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Student portfolios

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Student portfolios

  1. 1. Student Portfolios 2010-11
  2. 2. Goals • Showcase learning and development throughout the high school years • Encourage well-rounded lifestyles that lead to well-rounded “educated” adults • Create tangible proof of individual personalities and strengths to serve in self-promotion (job and scholarship interviews)
  3. 3. The Process • Meet throughout the year with your advisor to explore portfolio creation • Pay attention to your own learning to collect and select potential artifacts • Reflect on portfolio artifacts to demonstrate an understanding of self • Fill all required entries by year’s end and add your own personal touch
  4. 4. Assessment • Advisors will evaluate your portfolio near the end of the year and give it one of three designations • Honorable Mention (certificate and ELA credit) • Complete (ELA credit) • Incomplete (fix it or ELA credit is incomplete) • Rubrics will be provided in advance for the portfolio in general and for reflections
  5. 5. Other Important Information • Presented to the Chamber of Commerce • Businesses will ask to see it when interviewing • Binders and dividers will be provided • Housed in the school • You will be charged for damaged binders (graffiti) • Rubric includes condition of portfolio (damage=incomplete) • Can be signed out for job interviews etc. • “Grandfathered” Requirement • 9 and 10 this year • 9 and 10 and 11 next year etc.
  6. 6. Advice for Success • Keep work and reflect on it throughout the year • Pay attention to your own learning and growth so that you can talk about it • Get knowledgeable about the portfolio requirements so that you can meet them • Get over it…it’s good for you and your learning so start working on it and stop worrying about it
  7. 7. Your Portfolio Sections and Requirements
  8. 8. WHO AM I • Resume and Cover Letter • Learning Styles Inventory • Life Goal Statement • Career Cruising Information ACADEMICS (Progressive History in Essential Skills) • Reading • Writing • Numeracy • Oral Communication • Continuous Learning • Thinking • Working with Others • Computer Use • Document Use
  9. 9. LEADERSHIP (could be paid or unpaid) • 2 leadership experiences per year • Well-developed Reflections for each experience COMMUNITY • 2 voluntary service events per year • Well-developed Reflections for each experience HEALTHY LIFESTYLES • Visual Demonstration of healthy choices (pictures, collages, scorecards, recital programs etc.)
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGY • Three artifacts per year demonstrating proficiency with technology (At least 1 non-computer based example) • Well-developed reflections for each artifact SPECIAL INTERESTS • ONE Well-developed item • May be continued from year to year or a new item each year SHOW WHO YOU ARE
  11. 11. CARMAN COLLEGIATE PORTFOLIO RUBRIC Category Complete Incomplete WHO AM I •Includes resume & cover letter •Includes learning inventory •Includes life-goal statement •Includes career cruising info. Missing Components: ACADEMICS •Includes at least one artifact for each of the 9 Essential Skills •Includes a completed reflection sheet for each artifact Missing Components: LEADERSHIP •Includes 2 artifacts representing participation in leadership activities •Includes a completed reflection sheet for each artifact Missing Components: COMMUNITY •Includes 2 artifacts representing participation in voluntary service events •Includes a completed reflection sheet for each artifact Missing Components: HEALTHY LIFESTYLES •Includes a visual demonstration of healthy lifestyle choices made throughout the year •Includes a completed reflection sheet on the importance of those choices in regards to health and wellness Missing Components: TECHNOLOGY •Includes three artifacts demonstrating proficiency with technology •At least one artifact is related to non-computer based technology •Includes a completed reflection sheet for each artifact Missing Components: SPECIAL INTERESTS •Includes artifacts relating to one special interest •Includes reflections and insights on the special interest and it’s impact on the individual Missing Components: REFLECTIONS •Well-written and thoughtful entries •Make personal connections •Illustrate learning and growth from experiences Missing Components: BINDER •Binder is in proper condition with no graffiti or damage •Dividers are in tact and secure Missing Components
  12. 12. HONOURABLE MENTION CATEGORY DESCRIPTORS QUALITY •Artifacts are obviously meaningful and well selected •Writing is exceptionally clear and organized •Reflections provide thorough and in-depth insight into personal learning AESTHETICS •Binder is organized with precision •Entries are clearly and neatly presented •Portfolio looks professional and appealing PERSONAL TOUCH •Portfolio is well-connected to the individual and provides a very clear holistic picture of its creator •Additional information and/or development of ideas go well beyond the requirements for completion Honourable Mention Stamped if Designation Attained Additional Comments (Optional): Portfolio Assessed By: