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Celebrating Diversity in Classroom


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The lesson plan and Teaching learning strategies in use serves only the 'mainstreamed' group of learners in the classroom. We must design a session to address the diversified classrooms of this time using the following ideas.

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Celebrating Diversity in Classroom

  1. 1. Celebrating Diversity in Classroom Laxman Sharma GS, NNTA
  2. 2. Our Classroom Composition  Age groups  Language groups  Caste and cultural groups  Gender and its’ practices  Different subjects like and dislike groups  Promoted / Passed groups
  3. 3. Piaget’s 1896-1980 Cognitive Development Stages
  4. 4. How can it be resolved ?
  5. 5. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence (1986)
  6. 6. Blooms’ Taxonomy 1956
  7. 7. Lesson plans in practices  5 pointed in general  Objectives: not cared on the Bloom’s taxonomy  Materials: not the strategic  Activities (same for all)  Evaluation (same for all)  Home works / home assignments (same for all) JW Taylor
  8. 8. Stage 1-Desired Results Established Goals What relevant goals (e.g. content standards, course or program objectives, learning outcomes) will this design address ? Understanding: Students will understand that……. What are the big ideas Essential (Questions) •What proactive questions •What specific understanding about will foster inquiry them are desired? understanding and transfer of learning ? •What misunderstanding are predictable? Students will know…… Students will be able to……. What key knowledge and skills will students acquire as a result of this unit? What should they eventually be able to do as a result of such knowledge and skill?