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Moses final


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Published in: Spiritual
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Moses final

  2. 2. S ECTION 1 - D ANA Baby Moses Joseph’s family moved to Egypt. They lived there for hundreds and hundreds of years. As they grew old, they became Israelites. Four hundred years after Joseph’s family moved to Egypt, there was a nasty and mean king named Pharaoh who ruled the land of Egypt. M OVIE Book Title.1 Baby Moses Pharaoh hates the Israelites so much. The king made the Israelites as his slave. He ordered that all Hebrew baby boy must die. One mother of a baby boy tried everything to make him alive and safe. The baby was beautiful with his wisest dark eyes. In three months, the mother kept the baby hidden. She knows that she is running out of time. “There has to be something we can do to save our baby boy,” she cried to her husband. Night after night they prayed for an idea. Their lovely children Mariam and Aron prayed with them. The whole family had an idea. The mother wrapped a basket in reeds together. When Moses was a baby his mother sent him down the river nile, then finally he was found by a princess They took the baby and wrapped him in a soft cloth and put him in the basket. Mariam and her mother went to the nile river and brought the basket with them. They gently placed the basket on the river. “ Watch him Mariam,” the mother said. 1
  3. 3. S ECTION 2 - J OANA E RA Moses Strikes A Blow For Freedom When Moses was about 3 years old, his mother gave Moses back to the princess. She was very happy to see him and she said “ this boy will be my very own.” When Moses grew older he learned he was a Hebrew, not an Egyptian like his real mother. Every time Moses saw how the Egyptians beat up a Hebrew slave, he would feel anger in him. Moses would cry to the Princess and say “ it’s not fair! They treat the Hebrews horribly!” His fake mother replied saying “ we can’t argue with the pharaoh. He is king.” As the years went by, Moses became a fully grown man. One day he was walking down the streets, he stopped when he saw a Egyptian beat up a Hebrew slave .He felt angry. “ NO!” he yelled with rage and hit the Egyptian hard while pushing his head on the wall. Moses did not mean to kill the Egyptian, so Moses hid him.After that day, Moses saw two slaves fighting. He said to one of them.“Don’t! Why are you hitting that fellow Hebrew!?” Both of the Hebrews looked at Moses’s fine clothes and laughed. “Who are you to tell us not to fight !? Weren’t you the one who killed that Egyptian yesterday ?!” The two slaves laughed, they knew once they told the king what happened, Moses would be killed. Moses was afraid. He said “ I must leave Egypt quickly!” 2
  4. 4. S ECTION 3 - T HOMAS H ENDERSON God loves Moses very much. God Cares For His People God loves his people very much as well. God told Moses he would keep him healthy and he would have many kids. Moses was inside the dark cloud speaking to god for a very long time. God told Moses the 10 commandment’s he wrote them on two pieces of stone. 3
  5. 5. S ECTION 4 - E LI G ULLICK Pharaoh Says No When Moses said he could not speak well, god said his brother Aaron could speak for him. Moses was gods chosen man. After the bush stopped burning, Moses headed for Egypt. On the way he met is older brother Aaron, they went to pharaoh he told him, let my people go so they can worship me for three days. Pharaoh said “No! I will not let my people go”. 4
  6. 6. S ECTION 4 - D ANA Within Sight Of The Promise All of the people travelled back and forward many months in the wilderness. One day, God asked Moses, “ Send spies into Canaan, the place I am giving in. Tell them to see what the people are like there.” Moses did as God told him. He choose one men in his tribe. Moses put his hands up in the air and blessed the 12 spies as they left.After heaps of days ,2 men returned from the journey. One was Caleb and the other was Joshua the General. Caleb and Joshua said to Moses,” oh yes! You should see the land. It’s is very beautiful, with strong trees and gentle hills. The flowers bloom like blossoms everywhere and the crops are very rich and delightful. It was true that God promised, a land of milk and honey. ”There was only one problem. The people in the land that God promised are very good fighters. Joshua and Caleb knew that with God’s help, they could drive those people out. Not all of the people did not agree with Joshua and Caleb. Some of the other spies were troublemakers. In the end the spies spoiled the trip for everyone. 5
  7. 7. C HAPTER 1 - J OANA E RA The 10 Plagues In the time of the kings of Egypt, people called Israelites were slaves. A man called Moses had a mission to free the people and lead them to the promise land from God. His brother Aaron came with Moses to ask Pharaoh if he wold let the Israelites go. But being so stubborn the Pharaoh refused and said “No!” Moses struck his staff into the Nile River, all the water into blood and fish died.Moses did this to prove that the Lord was with them and that was the 1st plague. After 7 days Moses and Aaron came back to ask the king if he would free his people and warned Pharaoh that if he refused, God would make 1000 of frogs fill the nile river. When Pharaoh said no, the frogs appeared and covered all Egypt, even in houses. Pharaoh asked if Moses could take all the frogs away and then he would let the israelites go. So moses prayed to God to make the frogs gone. The frogs vanished , but the king changed his mind about freeing the Israelites. So gnats covered all of Egypt’s, animals and people. Aron asked Pharaoh, “will you let our people go? “ No! “ Pharaoh said, so flies came to Egypt. Once more Aron and Moses asked the Pharaoh to let slaves go it was a new punishment.
