2014 Content Marketing and SEO Trends - gShift Client Success Webinar


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gShift Client Success Manager, Brandon Gilmore, takes a look back at 2013 and what's trending in content marketing and SEO in 2014.

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  • Introduce the webinar series as a monthly series taking place on the third Wednesday of every month covering a range of topics including SEO, Social and content marketing
  • Approx. 20 minutes for presentation and then open it up for questions and answers at the end.
  • gShift is software that reports Web Presence Analytics for businesses and agencies
  • Penguin 2.0 – Takes a deeper look at pages and penalizes Black Hat tactics including paid links. Paid links should be a no-follow and be clearly indicated they are paid.

    Knowledge Graph – Being used more often on 1000’s of queries.

    In Depth Articles – Introduced this year with the focus on providing more information about various topics in longer articles. Enrich your audience with content.

    Not Provided – Expanding to more than 80% of keywords being reported via Google Analytics. Encrypting search to protect the end user.

    Hummingbird – Biggest update on Google’s search in 2013 affecting 90% of all searches but not in a negative manner as previous updates with a focus on quality and relevancy. Particularly helpful for voice search and mobile

    YouTube and Google + get hitched – Google + is now the engine that powers commenting on YouTube. Opening up new opportunities to reach out to your community of comments and the hope of cleaning up comments and make them more relevant to you.
  • Knowledge Graph – This will continue to be used and will be important to provide rich content to users

    Rich Snippets – Enhance search results by providing more information such as breadcrumbs, reviews, pricing, and more right within the search results. This is done through the use of Schema on your site. Google has reduced the amount of results that display this to the higher ranking results but is proven to increase click through rate when displayed.

    Google Authorship – The ability to showcase who wrote content on your site within search results is powerful. This is especially powerful if you are a recognizable face or name. This is done through using the rich snippet rel=author This started taking off in 2013 and will continue to explode in 2014 with the introduction of Author Rank we predict to come into place.

    Author Rank – The quality of the author based on social signals, content and other factors to be determined will play a factor in the ranking of that piece of content. Ex. If two articles on SEO were written about the same content and assume everything is equal but different authors. The author with more credibility would place higher. Ex. Search Engine Land or Search Engine Watch article vs an agency’s site.

    Page Level Metrics – This will become a focus to help ensure content is well optimized and to see which pages are performing best on your site. Former focus was more keyword focused but with Not Provided data growing the focus will go to the pages where those keywords drive traffic to. Use gShift software to get a picture of which keywords are ranking for each page, page speed, backlinks, and to get an overall indication of the performance of that page and seek opportunities to improve it.

    Monitor Long tail Keywords – As hummingbird has moved to conversational searches the importance of keyword phrases increases. We encourage everyone to follow longer tail keyword phrases this year that are relative to your content. Example if a user is searching for flowers in toronto they may not just search flowers shop or flower shop toronto they may search flowershop near me or where to buy roses

    BackLinks – The continuous focus on quality and relevant links will continue in 2014 and going forward. It’s not about 1000’s of links but it is about focusing on quality links from sites with relevant content to your site.

  • gShift’s roots are SEO, when I founded the company in 2009, we immediately started using the term Web Presence Optimization because we knew Social and Content would ultimately become an intimate part of the SEO process. Fast forward 5 years… we had no idea it would become so true.

    The search engines… and yes, primarily Google have caused a massive shift in our Agency businesses. A massive shift for marketers. Changes such as Hummingbird, 100% keyword encryption, Social signals, Authorship all spell out that we have to be less tactical in our service delivery and more strategic.

    I’m ok with that.

    Google has put an end to poor marketing practices and quick wins and is now rewarding strong integrated owned and earned marketing strategies.

    And that’s ok…
  • Knowledge Graph – Provides a snapshot of general information on the right and can be used in many different types of queries.

    Application for local includes snapshots of businesses relative to the query and reviews for those businesses.

    Get Local insights with the new SoLoMo bundle.
  • And so Example of a textual search at the search box
  • Compared to a voice search… and the search results are different.

    This isn’t rocket science but as marketers we are responsible for a brand’s discoverability we need to expand our keyword research methodologies and groupings.
  • Google + - Though their growth has been inconsistent and adoption by businesses is mixed Google + will continue to grow this year. We predict some changes to the platform to make their core features such as hangouts and more even easier to use.

    Curating content from external sources will continue this year with a focus on collaboration. We predict you will see more partnerships within the B2B field in particular for cohosted events, webinars, and social media campaigns.

    Viral Content and Creativity are vital to survive and gain traction in today’s busy newsfeeds. Think outside of the box to come up with ideas to promote your business in social media. Speak to your CSM for ideas.

