge and experience inspecific areas. This means that no matter how successful and experienced acandidate is, they wont be right for the job unless they are familiar with theniche – or even a niche within the niche! An IT recruiter, for example, maywant to hire a recruiter specialising in development roles, and will wantsomeone who knows the differences between different technologies the rolesthey will be recruiting for involve.
  3. 3. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118A recruitment to recruitment company understands the different skill setsdifferent niche clients require, and that “a recruiter” isnt somebody with a onesize fits all range of knowledge and experience.Rec2Rec Agencies Save Niche Recruiters TimeOne of the most important things a recruitment agency can do for a client isscreen all of the applicants for a given role, as well as approaching people whohavent applied but might be suitable. Both of these activities can take a lot oftime, particularly in the current market where the average vacancy sees up toten times as many applicants as it did in the past.Rec2rec specialists are adept at screening CVs, using more than just automatedkeyword searches, to identify the candidates who are worth speaking to. Theycan then do a thorough preliminary interview on the phone (or in their office)to assess the candidates suitability, before shortlisting them to be seen by theclient.This means that the hiring recruiter will only need to spend time interviewinggreat quality candidates who have already been interviewed and told a lotabout the role. This saves a huge amount of time and cost for the hiringorganisation.
  4. 4. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118Recruitment Agencies Handle NegotiationsOnce the niche recruiter who is hiring is ready to make an offer, the agencythey use is able to carry out the final negotiations with the candidate in orderto agree the terms and pay for the job. This not only saves the client time, butalso makes the process more pleasant for both parties.This is because if the candidate wants to ask for changes to an offer, or theemployer wants to make an offer far lower than the candidate was looking for,this can be done through a middleman. This is better than there being aconversation between the hiring company and the potential employee thatcould lead to bad feeling.These are some of the reasons why the best niche recruiters use specialistrecruitment to recruitment agencies to help them find staff, and this is whyyou will have a much better chance of getting to interview with the bestemployers if you find good agencies to represent you.
  5. 5. GSR2R Award Winning Rec2Rec company call 0203178 8118About GSR2RExceeding the Standard of Recruitment to Recruitment AgenciesOur vision as a Rec to Rec business has always been to raise the bar and exceed theexpectations of everyone who works with us. We believe, as a business, in demonstratingour passion for what we do through the results that we achieve.Our Vision and Values’To establish GSR2R as the premier supplier of excellent candidates to all sectors of therecruitment market, maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.’We will achieve this by: Providing a great place for people to work, giving on-going training and support Treating each client and candidate as an individual Building relationships on quality of service, trust and results Advising on the latest trends and movements in the recruitment market Continually looking to improve and extend our services Keeping it simpleAt GSR2R we believe in establishing long term relationships that last. To us, everyRecruitment Consultant is an individual. As a result, we work with you tirelessly to matchyou with your ideal company. Our relationship with you doesn’t stop there. We keep intouch after you have been placed to see how you are getting on. We place such an emphasison building relationships that candidates return to us after they have taken the next step intheir career, suddenly finding themselves as a client looking for our assistance. Similarly, webuild strong relationships with clients who then become ideal candidates. Clients becomeCandidates – Candidates become Clients. It is something we are proud of.I don’t know if you have already begun to notice how different we are compared to mostRec to Rec companies in London? Need more convincing? Perhaps our list of top vacancieswill persuade you? Want to know what they are? That’s easy. All you have to do is call usnow. You see, making the move towards achieving your next career goal is where we stepin. GSR2R makes the journey of finding your new job in recruitment easy.Ready to start looking now? Call us on:0203 178 8118.