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Sweet's lost her brush


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Sweet's lost her brush

  1. 1. Sweet Looses her Brush! By Amber Gowers
  2. 2. One winter day there was a soft pink hamster surfing in the pink snow. Her name was sweets and she loved to dress up.
  3. 3. Sweets lived in a village that she owned all to her self. It had a beautiful garden and in it there were red and white flowers that smelt like rasberry and cream. Sweets loved them.
  4. 4. One morning Sweets woke up and went to the mirror to brush her sort short fur. When she got there her brush was gone.
  5. 5. Sweets was so worried she looked for it all over the house. She called all her friends and they replied they had no idea where it was so she decided to go to the shop.
  6. 6. When Sweets got to the shop she asked if they had any of her brushes, but they said they didn't so Sweets tried the shop next door. But they didn't have any either.
  7. 7. Sweets really, really wanted her brush to do her fur because it was going crazy. She tried to remember where she had put it but she just couldn't remember.
  8. 8. She decided to go for a drive to another shop and when she got there all she could see were new brushes exactly the same as her old one. So sweets got one and that solved the problem.
  9. 9. Now she was happy because she could brush her fur! The End