    Monitor the performance of your content with Page and Network signals with the gShift software

    Consistency – The most important thing with Social media is to send a consistent message on a consistent basis.

    Monitor social with our software and discover new content and influencers with our new SoLoMo bundle which features Twitter Search.
  • We know that keywords are key to SEO and Content Marketing. And keyword research is an on-going process

    One of my pet peeves with sources of Keyword Research for SEO is that the data is old. Three-month old data for example shouldn’t be used to make decisions about how to improved the discoverability of a brand.

    So at gShift we’ve solved this problem with our Social Keyword Research module. And this Social Keyword Research Module is meant to inform your content marketing workflow process so you can make smarter content.

    What it does is, for any keyword you’re monitoring in gShift we go into the Twitter stream to understand the conversations that are happing now. The idea is that then you can write smarter content and engage the audience now in search, social and in mobile and attempt to influence them in their buying cycle.

    Here you see the Tweet Frequency for the keyword “mobile seo” which I’m tracking for gShift.
  • We tell you the associated terms which are terms mentioned in tweets around the followed keyword so that you can potentially build those terms into your content.

    We also tell you associated hashtags.
  • We tell you who the top influencers are for that keyword topic. This gives you the ammunition to amplify your content by reaching out to these Influencers with the goal that they will engage with your content, socialize it to their followers and since they have Authority with the topic, their followers are likely to engage with the content and the brand.
  • And we provide you with actual content from Twitter that includes the followed term so you can research other types of content and where it is published. Ideally informing you where you ought to be publishing your content.
  • Questions – People are searching conversational looking to Google and Bing for answers. Comparing items, specific questions, Write your content in a way that it answers questions.

    FAQ pages are must have and link over to a full blog post with answers

    Visual elements enhance content and can add value to your content and make it more sharable. Important for mobile and tablets as can quickly portray the message of your content.

    Importance of alt text on images continues to grow. Opportunity to capture traffic from image search

    Video will continue to blow up this year. With record year in 2013 with viral hits that will continue in 2014. Monitor the performance of your videos within our software via the YouTube section in Social and with YouTube as a search engine.

    Remember you can track content off your site with off-site pages. Contact your CSM to learn how if you are not already doing this.

  • Content Level Performance Metrics are key to demonstrating value to your client in the aftermath of Hummingbird, 100% encryption and with the focus on Content Marketing. So it still about some standard SEO metrics but very much at the Web-Page Level or what I call the Content Level. So how engaging and what is the performance of a particular blog post that was written for a keyword the brand wants to be discovered for.

    How many social signals and in which channels?
    How many page views?
    What other keywords is this content being discovered for (otherwise known as rank data)
    How many backlinks were created to this page

    These Content Level Performance Metrics prove Relevance, Engagement, Influence and Authority for this particular piece of content and the web presence.
  • gShift lives at the data intersection of three overlapping, multi-billion dollar digital marketing worlds that on their own are complex to manage and report on. Content, Search and Social. When we bring these disciplines to together the challenge is amplified.

    There isn’t a solution on the market for agencies and marketers to buy to address these challenges.

    Social networks are now the distribution channels of brand content and social signals originating from content, impact SEO and discoverability by indicating authority, influence and relevancy of content.

    Brands are demanding measured results of their investments in content marketing and inbound marketing.

    gShift is a lifeline to 50,000 mid-market agencies that are challenged to orchestrate the monitoring and reporting complexity of this evolved digital marketing world.

    So how does it work?
  • 25% of all traffic are coming in from mobile. Some of you I am sure are experiencing higher volumes

    Site speed is vital to a good mobile experience industry standard is 1-2 second for a page to load

    Responsive Design is crucial for a consistent branded experience and compatibility

    Content for Mobile – Keep content in shorter easy to read paragraphs. Use photos to illustrate your point. Use keyword phrases and use click to call links within your content

    See how your content ranks with our new SoLoMo bundle which features Mobile Rankings
  • Here are some stats that might help with the client conversation.

    At gShift we collect a lot of data every single day. At the beginning of last year – I thought… I wonder want the average amount and trends are of traffic coming from mobile devices compared to a desktop.
  • Example of Local and Mobile
  • Contact your CSM for more details
  • Thank you very much for staying and listening. I hope you found this webinar useful and I hope you are able to take some of the concepts and apply them to your businesses and your conversations. I am always eager to hear feedback and answer questions.
  • 2014 Content Marketing and SEO Trends - gShift Client Success Webinar

