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Renesa: Oct 2010


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Institute Magazine of SVNIT, Surat.
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Renesa: Oct 2010

  1. 1. Be the change you want to see THlS lSSUE COVER STORY Surat, $VNIT& FOOD Hall of Fame Art and Photography i Exhibition Winners The Renesa Dialogues Mrs Tanuja Jhaveri Dietician The standouts SPIC MACAY, How to use the Digital Library Rendzevous with Sudev Sharma Chef Executive, Taj Gateway Travelogue The Unwanted Monsoon Also Look For Yin Yang, Ramble On. ., Fake News, C WG, Rattle n’ Hum, Rumour Mill n more. .. in Ilii~" . ll ll: ‘ll= ‘. "“iiii1~'l‘liiii"Iii ’ lib: ‘liill l X” , 11' (all/ pm/ '-, r‘¢'I_: tl‘Yell/ mvqolrwlA Ii _ IIr:1Wl‘I§lcm, -~Il": I:(ewll'll , F, ‘ twitter Follow our tweets- r: > October.20‘l 0 | CAMPUS NEWSLETTER and more! , ,,: li . ,- , ' wwvTi. §vnit. ac. in/ renesa esa Mr. is H renesa_svnit@gooog| egroups. com ‘. S 431-: I". ..: . +91 98243 01405 (,9: http: //twitter. com/ renesa_svnit
  2. 2. & 1|-I from the industry Greetings to the young Engineers! Mario Andretti once said ''If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough. " The fast paced races of the current period have sapped us in and out, totally. And gone are the days when poets used to write nostalgic poems on Yorkshire farms and Swiss peaks. It's a race for survival now, and we all know it. The commonwealth games as an example right in front of us, the power struggles between the ruling and the opposition parties, then the Canadians, sore losers who wanted to portray the Indians in poor light, and the Indian media, who took advan- tage of this fact and gladly obliged, the TRP race notwithstanding. It's just a game of pushing the other down to climb upstairs nowadays, and we are not even hesitating to do this nowadays. The phrase ‘Survival of the fittest’ is termed as an easy enough excuse for everything that we do and 2012 would do better if it were actually true. Elections in our college (Yes, read ‘E| ections’) gathered a lot of eyeballs and a few holidays, but it was nice to see something that we’ve never witnessed, so what if it were the Surat Municipal elections. Politics and elections are synonymous, the only difference being the poor visibility of the latter in comparison with the former, here. On another note, we know we still can't believe this semester's almost over, but we still maintain the fact that next semester will fly off, as even semesters always do. The Mindbend committee formed, Sparsh on its way, End-sems approaching neck height; we get ready to drown in this fervor. The curtains fall over this se- mester, and the final years already getjittery over GRE, CAT. GATE, and an endless list of exams. Placements are on their way and it seems to open up a brighter future for the third years, especially in the matter of higher salaries. Music is making its way too, and it's growing exponentially, with people ‘opening up} get ready to rattle and roll. Talent is finally beginning to show itself, students are finally doing more than just sitting in their rooms. Dance workshops are coming up, with Jive, Salsa and Disco’s being the favorite, of many. Students are now ‘getting out’ of the rut more easily than often, and finally the college begins to see a variety of things, previously unheard of; We’re talking about the online attendance system, the two exam system, and similar new and helpful rules that are being applied. We, the editors hate the part of the year where exams arrive. It's always draining to write these exams, many arguing over the Indian testing system, but we got to give what we ‘otta give. After all we have a relaxed three months this time, where there exist lots of vacant jobless hours. We have seen a lot this semester, with the Flood scares, the Communal riot scares, and simi| ar‘scares’which didn't fare well among us, thejunta. The decision of the government was on the lines of political diplomacy and we silently watched as the verdict was delivered. The criteria ofgiving verdicts, nowadays seems to be just to avoid any problem for the governmentwhat is justice if manipulated as per needs, better call it a law then, becausejustice has eyes for both sides and the scales aren't tilted towards the lawmakers. On a lighter note, a battle between Rajnikanth and Tendulkar seems to hot up. 5achin's touching the half cen- tury of centuries while Rajnikanth shatters centuries of physicists’theories in his new movie, Robot, collecting millions of green paper on his way to another hit (Ouch! ). All the very best for the coming semester lads and ladies. .. Let there be light! Adios folks. O Reliance Ilulusll'ics Limited We Sitting in a corporate chair, what I look for is a Sachin Ten- dulkar of engineering fraternity. Are you aspiring to be the one? Then read carefully. Know your subjects we| |.Try excelling in them. Get some expo- sure by visiting any (if possible many) industry to correlate and connect engineering theory with applications. It is similar to Sachin doing his "Net practice". This will lead to only 1005 when you play your actual game. I look for a spark in your generation to make a difference. If there were no room for improvement, we would have been driving the same old ambassador cars even in the 20th cen- tury. Feel proud! It was some engineer who brought revolu- tions in automobiles and gave us Nano. Hence in every field there is room for improvement and more rooms for breakthrough! It is only you who has to face that call (Not Facebook) in the real field. So Excel! Excel! Excel in what- ever you do . Best Wishes U K Jethwa Senior Vice President Reliance Industries Ltd. Sponsored by: ZEE INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE ART Unleash Your Polenliol We all know very well what ZEE stands for, don't well? !’ No, not only those Saas-Bahu serials, ZEE as a brand has opened up a new avenue for today's youngsters to pursue their careers in a totally new and dynamic field, and that is Animation. And, so Surat has its own ZICA (Zee Institute of Creative Arts) Centre at Soni Falia, near Chowk. Here in Surat, the centre is operated by two very co-operative and admirable women, namely Mrs. Chandni Mehta and Ms. Naaz. Both, being very supportive and helpful, and yes caring too, have brought up this centre and have helped ZICA create the type of stranglehold they have over the animation market in Surat. Many students from various age groups come here and practice various aspects of animation. When asked about their experience at ZICA, they were very thrilled and excited and were all ga-ga for the way they were taught and also, the knowledge of the Faculties present at the centre. The Centre is equipped with all the facilities that a student needs to develop the creativ- ity within him which is very essential for a successful career as an animator. With, only 12,000 animators present within the country and with a pro- jected requirement of 5,00,000 more animators within the next 5 years, Animation is surely a lucrative option as a career. And, ZICA is the place to be, to get started, with tie-ups with International giants like PIXAR and do- mestic production houses like RED CHILLIES ENTERTAINMENT, to name a few, getting a chance to work with these names can become a reality at ZICA. So, get up all you animation freaks and get yourself enrolled at ZICA.
