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Teen drug abuse


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Published in: Education
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Teen drug abuse

  1. 1. Erika , Angel, Shayvonne, Eugenia
  2. 2. Drugs are a chemical substance that can affect the way our bodies work. They can be helpful or harmful. They can have different effects by depending how often we take them, how much we take, and what type of drug we take. Teen Drug Abuse
  3. 3. - Marijuana - Alcohol - Cigarettes - Cocaine - Methane - Ecstasy These are only a few that teens use. Drugs Teens Use
  4. 4. Marijuana can damage your lungs and can elevate your blood pressure. Nicotine which is found in cigarettes have an increased risk for lung and heart disease and stroke. Cocaine affects the central nervous system, giving users a quick, intense feeling of power and energy. Ecstasy can cause dry mouth, cramps, blurred vision, chills, sweating, and nausea.Ecstasy also raises the temperature of the body. This increase can sometimes cause organ damage or even death. Dangers of Drugs
  5. 5. Why do teens use drugs 1. To fit in with the crowd-No one wants to feel left out so sometimes they make bad decision like taking drugs to cover up insecurities. 2. To help relax or escape pain -It easier than dealing with problems or asking for help 3. To reduce boredom- It’s been said that “idle hands are the devil’s tools” – and similarly, that an “idle mind is the devil’s playground.” In other words, boredom can quickly get anyone – and especially a restless teen – into all sorts of trouble. 4. To feel more mature -Adolescents often want to be treated like adults. “I’m not a kid anymore” is a frequent saying, especially when they want benefits that come with age. With age teens are drawn to things that make them feel like an adult – older, more mature, more sophisticated. 5. To Experiment -It's human nature to want to experiment. Trying things out helps you decide if they're right for you. But it's also human nature to avoid things that are obviously bad for you. You wouldn't experiment with jumping off a Bridge.
  6. 6. Teens become psychologically attached to drugs just to feel good, escape stress, and deal with life. Teens can also get so addicted since they start at a very young age. Even after one use, drugs can create both physical and psychological cravings that make it very difficult for teens to stop. Why do teens get so addicted
  7. 7. Statistic of teen using drugs
  8. 8. Find healthy ways to cope with stress- Some people start using drugs to deal with anxiety and stress, but in actuality drugs are only a temporary fix. Seek therapy or counseling-Many people experience highs and lows that can be difficult to manage.People who use drugs are often the people who are attempt to self-medicate for their psychological issues. Practice Healthier Living Habits. Exercise, eating well and meditation are excellent ways to avoid using drugs .Very often, the outcome you feel from living a healthier lifestyle can help you resist the urge to use drugs to escape . A healthy body helps you cope with day-to-day stress. How to Prevent The Use of Drugs
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