    1. 1. Client Success Webinar Series presents: 2014: A Look Ahead at the Trends in Content Marketing WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS for BRANDS AND
    2. 2. WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS for BRANDS AND Speaker Brandon Gilmore • One of the newest members to the Client Success Team • 5 years experience in eCommerce • Analytics Enthusiast • TV and Movie Addict
    3. 3. WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS for BRANDS AND Agenda 1. Review 2013 2. 2014 – What’s coming? What’s already here? • SEO • Social • Content • Mobile 3. Questions and Answers Outcome: To give your business an edge in 2014.
    4. 4. We make it simple for brands to be massively discovered in a social and mobile world. Processing billions of data points for over 10,000+ brands across 22 countries. WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    5. 5. Remembering 2013 Mobile Searc h Socia l Web Presenc e Analytic s In 2013 we saw many changes in our world, some notable ones include: • Penguin 2.0 • Knowledge Graph • In Depth Articles • Not Provided • Hummingbird – Semantic Search • YouTube and Google + get married WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    6. 6. SEO Mobile Socia l In 2014 we predict the following will happen or continue to make an impact: • Knowledge Graph and Rich Snippets use in search will increase • Google Authorship and Author Rank will take off • Focus on Page level metrics when reporting • Monitor long tail keywords • Backlinks – Quality > Quantity WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    8. 8. Knowledge Graph Mobile Socia l Example of How Google is experimenting with Knowledge Graph in WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    9. 9. www.gshiftlabs.com | @KristaLariviere Textual Search
    10. 10. www.gshiftlabs.com | @KristaLariviere Conversational Search
    11. 11. Social Mobile Socia l In 2014 we predict the following will happen or continue to make an impact: • Google + will continue to Grow • Curating Content and Collaboration will grow • Viral Content and Creativity are vital to survive • Consistency will continue to be important to ensure message is seen WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    12. 12. Social Keyword Research to Inform the Content Marketing Workflow Proces @KristaLaRiviere @gShiftLabs
    13. 13. Social Keyword Research to Inform the Content Marketing Workflow Proces @KristaLaRiviere @gShiftLabs
    14. 14. Social Keyword Research to Inform the Content Marketing Workflow Proces @KristaLaRiviere @gShiftLabs
    15. 15. Social Keyword Research to Inform the Content Marketing Workflow Proces @KristaLaRiviere @gShiftLabs
    16. 16. Content Mobile Socia l In 2014 we predict the following will happen or continue to make an impact: • Answer Questions with your Content • Visual aspects your content will continue to grow with tablet and mobile adoption rates increasing • Video will continue to take off (YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, New one?) WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    17. 17. CONTENT-LEVEL PERFORMANCE METRICS @KristaLaRiviere @gShiftLabs
    18. 18. ONE MORE TEENY MOBILE TIP FOR DISCOVERABILITY… “I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon take mobile page speed into account for SEO.” - Matt Cutts. @KristaLaRiviere @gShiftLabs
    19. 19. Infographic Socia l WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    20. 20. Mobile Mobile Socia l In 2014 we predict the following will happen or continue to make an impact: • Site Speed • Responsive Design • Content for Mobile WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    21. 21. What is the average percentage of organic visits to 6,000 web presences from mobile devices over the past 10 months? 23% 19% 16% 18% 19% 20% 21% 25% 27% 26% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Organic Search Traffic from Mobile Devices January 2013 to October 2013 - 6,000 web presences - Source: gShift @KristaLaRiviere @gShiftLabs
    23. 23. EXPAND YOUR KEYWORD RESEARCH for Mobile 1. Shorter Tail Searches + GEO when typing 2. The Lazy Factor 3. Conversational Searches (Desktop & Mobile) 4. Geography • Flower shop • Flower store • Flower shop Toronto • Flower store Toronto • Flower shop in Toronto • Flower store in Toronto • I am looking for a flower shop • I am looking for a flower store • I am looking for a flower shop in Toronto • I am looking for a flower store in Toronto @KristaLaRiviere @gShiftLabs
    25. 25. Special Promotion Package What’s Included Mobile Discoverability Audit (4 Hours) • Audit of Mobile Presence • Recommendation on Local and Social • Keyword Research • SWOT Analysis Mobile Discoverability + Competitive Analysis (6 Hours) All the Above + Look at 3 of your competitors performance on Mobile Promotion expires February 5, 2014 Contact sales@gshiftlabs.com or your CSM for more details WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    26. 26. Questions and Answers Mobile Socia l We open it up to answer some Questions now. We will do our best to answer any questions you have at this time if we are unable to get back to you in the time provided, your client success manager will get back to you afterwards. Email: brandon.gilmore@gshiftlabs.com WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS
    27. 27. Next Month’s Webinar Mobile Socia l Topic: Hummingbird Presenter: Crystal Wiltshire, CSM Date: February 19, 2014 at 1:00 pm EST WEB PRESENCE ANALYTICS