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Leveraging Solr and Mahout


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My talk from last night's Big Data Warehouse meetup in NYC on using Solr and Mahout to build next generation data access tools

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Leveraging Solr and Mahout

  1. 1. Leveraging Solr and Mahout for Next Gen Data Access and Insight Grant Ingersoll Chief ScientistConfidential © Copyright 2012
  2. 2. Search is Dead, Long Live Search• Modern Data Challenges are multi-structured• Search is a system building block Content - Text is only a part of the story• If the algorithms fit, Content use them! Relationships Users• Embrace fuzziness! Access• Scoring features are everywhereConfidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks
  3. 3. Topics • Intros • Search (R)Evolution • Apache Solr • Apache Mahout • Search and Machine Learning • Scaling Confidential and Proprietary3 © 2012 LucidWorks
  4. 4. Grant’s Background• Co-founder: - LucidWorks – Chief Scientist - Apache Mahout• Long time Lucene/Solr committer• Author: Taming Text -• Background in IR and NLP - Built CLIR, QA and a variety of other search-based appsConfidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks
  5. 5. Search (R)evolution• Search use leads to search abuse - Denormalization frees your mind - Scoring is just a sparse matrix multiply• Lucene/Solr evolution - Non-free text usages abound - Many DB-like features - NoSQL before NoSQL was cool - Flexible indexing - Finite State Transducers FTW!• Scale• “This ain’t your father’s relevance anymore”Confidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks
  6. 6. Apache Solr?• “Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library, with XML/HTTP and JSON APIs, hit highlighting, faceted search, caching, replication, a web administration interface and many more features. It runs in a Java servlet container such as Tomcat. “ -• Did I mention free?Confidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks
  7. 7. Apache Mahout• Goal: create library of scalable machine learning algorithms• Mahout’s 3 “C”s provide tools for helping across many aspects of discovery - Collaborative Filtering - Classification - Clustering• Also: - Collocations (Statistically Interesting Phrases) - SVD - Java math, primitives libraries and moreConfidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks
  8. 8. Search + Machine Learning• Search-driven applications present multiple opportunities for leveraging machine learning - Clustering – Enhance Discovery, outlier detection - Classification – Queries, Documents, Users - Content Recommendation – Collab. Filtering and personalization - NLP – phrases, named entities, co-reference, much more• Many of these can also power faceted navigation• Aside: Search can also often be used effectively to implement many machine learning algorithmsConfidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks
  9. 9. How and When Access APIs •View into Search View Analytic numeric/hist Personalization & oric data 1 Services Machine Learning 2 Services Shards 3 N •Classification •Recommendation •Documents Classification Discovery & Document Store •Users Models Enrichment •Logs Clustering, In memory classification, NLP, Replicated topic identification, Multi-tenant search log analysis, user behavior Content Acquisition ETL, batch or near real-time Data • LucidWorks Search connectors • PushConfidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks
  10. 10. Scaling• Search - Solr Cloud = Large scale, distributed search and faceting »• Machine Learning - Mahout is built on Hadoop for most things - SGD is sequential and really fast• Sometimes all you can do is make an educated guess - Storm, Kafka, etc. can help by allowing you to make estimates in near real timeConfidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks
  11. 11. Wrap• Search, Discovery and Analytics, when combined into a single, coherent system provides powerful insight into both your content and your users• LucidWorks has combined many of these things into LucidWorks Big Data -• Design for the big picture when building search-based applicationsConfidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks
  12. 12. Resources• LucidWorks - - - @LucidImagineer• Me - - @gsingers• Taming Text - - - @tamingtextConfidential and Proprietary© 2012 LucidWorks