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Malawi project


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Malawi project

  1. 1. Malawi BY JOANA
  2. 2. C H AP TE R 1 Malawi MOVIE 1.1 Meeting the President of Malawi - Joyce Banda Malawi’s President is Miss Joyce Banda. Watch and see what she says! Malawi is a country in South Africa with it’s President Joyce Banda. The capital city in Malawi Is Lilongwe, the Population of this country is about 15.38 million 1
  3. 3. Malawi Language Malawi language is quite difficult for most people. Here in this picture is the story of how God’s creation in malawian language. There are many languages spoken in tribes that is educated to all students in elementary schools. 2
  4. 4. Here is some basic Malawian words Greetings Hello/Good morning Moni Good/Fine/OK Chabwino Go well/ Goodbye Pitani bwino Stay well Tsalani bwino Man Abambo Woman Amai How are you? Muli bwanji? I am well Ndili bwino Thank you Zikomo Numbers ONE TWO THREE AMODZI AWIRI MTATU FOUR MNAYI FIVE ASANU SIX SEVEN ASANU NDI AWIRI TEN KHUMI EIGHT ASANU NDI MTATU TWENTY MAKUMI AWIRI NINE ASANU NDI MNAYI HUNDRED ZANA LIMODZI ASANU NDI AWIRI 3
  5. 5. MOVIE 1.2 Malawi’s national anthem in english version This is Malawi’s national anthem sung by Allan Numuya of Osceola Lyrics1. O God bless our land of Malawi, keep it a land of peace. Put down each and every enemy, hunger, disease, envy Join together all our hearts as one, that we be free from fear. Bless our leader, each and every one, and Mother Malawi 2.Our own Malawi, this land is so fair, fertile and brave and free. with it’s lakes, refreshing mountain air, how greatly blest are we. Hills and valleys, soil so rich and rare, give us a bounty free. Wood and forest, plains so broad and fair, all beauteous Malawi. 3.Freedom ever, let us all unite, to build up Malawi. With our love our zeal and loyalty, bringing our best to her. In time of war or in time of peace, one purpose and one goal. Men and women serving selflessly in building Malawi. 4
  6. 6. C H AP TE R 2 Clothing In Malawi people often wear A chitenje is a Cotton dresses, skirts and light trousers for woman are worn dress similar to lots of time in work or special occasions and men just wear this picture. A jeans t-shirts but on special occasions they wear religious chitenje comes in robes. different colors, patterns or designs. 5
  7. 7. C H AP TE R 3 Food As you can see in most people eat these pictures nsima at soccer Malawian people games, dinner, grow their own crops breakfast, lunch of food. Tea was and all sorts of known to be the events here’s a second largest crop. MOVIE 3.1 Making Nsima video of how to Malawi’s national make nsima. food would be the delicious Nsima made from corn, water and flour. 6
  8. 8. C H AP TE R 4 Kate’s Malawi Experience Malawi Kate has been in Malawi for 7 months teaching a primary school about science and english 7
  9. 9. Lyrics Lyrics is the words to a song. Related Glossary Terms Drag related terms here Index Find Term
  10. 10. Malawi A country in south africa Related Glossary Terms Drag related terms here
  11. 11. National anthem A song that has been made from other countries to represent and h country. Many anthems have been sung during special occasions e. pics Related Glossary Terms Drag related terms here
  12. 12. Occasions Special or important days such as Birthdays, meetings, Christmas e Related Glossary Terms Drag related terms here
  13. 13. Population How many there is Related Glossary Terms Drag related terms here
  14. 14. Religious What people believe about God or gods and how they worship Related Glossary Terms Drag related terms here
  15. 15. Tradition Tradition means what people or families do the same event togethe occasion e.g At every Christmas a family always haves a Christmas Related Glossary Terms Drag related terms here