  8. 8. The animals died from diseases, the people from Egypt suffered from boils,hail came crashing down and Insects called locust destroyed the crops. Again Aron and Moses asked the king to let his people go and the king still refused , so Moses held his staff wards the sky. The sun disappeared and there was no light for 3 days except for the Israelites houses. Pharaoh was angry at Moses and yelled “ Get out of my sight!” Moses warned Pharaoh and said “ All of the eldest son will die including the firstborn animals and your son from Egypt. But God will not harm the Israelite families.” The pharaoh did not believe in such a thing and how dare does this Hebrew threaten him. So Pharaoh decided not in Gods power and yelled at moses “Out! Out!” M OVIE 1.1 The 10 plagues This is the video of the ten plagues 7
  9. 9. S ECTION 1 - D ANA B ANZUELO The Red Sea M OVIE 1.2 Moses and the Red Sea The king of Egypt was told that all of the people of Israel had just left.Then the king and his officers 1has changed their minds about them.All of them said, “ What have we all done?” Have we all let the people from Israel just go and leave. “We lost the slaves!” The king prepared for his war and took all of his army with him. He took 600 best chariots.The king also took every chariot from Egypt.The Lord had made the king of Egypt stubborn.The king came with his horses, chariot drivers and his army.They chased the Israelites. This was near in Pi Hahiroth and Baal Zephon. The Israelites were absolutely frightened when they cried to the lord for help. They said to Moses, “What have you done to all the people?” There are many, many,many graves for the people in Egypt. We told you in Egypt, ‘ Leave us alone! Let’s just stay and serve things to the Egyptians. ‘ All the of the people in the desert will die.” Moses travels with the Israelites to the Red Sea and opens the sea to walk across 8
  10. 10. S ECTION 2 - T HOMAS H ENDERSON The Golden Calf The Israelites made a camp on the bottom of mount sinai while Moses was climbing sinai.Moses had been gone for a long time the Israelites thought he had died by the beast.So Aaron said to all the Israelites “ Take off your jewelry” and they did that until that they had the right amount of gold. While the Israelites were worshipping the new golden calf.Then Moses went down on mount sinai and shouted “YOU HAVE COMMITTED A TERRIBLE SIN!” “I’ll try to get God’s forgiveness for your sin”.So Moses climbed mount sinai again and prayed to the Lord.Moses asked for forgiveness.Then Moses came down from mount sinai with the 10 commandments and said “These are the 10 commandments”. God is the only true god.Do not bow down to any idol or worship it, do not use God’s name in vain, observe the sabbath and keep it holy,respect your mother and father, do not murder, do not adultery, do not steal, do not lie, do not what others have.Then the people said “We will obey the lord and the 10 commandments. 9
  11. 11. S ECTION 3 - J OANA E RA , E LI G ULIICK , T HOMAS H ENDERSON AND D ANA B ANZEULO Moses Born: 1391 BC, Land of Goshen Died: 1271 BC, Mount Nebo, Jordan Full name: Moses Spouse: Zipporah, Tharbis Parents: Jochebed, Amram Siblings: Aaron, Miriam M OVIE 1.3 Our Room 2 Moses Play Our class has been learning about Moses and play was from: Joana, Jamela, Krisha, Tawina, Dana, Eli and Rm2
  12. 12. Moses A great man who was chosen by God to save the Israelites. Born: 1391 BC, Land of Goshen Died: 1271 BC, Mount Nebo, Jordan Full name: Moses Spouse: Zipporah, Tharbis Parents: Jochebed, Amram Siblings: Aaron, Miriam Related Glossary Terms Drag related terms here Index Find Term
  13. 13. Pharaoh Pharaoh is a word that the Egyptians used for the word “king” Related Glossary Terms Drag related terms here Index Find Term