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Getting Started with Influencer Marketing


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Over the past two years, influencer marketing has become one of the fastest growing digital marketing tactics. Brands are seeing the impact influencers have on their content strategy and audience development. However, many marketers are still gaining a full understanding of how to run an influencer campaign and which insights they should be paying attention to.

This presentation covers:

- Influencer marketing overview – the who, what, where and why
- Starting an influencer campaign – setting goals, identifying audience, keywords and content
- Building a content campaign – building strategy, setting timelines, finding and engaging with influencers
- Monitoring and Reporting – tracking off-site content, measuring true influence beyond likes and shares

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Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

  2. 2. INFLUENCER MARKETING OVERVIEW Influencer marketing is a type of new-age marketing where brands partner with key industry thought leaders to amplify the brand content/message to their audience, mainly using social platforms. Influencers are credible, authentic and highly engaged presences who hold a power of influence over their audience based on the trust they’ve built, and ultimately, can elicit action from their followers. What is influencer marketing? Who are influencers? #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  3. 3. Where did influencer marketing come from? 74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions trust peer recommendation (only 33% trust sponsored ads) take action from peer opinions WHERE DID INFLUENCER MARKETING COME FROM? 84% 84% Data: ODM Group Data: Nielsen Data: Opt-out Effect #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  4. 4. INFLUENCER MARKETING IN YOUR MARKETING MIX Channel of distribution Power of word of mouth Cost-effective Off-site challenge (Dark Funnel) “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is–it is what consumers tell each other it is.” Scott Cook, Founder and CEO of Intuit #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  5. 5. This is where influencers live.Up to 90% of the purchasing journey is off-site THE DARK FUNNEL #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  6. 6. So, how do you measure success? MARKETERS LOST IN DARK FUNNEL #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  7. 7. STARTING AN INFLUENCER MARKETING CAMPAIGN Set parameters Identify audience Create content strategy Identify & engage influencers (and arm them) Monitor & manage Measure & report Maintain relationship #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  8. 8. SET PARAMETERS Identify key objectives and goals Reach, UGC, brand affinity, engagement Set realistic numbers Measurable and attainable benchmarks Allocate your budget Dictates content strategy and influencer identification #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  9. 9. IDENTIFY YOUR AUDIENCE Understand who your audience is. This goes beyond knowing their demographics. What are their interests? Where are they in the purchasing cycle? Where do they live online? #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  10. 10. ●  Identify keywords with relatively high monthly organic search volumes/social mentions
 ●  Focus on your existing content which maintains visibility / authority
 ●  Search for influencers who use these keywords socially and/or in their site content
 ●  Have these influencers promote/link to your authoritative content SET UP KEYWORDS AND CONTENT #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  11. 11. MAP OUT YOUR CREATIVE BRIEF 1.  Who is your audience for this campaign? 2. What type of campaign is it? (content amplification, event, contest, etc.) 3. What are the key messages? (Reflect on the keywords) 4. What is the call to action? 5. Where should the influencer publish the content? (i.e. Facebook, blog, Instagram) 6. What are the mandatory deliverables? And the timing? 7. How will you measure the campaign’s success? 8. Other key information (i.e. photos, resources, background info, samples)
  12. 12. •  Audience-centric vs. influencer-centric
 •  Audience size vs engagement - getting the best bang for your buck with micro influencers •  Influencer scoring (authenticity, engagement and credibility) IDENTIFY AND ENGAGE INFLUENCERS #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  13. 13. ●  Provide influencers recommended keyword rich Titles, Headings and Content to “optimize” their posts
 ●  Provide trackable Smart URLs to your content and for them to share via each social channel
 ●  Remember the “Dark Funnel” ARMING YOUR INFLUENCERS #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  14. 14. Monitor content engagement by Influencer, by Channel ○  Like and Shares ○  Real Engagement - Clicks
 ●  Monitor Organic Search Visibility (Rank) of influencer’s content and your own MONITOR & MANAGE #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  15. 15. •  Track and report on engagement by Influencer, by Channel, by Content Type, by Keyword Group •  Create Conversion Paths to map content engagement all the way through to ROI •  Report on improvements in Organic Search Visibility •  Create feedback loop back to influencers so they know how they did MEASUREMENT & REPORTING #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  16. 16. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Influencer marketing is not a one night stand. Stay in contact with influencers after a campaign is over and build a relationship so they remember you, and your brand will resonate with them AND their audience. #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  17. 17. Set campaign goals and establish metrics to monitor and measure success against those goals KEY TAKEAWAYS Take an audience-centric approach in identifying influencers Micro influencers generally produce more engagement Co-create content with influencers for optimum audience resonation Identify a means to track off-site content Maintain a relationship with influencers post campaign #influencermarketing101 @gshiftlabs
  18. 18. Audience Development & Discoverability Mastering Smart URLs RESOURCES