  3. 3. T « _ The more you eat, the less flavor; the less you eat, the more flavor. ~Chinese Proverb [iepartment Fresher 5 Part)’ There are some times in life, which one always thinks and plans about before- hand but when they arrive, the anticipation turns out to be disparate to the actual experiencefieginning afresh in a new college is one such experience. Expectations, fears, questions, all coalesced in one. From the very predictable scheme of life at school, now everything becomes uncertain and de- pendant on one's choices. Future becomes a matter of one correct or incorrect decision. in such a state of confusion it is a relief to have some direction to begin with. The departmental freshers played this crucial role of introducing the new SVN| Tians to their departments, giving an overview of what all the collegehas to offer academically. The ceremony begun with an introduction of the faculty and the physical structurelhierarchy) of the department, making students acquainted with the place and the people. Field wise specialities of the faculty as well as willing se- niors was shared with them, with the purpose of letting them know, where to go and whom to contact with their doubts and ideas. A clear idea was provided regarding the depth and vastness of their branches. They were told everything that they would need to consider in these four years of engineering, which in- cluded selection of a field of interest, working on projects, joining committees, keeping updates of the latest buzz about their field, and examinations which are vital for them. A very important feature ofthe freshers ceremony was that it wasn't just a semi- nar or some monologue. Instead it was an interaction between the juniors, se- niors and the faculty. All sorts of queries, ranging from ‘how to choose a field of interest'to'placements and packages offered here'were asked and answered. In an environment of restricted interaction, this was a platform where seniors and juniors could meet and get to know each other. Professional and casual discus- sions followed. it was ensured. the things did't get too formal. Every individual was asked to introduce themselves to the others present, and some games were played as well. Some snacks and cold drinks created the perfect ending for it . Madhuri Singh It is 1 2 3 and 5 6 7.Though the lucky number 4 is missing in the count, salsa is a lucky dance for anybody who wants to look charming in the eyes of the opposite sex. It was a welcoming scene to see people having two left feet giving a shot to the ballroom dancing workshop organized by the CHRD. The dance workshop had something to offer to every- one. It started off with a pseudo-prom scene, where the guys asked the girls of their choice. What was more enjoyable was the "way it was asked" part rather than "the being asked part", owing to the funny instances it whipped all around, ranging from “you ball dancing “ to "can I sweep you off your feet T’. The workshop was initially conducted on the SAC terrace with the incandescent lamp cre- ating the perfect candlelight atmosphere and then moved to the staff club's bright lights which made couples notice the neighboring partners as well (: P). Mr. Akash Desai, an alum- nus of this college was the instructor, who made this workshop total fun and a party expe- rience with his witty statements and charming teaching. To be the girl in the dance, all you have to do is look elegant and look at the guy with your charming eyes . It is easier for the girl as she has to trust the guy with the dance and he'll lead her through it. (random bozos exempted, of course : P). To be the guy in the dance, you can take inspiration from the instructor for flirty sentences like " Look at me as l look pretty good ” and be the handsome arrogant young man who can control his girl with the dance as well as words. The workshop lasted for 10 days and included the basics ofjive , meringue and salsa . It ended with a party on the 11th day with a few couples tapping to the beats of amazing music ranging from old hindi songs to Lady gaga. For a girl like me who had always dreamt of a party out of the SVU books, it was a dream-come-true experience right from the party clothes to the ambience created for the same. For all those who missed it, thinking rattle and hum is the only religion in this college, try ballroom dancing workshop in the next se- mester and you'll be shown heaven. So the next time you come across an event poster make sure you ponder about its details and don't miss the fun of being a part of college and enjoying it. Adios Queen Cleopatra - §E2ENE l HOTLINE +91 9't!2£!3CJl€lOS H‘: l ‘ I. ~ (2% Mia . .:i‘Z. .'~; i’J C Garimci Prindcy / l/lddlla The warmly welcoming freshers'given by the college this year met with an even warmer response from our enthusiastic first years’. Kashish has always been about showing the freshmen talent at its best, however, where the'singing night, dancing night, ‘Mr. and Ms Kashish’ used to define it all these years, this time, a whole new set of informals were in- troduced. Events like Beech ka Panna, where pens were the weapons, or Black And White, where team coordination was the key, took talent—search to the next level. On Bapu’s birthday, the canteen lawns rang with some melodious (and some not so me- lodious) melodies. Where good singing was met with applaud and appreciation, there, the blaring was (inevitably) met by grins. Not to forget the crowning of hopefully (oops) deserving Mr. and Miss Kashish both dancing their way to their titles. The first years shall surely remember the Singing Night for all the cheering and jeering (which could be heard at pmc). The night after, brought many dancers to the dancing floor. Dancing night saw active participation with various forms of dancing, from classical to hip hop to their fusion. Some performances by the seniors for theirjuni-dears sure made it special for them. Though we are still investigating what made the audience simply sway and clap, unlike the previous night, showing unprecedented decency on their part. These kids! !! ’A successful event has a hard working committee behind it’ According to one ofthese hard workers (Yes, we overuse the term), Kashish has taken a considerable leap in just one year-" better funds, betterT-shirts, interesting pre-events, availability of refreshments and unparalleled participation. In fact, we had to conduct the singing auditions in two phases to manage the large no. of participants. This, inspite of being busy in the Autumnfest frenzy. " To bringing non-participating, non-organising and therefore unbiased Judges, we hold aloft a thumbs-up to the organizers for thinking out of the box and to the participants for their enthusiasm. However, (The dhinchak moment) , _Shaadi-like orchestra + poor song selection = 'Cou| d have been better‘ Technical faults interrupted the few performances which otherwise would have man- aged to draw applause from the low energy audience. We seriously wish Redbulls were served to the audience to perk them up. But, the importance of Kashish lies in the fact that it gives the newbies a chance to ex- hibit their talents, and come out of the closet. It is always an experience any 1st yearite would cherish for a long time. The Autumn fest this year had a new eventiyes you read it right) added to it; ‘The artEexhibi- tion'. Though not much money was spent in publicizing it, it attracted hordes of people due to the sheer quality of the artworks exhibited. The first floor of staff club was put to effec- tive use and the CHRD members adorned it with art. lfany of you were wondering about the reduced participation in the main events, well, now you know the reason. Around 150 entries poured in for the photography competition and 60 entries were chosen. Two chaps Animesh and Anirudhh won accolades in the photography section. One distinct feature we would love to mention here about Anirudhh’s photos are that they were captured through a cell phone camera. Kudos! Photography might be the new craze in college, but sketching and painting always brings joy to its viewers. Some faculty displayed entirely different colors as their art works were displayed in the gallery. If you think only an SLR camera worth INR 35k can precisely depict a scene, all it means is you haven't seen R. A Christian Sir's paintings and R. P Gohil sir, MK Rathod sir's sketches. Students are learners and they weren't far behind these experienced people. Isura , a 2nd year student had depicted Johnny depp so well, that he is now popu- larly known as the Johnny Depp guy. The remarkable features here were the detailing and the chiaroscuro play, which he has perfected brilliantly. This artist shows shades ofthe old- timers like Rafael, whose detailing in their works were far beyond comparison. Though an artist can see 50 different shades of black, and though an artist can draw what he/ she sees, abstract artwork is definitely one different kind. Suruchi Kashyap (Final year), showed us what abstract work means with her vivid color-play. Her depiction of a beautiful scene plastered with colors, freely used, bought back the abstract days of Pablo Picasso, and more recently, Manjit Bawa. Now I knew that paintings could ‘speak’. A first year girl, Rini, was also the winner in the same category along with Ms Suruchi. Leonardo Da vinci wasn't far behind; Shikant of 3rd year was seen painting everywhere in the last week before Autumn fest and made the autumn fest a colorful event with his paintings. His work, most famous, the lady, was a hit among the viewers. A bold artist, great with cartoons, we hope he takes this forward. This doesn't end here. We have invented a new word "imartech" (IMAGINATIVE + ART| STlC+TECHN| CAL) for Ninad of 3rd year for his total brilliance in sketching the DOTA figures. He prefers sketching withjust his imagination as reference. He is also known for his calligraphy skills and various other skills ofart. Ninad and Isura defi- nitely stole the show for sketching and the redefined what we call ‘professionalism’ in art. Suhas Gowda (Final year), the organizer of this exhibition was elated that the art club could bring out the artistic side of the geeks too and inspire everybody. He quotes: “The art club was started simply to have fun with colors and if not anybody, it definitely added colors to my college | ife". The surprising thing about this organizer-cum-artist is the fact that he started sketching only after coming to college and still he features among the best in this college. His portrait of”The Joker” and "The backless woman"are known to be his best por- traits. He has also taken the initiative to inspire people personally and is seen in canteen regularly teaching juniors the techniques of sketching. Students here are glad to see the art club's emergence and girls are busier drawing and sketching and displaying their pics on facebook rather than gossiping. Team Renesa appreciates the art club for its apprecia- tive work and congratulates them for inspiring everybody and showing them the true fun in designing. V_Man}-usha B-Tech IV (EC)
  4. 4. _ r 1 e e - . . . l . ‘ , . . r‘ l L ill! ’ I l s Flll‘ I Varun Agarwal Statutory Warning: This next part is not for the faint-hearted or the faint- walleted for that matterll Now that we're done with the normal and next-to-normal places, let's look at some fine-dining in Surat for those of you for whom money is of the least con- cern when it comes to having a good time (and a great mealll). First batter up is Hotel Taj Gatewayll Alongwith being the closest 5-star hotel to the Institute, it is also one of the finest in the city. They offer a special kind of buffet-cum-a la carte, in the sense that the menu is predecided as in a buffet, however the service is made to your table and except for certain special items, the course is the traditional all-you-can-eat! !! And not to forget the fantastic coffee-shop where you can feast upon some literally pretty and pleasing pas- tries and cakes. Possible Damage: ? 300-700 Next up on the mound is The Lord's Plaza. If not for the disconcerting distance ofthe place, it is actually quite highly recommended. Enjoy a sumptuous meal in the Blue Coriander or a romantic date on the roof-top restaurant with sizzling, fresh grills on your platter, to provide a sensation to your tastebuds as joyous as the beautiful starry night under which you will be eating! ! Also, in summers, the guys here have a special Salad N’Sweets buffet lunch to help beat the tyrannical Surti heat. As the name suggests, it's just salad and sweets. However, you're bound to find it filling enough to enjoy a lazy afternoon. Possible Damage: ? 350-800 Heart feelin' heavy and wallet light yet? ? If not, then read on. .. Lastly, is a little restaurant called, quite aptly, Little Ita| y!! In this spectacular bistro, you'll get some top-notch Italian and - wait for it - Mexican cuisine, to make your stomach go bing and your tongue go boom! ! The choice in both cui- sines is spectacular, some of the dishes being a terrific plate of Nachos with Cheese, a wide variety in Pastas in all your available variants, some spicy and saucy Quesadillas and Enchiladas and great starters to supplement your meal! This is probably the most expensive of the three, however, considering the sky- high prices in Italian restaurants in Mumbai and other cosmos, the quality and quantityjustifies the price. Possible Damage: ? 500-1100 So that's a wrap and irrespective of which batter is on the mound, you'll be the one getting struck-out if you don’t go to these places loaded! Note: For guys-The above mentioned places are marvelous for getting a good impression on a first date! For girls- Ensure your date takes you to one of the above places on the first datel! Editor's Note: The reviews have been done anonymously and we had to pay for the meals ourselves. Renesa in no way endorses one to go to these places to review them, forget about any sort of reimbursementll ll yr. " i _. ‘ How many times have you faced this situation? It's a Saturday evening and it's a mess off but alas, you have just Rs.80 in your wallet! What are your eating options? Renesa tells you. Anda Shop next to Panditji- This is a paradise for all egg lovers! With options varying from boiled eggs to buruji, this shop has everything! The halffn/ 's and full fry‘s served here give the night canteen food a run for it's money! We specially recommend the Gotala. Bandari is another egg shop opposite Patiala. With a menu challenging the anda shop and tastes to match, these shops serve as a delight to all SVNIT-ians! Kauwa biryanl- Gone are the days when we had to go all the way to chowk to have good chicken! Right opposite our college, just beyond the circle, on the right hand side is Pappu's bhai's shop. With a menu including chicken biryani (called kauwa biryani be- cause of the low price), kalegi, saathpura, chicken leg piece, etc. this has become one of the most popular eating options for our collegejuntal Ajay Kumar . -r Providing quick service and a peaceful environment to customers is quite a challenging task. But there are some restaurants which have a proper service management system in place and KANSAR is one such example. If you've ever been to Kansar, did you find the excessive usage of sign language a bit intriguing? We had a talk with the manager there to know more about their working style. We are initially made to wait some time, and a few minutes later, he arrives. The customary greet- ings follow and he introduces us to another member, who starts to speak (Reminds me of my Gujju school friends). First of all, why this sign language system? We have a fixed menu each day with around 10-12 items and we have to provide fast service as customers on the same table may need different items at the same time. Can you show us some signs? (Laughs and shows us some signs which comprise of combinations of finger signs, sometimes dangerously similar to ahem. .. signs) (pics) What if an attendant of a particular item misses the sign given by some other attendant? We have "captains" standing just to direct the waiters in case they miss the signs while serving at other tables. As you provide the ‘unlimited palate: has it ever happened that a customer consumes more than the plate value? (The manager interrupts us here) It happens sometimes. (Recalling an incident) There was once a party arranged for 50 people where a special drink was consumed 6 times more than the estimated value. We had a huge loss there. So how do you manage the sudden increase or decrease In demand/ consumption? We always have a good amount in reserves but only those items which don't spoil. We buy vegetables in a quantity which can be used in making 2-3 items; so we never get short here. Also we have a staff of around 300 people whom we provide food, so even if we have no busi- ness on a day, food is not wasted. From where do you recruit your cooks? We have only one cook who is from Rajasthan and has an experience of 15 years in Gujarati food. He is there with us right from the start and we provide him everything he needs, so we don't need to recruit cooks. What is the item on which you have been complimented the most? Dal-Batti (We ain't surprised; A Rajasthani cook) Being a Gujarati thall restaurant, how come you offer a rajasthanl dish? We provide variety to our customers, we also serve punjabi items, and sometimes make dosas. You can't attract youngsters only by offering them sweet Gujarati food. You have to provide them with a lot of variety. How do you promote your restaurant? We do not advertise, we believe that providing quality food and service will bring us business. He signs off happi| y,just having completed his bowl ofshrikhand (“Another bowl for us would've helped matters further”, think we). We then proceed to gather some snaps, and have some fun as the maitre d! ‘ . i_‘«, , workers strike us various poses. “It's fun to be a reporter, think I‘'. ‘ Period If you find anything wrong with this article, bash these people up: Venkat lyer and Ashlsh Btech IV Signs used at Kansar (LEFT), The Cook (Right) Neelam society- Ever had good fish in Surat? Neelam society serves the best fish in the city! In the heart of Neelam society, a colony of houses opposite Patiala in Piplod, lies this small mess which caters to the needs of the non-veggie crowd in the area. Though they serve egg biryani and chicken gravy amongst other things, we strongly recommend the fish dishes here. SAI Paratha stall- Have just Rs 150 and a hungry group of friends? Rush straight to the para- tha stall near Big bazaar. Footpath experience at its best! People alight from Honda city's and sit on the sprawling footpaths to savour in these parathas. Best dish- lnavariably the Jeera rice with the steaming hot Dal tadka, especially in cold winter nights. The biryani literally brings tears of joy, and the Aloo paratha is just way too good! A'must eat before you passout' place! RKD- Are you a pure vegetarian? Not a fan of chicken or eggs? Then this is the best place for you! We can't give the full form of this because of obvious sensorship issues ; ) , but this is the best place for you to go if you've missed the dinner in the mess. The pizzas, the burgers and the sandwich's served here are a sheer delight! We strongly recommend the Pizza toast and the masala papad.
  5. 5. ll jhe $121 ogue. /1 Mrs Tanuja Jhaveri is a Dietician, who has graduated after completing a course in ’Food, Science and Nutritiorr’and has done her majors in dietetics from SNDT University, Bombay. She has her clinic at Jolly Plaza, Athwa Gate and consults only through appointments during the time period 10-1 in the morning and 5-8 in the evening hours. Though Renesa gives you many options regarding places to eat, we also find the need to encourage you to look at the consequences of your diet, so read on . . . Hello Ma'am lBefore we start off with the actual interview , I would like to know why you preferred studying dietetics as your field of study because there is a common notion that every common man knows about the diet to be followed and people never take scientific advice for it . She laughs and says "it's a false belief". We all believe our parents and follow their path in fasting for religious festivals. Teenagers consult gym trainers to build their body without considering the consequences after ten years. Diet is a very important part of our life and an improper diet can lead to problems ranging from headaches to mental depression. So I think it's very impor- tant to know the scientific details of the food we consume and not many people know what ex- actly is present in the food they eat. Since this is a college newsletter and the majority of the crowd consumes a lot of junk and ready-made food, it would be helpful if you could enlighten us about its consequences. Junk food is usually deep fried and contains fats and carbohydrates. These contain ample calo- ries and very few nutrients. Ready-made foods contain preservatives and are high in sodium content which may lead to water retention in the body and might also lead to increasing the Blood Pressure. So if even ready-made food is harmful, the only option remaining for hostelites who do not enjoy mess food is restaurants. Will you suggest that as a safe option? My recent study showed that a processed food diet with constituents such as sweetened des- serts, fried food, processed meat, refined grains and high-fat dairy products, leave consumers with a 58 per cent higher risk of depression. So I wouldn't suggest all the food in the restaurants but I would encourage you to choose your menu with boiled and less oily food. Oopsl That scared me. It seems to me that buying an electric cooker and cooking in the hostel seems the only safe option. Anyway, what do you think about the culture of fasting and surviving on fruits? Especially during Navratri, I see a lot of girls surviving only on fruits. Food has a direct relation to all the hormonal activities and fruits contain only certain nutrients out of a full healthy meal. We need to eat at least 3 meals a day with frequent refreshments in between. I meet girls who ask me for vitamin and mineral tablets and pills to reduce cholestero| .These tablets may lower your cholesterol, but they do not perform the 100 other things that proper eating and exercise can do for you. You had mentioned in the start about the food prescribed by gym trainers. I have heard people eating 10 eggs a day to build their body. What do you think about this? ! For Body building they require extra proteins but resorting to 10-12 eggs per day and drinking beer is not good for health. Eggs contain egg yolkwhich contains a lot of cholesterol, so instead they should consume soya bean pulses and protein drinks. Even vegetarians in India lack pro teins. I encourage them to have a lot of milkand milk products and also consume a lot of cereals and pulses like rajma, soya beans, dais, etc. Thank you ma'am for your time and advice. I am sure my friends would like to hear more from you and would become more health conscious henceforth. l/ . Manjusha liarsliit Gupta Indian culture has . importance of spices and herbs in our day to day life since the b - ing of civilization. ir importance and assimilation in our life dates back to the times of 'Vedas'and 'Puranas’. There has been great emphasis on the use of spices and special herbs in our daily chores like cooking, medical treatment etc to help us stay healthy and their use is so much intact and in so many ways related to our lives. The spices are consid- ered to have mystical and supernatural powers though being based on totally scientific prin- ciples. The musky and pasty smell of the turmeric reminds us of the healing nature ofa human being; its subtle and calming yellow colour helps us imbibe the very basic traits of humanity, love and respect. The cackling ‘RA| ’in the boiling hot oil is a true and iconic description of numerous dis- turbances and unwanted noises in our lives, affecting our existence. But, in the end the very smell of it reminds us of the presence of that special force that helps us remember that in spite of such differences and disturbing occurrences we have lots to look forward to and it is this op- timistic nature that helps us get over our shortcomings and try to deliver our best. Henna a very common herb reminds us ofour impact in others life and how everything fades away with time. its dark, misty orange colour teaches us the lesson of love and care, and helps us connect to our spiritual inner-self. The harsh and pungent chillies let us know; what is the importance ofa little fun and inspira- tion in our life. Chilly is considered to be the most important of all the spices and they help us add a | ittle‘masa| a’to our | ife. The ‘chatpata'food is all we crave for and in our life as well we get a little ‘drama’ then and now. This is what keeps us alive and active; otherwise it would have been too bland and distasteful to live. The fresh and young breath of a cardamom reminds us of the spirit of young and forever sweetness that we should incorporate in our lives; to help make it sweet and minty for us as well as people around us to live easily and happily. The western culture has also woken up to the importance of the use of spices, as prescribed by our ancestors. Their inclusion in our day to day food, which otherwise would have been hard to consume, helps us stay healthy as these spices possess supernatural healing powers. As a matter of fact most of the allopathic medicines are prepared by using the synthetic and poly- meric compounds that are generally an artificial copy of naturally occurring compounds and chemicals. Spices and herbs like sandalwood, coriander, 'khus-khus’ etc. are an integral part of our food culture and notjust that, they also teach us an important lesson of life, how to embrace it and how to live life to its fullest. They remind us of the vibrant and varying human nature and cul- ture and how mixing more than one of them can create wonders. G. « 1 Bakery This is another less glorified shop in Surat that can really surprise you. it's good, it's cheap (affordable) and it's awesome. What more can I say about this little bakery run by a very loving and close family of two brothers. The bakery unlike any other bakery in Surat offers you a great variety of baked goods, especially pre-packed packets of (1 00 and 200 gram) cookies (20 and 40 bucks resp. ) like Almond, Cashew, Peanut etc. and once you eat their Choco-chip cookies, you'll definitely forget the much loved can of cookies from CCD. Their packets of cup-cakes (mini-muffins), a packet of six, which costs around 20 bucks, are a delight. The bakery also provides you with a great variety of confectionaries and pastries at remarkably dirt cheap prices. The place isjam packed most ofthe time but the remarkable service and the smiling faces(which is too hard to find in Surat) helps you forget the waiting time and the scorching heat. The bakery is not a miss and a must visit, since I went there for the first time, I visit it at least once in 2 weeks and it is worth it. The shop is located at Athwa gate, before crossing the bridge and is situ- ated in the complex on the right side to the ”Kaffee Haus". Apurba Durga pLy'a . ,,, .,, ,,, The most pious fortnight of the year according to the Hindu calendar sees massive celebrations all over the country including the garba nights of na- varatri concluded by the burning of the idols signifying the victory of good over evil. On the other side of the nation, the celebrations take a different religious and artistic form in the celebration of Durga puja. Maa Durga was brought to life combining all the powers of the various Gods to banish ‘Ma- hisasura' who could not be defeated by any male God. The religious senti- ments apart, the pujas celebrated in almost every nook and crony of the cities allow the locals to meet up and enjoy the festive atmosphere to the fu| |est. The’dhaki’s' beats, the small clouds in the blue sky, the white flowers swaying in the wind all signify the arrival of the mother goddess and the commencement of the festivities. While the religious ceremonies usually take place during the day, the evenings are marked by the cultural perfor- mances of the local people while the nights see people thronging the pujas where the pandals have been made to stand out. Artistically, it is the accu- mulation of several art forms like painting and sculpting along with the cre- ativity of the people resulting in idols and pandals of various shapes and sizes. Pandal hopping is a part and parcel of the modern day pujas where the pandals may be decorated with anything from CD5 to bangles and the idols depicting the various moods of the Mother Goddess. Leaving all this aside, the Durga Puja provides economic stability to the people involved in the sculpting and establishment of the pujas. Puja shopping, a term coined because most of the people prefer to buy new clothes before the pujas gives the apparel markets a huge boost. The skilled artists sculpting and painting the idols survive mostly on the revenue generated during this time and after the immersion of the idols into the Ganges, they go back to scrounging for the basic frameworks used which do not wash away so that they can be used the following year as we| |.Though porpularly believed to be a Hindu festival, the festivities tend to forget all barriers of religion and help to pave a path for communal harmony. Four days of festivities end suddenly and literally with a splash as the people of the east bid adieu to their favourite mother goddess with an immersion that certainly dwarves the vlsarjans observed during ganesh puja. With the mother goddess slowly flowing away in the holy river ganges, life slowly returns to normal but hopefully, the main motto of all these celebrations are not lost which is the fact that good triumphs over evil. W . ii ': .v"f-I3.‘ V V. .
  6. 6. RENDZEVOUS Wl'| l'l-I Swethan Jasty V Manjusha. Venkat Iyer and Shwefhan Venkat Iyer A famous conversation between Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield in the movie Pulp fiction goes like this: Vincent: And you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris? Jules: They don't call it a Quarter Pounder with Cheese? Vincent: Nah, man, they got the metric system, they wouldn't know what the duck a Quarter Pounder is. Jules: What do they call it? Vincent: They call it a "Roya| e with Cheese". Jules: "RoiyaIe with Cheese". Vincent: That's right. I was thinking about this discussion when we were on our way to the Taj Gateway, easily the best hotel in all of Surat. The heat was at its scorching best, our eyes dead with the heat, and we alighted from the rickshaw to enter the Hotel. We were asked to enter our names at the register to get ourselves ID's to enter. After asking my name, and me repeat- ing it three times, he finally wrote it as‘banquet'. See, I know it's a hotel and you guys think about food all the time, but you can't rechristen a human into a food palate! So finally banquet, Manjushah and Sweden (LOL again), enter the kitchen, with fresh chicken being loaded into the freezer. We take photos, but the lady chief Ed is vary of the rules and stops Sweden (We'll call ourselves, from now, the names the mighty Lord gave us). I receive I pat at the back and I see a well built man rushing through the room, the tag read "Sudev Sharma" and we knew he was The Chef Executive. We are handed white strips and are asked to follow him to his room. Now, it took us some thinking to see that that was actu- ally some kind of hat (forgive me for inappropriate use of Chef Lingua) which we needed to wear to enter the kitchen, security gear, we think. The rounds of questions then begin. "Sir we start with the regullrs. when did you Join this Hotel? " I have been working in the Taj for the past 16years, working at places like Calcutta, Indore, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Vijayawada. I've been in Gujarat since the last 3 and half years, and life is different. "We came to Surat and most of us saw sugar sprinkled over III our palate, what do you think of the food Ind the tastes here? " Surat is a place with a wide variety of tastes; I don't believe they pour in sugar in every- thing. One thing I liked about Surat is that people enjoy the food; there isn't any shortage of any aficionados. People enjoy their food and have fun. The Larri culture is prevalent here everywhere, I likejunk food, and I don't stop my son from eating whatever he wants. One of the myths prevailing in Surat is that people don't eat Non-Veg here. The fact is, ac- tually people binge on Non-vegetarian food and eat it with the same passion as the rest. "What do you offer here, It the Ta] Gateway? Do you have brasserie Ind bIstrots? " We have I 24X7 coffee house, called ‘Flow’, ‘Spice’ is our restaurant and ‘T3’ is our lobby lounge, also open 24X7 on Fridays and weekends. We add variations to the menu, incor- porate new dishes and we have plans of adding more to our palate. (We then ask the cliched interview question. . . @_@) "How did you actually get into being I chef? And what do you like the best? " I left home when I was studying my Bcom first year, joined Hotel management. There's a lot that goes into making a'Chef’. It's just like Science and Engineering. We study topics like Housekeeping, nutrition, purchasing Finance, accounts, F&B, and many more. We have a dress code, the chef coat, scarf, crocs (the shoes), and so on. A lot of chef Lingua en- compasses our menu, like the: 'Entre'-main course, 'saupoudrer' - to sprinkle, 'la farine' - the flour, ‘pendant’ - while, 'sauter la viande'- sauteing the meat. “Ok. .. (Head goes into I tizzy) So sir, did you actually plan all of this? Did you ever frolyouwantodtobea chef? ” No one plans to be a chef. "A chef is always born; he/ she isn't one who can be made. " All parentsjust look into the two basic options, Engineer, doctor. Why would anyone want to make their children into chefs, right from childhood? when I became a chef, I remember the exact words my mother used for me: "Kee kardiyo? Bawarchiyo tussi? ” And that sums it all up. "The Indian scene for chefs is beginning to rise. The bawarchi’s are turning to the Chef- de-cuisines. We are also slowly shifting to the ‘Interactive kitchen’ restaurants. What do you feel? " Sanjeev kapoor was the one who bought Indian chefs to limelight. Media is a very impor- tant tool and he used it well. We've also heard of famous Indian chefs like Qureshi and Madanlal. The term chef came from ‘Chief’, an easy interpretation. The westerners always had the habit of documenting each and every food item they devised. They have their standard books, like the Larousse and Escofher- considered as one of the best chefs ever. We Indians believe in perception more than the ‘written-down’ rules; we can see that the same palate can taste different in different states, in different hands. We are evolving, and slowly a professional tinge is adorning the Indian Chef's attire. We are planning on having an interactive kitchen here, soon into the near future. "What do you do during the festivals? Do you change the menu, Idjusting to the demand? " Yes, we do. We recently had a special menu for the Navratri festival, which started at I2 midnight and stretched till 3 am. We try to be as customer-friendly as we can. (Shwethan / I quips in with a sly smile: “So what about Christmas? It's nothing without the wines, how do you then make it special? ) Christmas is not all about the wines, comes the reply. Yes, wines are really impor- tant, and even though Gujarat is a dry state, people with permit can consume alco- hol here, we have licensed facilities for that. You must’ve heard the saying: "When in Rome, be a Roman”. (The smile fades off a previously hopeful Shwethan's face)Thus, we do have lots of other things during Christmas which does not necessarily en- compass wine consumption. ( We are about to ask another question when the General Manager enters, following which orders follow to speed up the Kebab. Tall glasses with fresh Mosambi juice enter the room and we don't hesitate when the Executive Chef asks us to help ourselves. ..) ‘There Is I popular notion that people visit Five-star hotels/ restaurants only for the ambience and not for the food. What do you fool? ” (Says some info which is off the record and we keep it to ourselves, then proceeds) Why do to go to any restaurant in the first place? It's to meet people, have fun. I be- lieve the notion holds true for any person visiting any random restaurant. People wanting to reduce the market of the Five—stars have spread this notion. Why do you buy Killer Jeans and Spykar T-shirts when you can wear any random brand there is? It's all just about the brand. People who can afford a brand like the Taj come and dine here. We have an ISO quality rating (shows us a chart), we have health inspec- tors regularly visiting us, these additional advantages we offer to our customers. ‘Do you feel smell Ind taste are equally important? " (Corrects us) It's not smell, it's called ‘Aroma’. Smell can also be used in a negative sense. Yes, aroma is equally important, can act as a wonderful appetizer. I eat some- thing only after I grasp in its aroma. We pay equal attention to both these aspects. (Shows us a chart again, which contains the data ofthejudging parameters offood, Aroma and taste, both, rank quite high). ‘What Ire your working hours? Do you cook at home? And what about dining It other places In surIt? " I have no working hours. Have to spend almost all my time at work. I'm not even al- lowed near the kitchen at home. She kicks me out. (She) Tells me: ‘You stay away from my kitchen. Stick with your restaurant". Lady controls the kitchen, and I oblige. And yes, I do enjoy eating out, hogging around, but I'm not much of an experi- menter. I've visited just a few places, Valentine food court being one of my favorites. I've tried Lakeview, Machan, Ganghor and some other places too. Ganghor is nice too, me being a ‘Panju' (Punjabi), I can chaat in my sleep. So, well, I do like eating food from outside too. ‘Any final quotes sir? Anyone you're inspired from? Mother's cooking? ” I don't want to lie, I have no inspiration. As I said earlier, my mother didn't want me to be a chef in the first place. I am not going to give those famous interview lines, “Yes, I got inspired from my mother” and all that. I loved my mother's cooking (Kade ka Halwal, but I had formal education and that's how I cook. And you people want a line, have it: "Don't be inspired by anyone, be yourself. When you're inspired you tend to follow footsteps. Create your own steps. Let people be inspired by you. ” I guess these lines are enough, put them in quotes, courtesy Sudev Sharma. (We share a small laugh) ‘Thanks I lot sir. It was I pleasure meeting you. ’ Thank you too, it was a pleasant experience meeting you guys.
  7. 7. is.11uu‘i: iilta-r . liiiiiv/ -aiviamltglit‘-i , I'll-limit-li1'L1kiI= ii 'lii= .(oillagtea-li11.s~iaiii= i.1t= idit: L1hriélllraglll-oil. allit, | l vA| ,lIll Ilhlfili, -fl ii= idIIi.4'nni. ~r. inIiiadallsimrttfii 4.~inv. iii1t-iii-vmj. ~Iii= i[i, l ‘rt . -ins. Yap) 5X= Ir"(o*‘I' . ' iinnri-. iiaoJ, .1.-iir IViV: '<‘3i': 'fli~1rI l.1foii"S1or(Iavlf qilltoii-an l0lIl: §1I'(o1llI“'II'll(= I(9Il$1IFlII|9nll f= s~inii.1t'-. i«= i-‘Li-timilili-4 i-vi-ialh(= i4l' IiynfiitlIouiiiiiinjniileii-Bziniaiillloin. =« Il= L$*II -. lI'i‘fiL‘(IlfI}IlIl'i'l ‘lira-raicoi Ii, -rail! niiiqa-vtvns-anKzlllhlhpiailfois niiiq-. -T-wsiiiii -1irein'r= iil. l=» iii= iil[-1'lina-viir= n- am. .ti. Imiimmiiah-rviiiiinum-i1In rattan» L-avian-cits tara 0llIi"lll~1ill'. |(‘d tVl= ia-‘ltm--to-tr-ii vi iiica-v. ir= i»~r oiII, t(= llr-i= i»t-ilnir-til-igi It-ant-iwih: ll.1u-i. u=ullst= l9t= IIX'l= IlI| l=: idtt= i~1mI| =Il, o1=tl‘l-i| iit= ,IIl(= i . ir. iI: m:r. y1ii-iui. iii iii-L~riw= nliizutulhiii _ ioius~I'J= iiic‘ll§~1i1tiAt( iihi -i= uliLo, r-= in-r ltv-viawrt-iiuoilliic menu? I: -1 lluei -IIl(= l't'flL"- ‘Iii-—-iBiasmllrtintuvqoiiitaunli iii: -mi ‘littmtvim-or---‘llit= it= iiI‘i ‘Iii= -4I>. i»1- , oi= iIf-is uniniqz-vrm. v.u& xolvnini a ueiiieinntaIii. -inraaat-i mi-wnilli-‘ ta iv, -It iq= nr= l{(= in: I‘-i-iii-u-‘V9.1 . lI'l= ilIt= L= i~<"'| i-Ii ‘lt: ~—. i.vii= i-in ii) imlllliioi-ta ll i= IUmimvnllaiin-tI'll-«iii: iwmi-Ini= ui= inL~i-r iassziiiiufliiia Miner ram fair 1 iolirail ei lit: -an , -inini-iiramn-12!! ‘ innia = .IlI’ii: uintilt--s1=ym'nim"‘hi-iii: iini-aviaillllt Ill Il| 'l(Il I'il: ti7:"4I lair-innate ‘. t'if17H‘, ';'r'z j. ‘/1'5 D. a_giiai. .-. .i xi‘ . When the Chief editor asked me to pull up something for Renesa regarding Digital | ibrary(bOring! !!! ), the first thought that came to my mind was that one race/ competition/ dash in college, the week before exams when, say 4500 studentslor more) , crash into the library for that handful of books to have their first and final prep for exams. Then I thought why not I tell you Techies that Internet is not only Gmail/ face book and orkut apart from those unlimited movie and game downloads you enjoy. I was just chatting with Gaurav Sa| uja(Fina| year, Production Engg)[AIR 32, Gate 2010], that apart being a geek and using Internet for a night long conversation with his love, how did it get you your 32? It was then that I understood that you can become more knowledgeable than Einstein using few handpicked sites. And in the following I just would highlight few essential places and bullet down what all you can gain from’em. Before you read the lines below, let me remind you that Our internet facility is the best as compared to that in any other | |T's or N| T's or forthat matter any college in INDIA. Be proud of the fact and use it to the max. - Moreover we have rights to download patented papers from sites for free, which is not possible elsewhere in the world, I don't know whether you have experienced it, but several ofour pass out's call us up to get few of these papers for their use. So please use this facility - For those who are pursuing higher studies and R510, get the most out ofthis. Starting off with the basics: Bl Search engines: All are equal, but the fact that matters most is how you search of stuffs. As an example, if you be search for a specific subject or a lesson, you can type in" XYZ[subject], ppt/ pdf/ textlformat in which you need you chapter] El Or search for the same subjects in the sites ofany famous university (generally foreign universities) IX You have OCW (Open Course Ware) by MIT (Massachusetts Institute) which offers almost everything in our syllabus. X NPTEL: National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning. Google if or visit our site: www. svnit, ac. in which has a separate highlighted block for NPTEL. This is a set of both video and documented courses for universities in INDIA. An initiative started by Ministry of HRD and | |T's and IISC. The above are basics that all students need to have knowledge about or you are not worth being a TECHIE (That too from an NIT) Further advancing . ... . . . (This includes all students both whojust need an Engineering degree and those want to be Engineers) LGOOGLE SCHOLAR: A separate search engine for papers on any topic under the sun - Few years ago, it also contained non-patented papers, but the recent upgrade has the option of only giving you patented results - Mainly use for information on latest developments in the respective field, The bad news is: this is also a search engine, you need to specify you exact search requirements or you may ending up wasting time searching 2. SCRIBD: Yet another wonderful site for reading/ downloading books ofany section. www. scribd. com is one of the world best book sites where you have access to millions of books on any subject This may sound weird by. "5‘isrwas the main reason for me scoring a 9 pointer last semester (ifthis be of any motivation). It even has Write ups, speeches, novels, comics, Tech books, a readers paradise in short Again you cannot everything anywhere; please search for its competitors on Wikipedia so that if your search turns up empty you‘-have alternate sites to search on. But by far this is the best. " You can ever get page segments than arfentire book. Like if you need to study about OE/ ' AMPS/ Machine Design/ Generators/ Structures[microprocessors, just type n the Subjegtdfid you gets fragmented documents of 8-200 pagesabout the related subject, ratherthan an entire 2000 page book. (By far the best feature of scrlbd) ' This is for all students and faculty as well. 3. SCIENCE DIRECT: By far the most important site for all third and final year students. The largest collection of all patented papers, and journals are obtainable from this site - It has more than 10 million articles, 3000 j'ournals(and the list keeps increasing day by day) - Wiki ‘science direct to know more’ ~ Just getting registered to the site gives you access to download about 1, 03,500 papers and journals. - Can be used for projects, seminars, innovations or anything which needs new techno ideas which are patented (or proved). - Best use ofthis is if you feeling some topics are getting onto your nerve and you books give too less a knowledge, 4. YOUTUBE: Weirdll Well you tube is not only for songs, movies and documentaries. When you search a specific topic on YouTube, you get different short movies on the topic including NPTEL videos. - Many of us use YouTube to download such classes on varied topic which help us get an upper edge over the rest of students elsewhere. So try using this tool NICELYI Apart from these our library has a section called digital library {also found in our site under the heading‘resources’}. The digital library has several links which help you only lfyou are research- ing into a topic. It even has the previous question papers/ E-books etc which have been sub- scribed for and which you can download free of cost. Springer e-books (for Comps/ Mech & Prod/ EnvironmentaI/ Physics/ ChemIstry/ Mathematics, IEEE (production& mechanical) and tons and tons more of downloadable papers. If you feel that studying you syllabus if more than what you wish for, then the above point shall be more than sufficient, I know this topic hasn't come out at the right time but well it's better to start now than never! For more details please contact you seniors/ Faculty or Librarian. rrary. -» . h;'5-.
  8. 8. r . ]gi(; « -’ -’ _» _, ‘ ’ _. ‘J ’ 4 »’ _. ’ ‘ ' Jl ' U * U / f ' J , ’ , E / , J — J , A child's smile is said to be the most infectious thing in the world and on 26th Septem- ber, 2010 the whole of SVNIT was smiling. There were games, magic shows, balloons, puppet shows, movie screenings, jumping jacks, mascots and a whole lotta happy faces. The Staff Club played host to the whole event and was overtaken by a ‘Disney Wor| d'ambience of sorts. A total of 150 kids from different orphanages and 20 elderly people from old age homes came down for this festival. 1000 — 1200 The event started in the morning with the kids coming in by buses at around 10 o'clock. The reception that the kids received was similar to a groom's wedding entourage and rightfully so. They were gifted with balloons on their arrival and the volunteers made them feel at ease by making small talk. The kids especially liked their pictures being taken with balloons so I kept clicking! As more kids showed up hand painting got un- derway and the jumping jack was being readied. By now the volunteers were enter- taining the kids in their own different ways and the kids felt at ease in the new sur- roundings. The Jumping Jack made everyone go crazy! Somersaults were being per- formed by the dozens and the line kept growing bigger and bigger. The volunteers could just stare at the kids with jealousy. The puppet show started sometime in the middle of all this and the crowd was slowly shifting from the Jumping Jack to this. It was at this point of time that the senior citizensjoined the party. The volunteers helped them onto their seats and brought them refreshments in no time. The elderly were de- lighted to be there and interacted well with the volunteers. They came prepared with their own set of ‘shayarIs' and stories to recite and entertain. The scene got violent for a while when the mascots came out with the kids trying to beat them up but Andie bhai came to the rescue. The staff club was buzzing like never before and I loved ltl The puppet show gathered a bigger crowd and the volunteers saw this as a chance to ‘borrow’ some samosas. I plead guilty. The magic show started as soon as the puppet show ended and the scene shifted to the interiors. The children were in awe of the tricks and especially liked the prest| ge; the magician gave away chocolatesl Meanwhile the District Development Officer MrJ. B Vora was kind enough to visit and spend some quality time with the senior citizens sitting outside. All of that happened In the span of two hoursl 1200 — 1300 Time for lunch. The kids didn't look one bit exhausted but we had to drag them any- ways. The kids were taken in batches to the canteen where Shekhar Bhai provided a sumptuous meal. The elderly were accommodated inside the canteen while the kids were nice and comfortable on the stage. Here, I must applaud all the volunteers for being right on their toes while serving lunch. The kids were full and we were delighted. 1300 — 1430 Too full to play? Watch a movie | nsteadiThe seminar halls in the electrical and mechan- ics department screened two different movies. Now if you thought Kung Fu Panda was funny, watch it in Hindi. It's even betteri Meanwhile back in the canteen the senior citi- zens played Antakshri and shared stories of wisdom. 1430 - 1800 After the movie the children were escorted back to the staff club where snacks and games were await| ng. The colossaI'snakes and ladders’ board was a work of art and the kids had a jolly good time playing on it. Other games like throw ball, origami and tag kept the kids busy. They played and played and played. It was their day and they were living It up. Sadly it had to end sometime. It was heartening to watch a few kids’ eyes swell up while bidding adieu. The goodbyes were emotional although they met these volunteers only a few hours ago. A few kids made the volunteers promise that they visit them every week. Everyone left with gifts in hand but the memories are what they'll treasure and so will we. We had an interview with Nishant and Supratik, members of ilndia, who organized the fest. Us: How did Joyfest arrive at the gates of SVNIT? Them: it was all Adi J, who knew Mr Jatin Bansal (JAM editor), and this helped us bring it here. Us: Who were the actual coordinators of the event? Them: There was no ‘one’ person who did this. Anyone who wanted to help was wel- come, and it was a combined effort from all students of our college, we thank them all for their efforts. Us: What was new this time? Them: There was no budget allocated to us from the college, we self-funded it this time (They thank the registrar for the support they gave them). There were mascots, jump- ing jacks and a horde of new events this time. Us: Why the new ideas this time? What was the basis? Them: We asked the kids directly. Joyfest is all about giving what one wants, and we gave them exactly what they wanted, all that would keep them happy, and incorporate the ‘Joy’. Nishant then adds "If the kids walk home happy, we are the happiest people out here” Us: Thanks a lot for the interview. You guys did a fantastic job, hope you keep spread- ing the ‘Joy’. Them: You're welcome. We would like to add that anyone who wants to donate clothes or bicycles can contact us. We salute the’student spirit; the students of SVNIT for holding such a successful event in our college premises. Hope to see more joy pouring in. Article courtesy: Swethun Jasty Interview courtesy: Kallash and Swethun Btech II buddies. Pics courtesy: Swethan J. 1'l'illE. ‘'i| §;'V'/ Iljlllfialii "A poor uneducated petrol pump attendant created RELIANCE and 2 graduates from Stanford and Wharton Business Schools fought and broke it up! That is Educationl! " -Yet another wisecrack SMS. So, what are you thinking? Something along the lines of "l was born intelligent but educa- tion ruined me"? l is the conventional educational system a mere factory that produces ste- reotypical doctors, engineers and lawyers? is real talent to be found only outside the com- pound walls of a school/ college? Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson were dropouts at col- lege and school levels respectively and the former made computers "talk" with humans while the latter has more than over 360 companies to his name. Before you start writing off your years spent at college as "waste", read on to find more about the Orthodox and the Mavericks. She entertains whole crowds at a time and earns a paltry sum of 8000 pounds per hour for her services. Now, before you guys start fantasizing about the meaning of "services", let me burst the bubble. She is Samantha Ronson, one of the highest paid DJ's In the world. Even top class Neurosurgeons and God-level professors earn only a fraction of this sum. The array of Mavericks is indeed awe-inspiring, fairy-tale like, to say the least. Mark Zuckerberg , Dhirubhai Ambani , G. D.Nayudu-the list gets glorious with each namel These are the Mavericks-blessed with either prodigious talent and r ability to imagine, think and act differently. Innovation is second nature to our maveric friends. As we spend close to 15 years of our formative phase learning HOW things work, ese "dunces" were busy actually making things work. Case in point: Srinivgsa Ramanuj n produced Cambridge-worthy papers on partial fractions when he was 3 "with t kno ing the distributive property of addition"(as told by Prof. Hardy)i! l " / .—~-. . / I’ ~. Now before you chuck out your bodk bag and’ st rt ’humming “'We dpn't need no educatlon"-pause and think. Thomas Edison failed 7 0 times when tfyingj to invent the light bulb. Education is to ensure you don't repeat t same mistakes, /eac time. If some- thing sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Info s was the brairispa of a visionary, but what keeps it running? Hordes of nerdy progra ers-that's what! Mr. Ambani set the Reliance wheel rolling but it is the throng of custom- ade-Chem. i_<al'and Mechanical engi- neers that form its life-line. Hardwork, perfection and t roughness - trademarks of the Or- thodox. These underwhelming-ly crucial people are II ‘air-scarcely noticed, but sorely missed in absence. True, some Mr. Arun Shanmugam from IIT-B working in Google might never make it to the Forbes magazine cover page, but if Larry Page and Sergey Brin con- tinue to be in the Forbes list every year, then it is due to the efforts of Arun and his slog- some colleagues! The consensus? Well people, dream, dream well and dream big. More importantly, work to- wards making them a reality. If somewhere along the way you innovate your way to great- ness, pat yourself on the back. You want to join the global rat race? Well, you better start studying. You want to start your own game, with your own rules? Education won't hurt your dreams either! The decision lies with the best Judge in the world. This means you. The writer is a second year chemical engineering student whose interests vary from listening to music to football to penning more articles like the above This would be one of the regular columns featured in RENESA. Contact him at kaiIasham29@gmail. cam
  9. 9. W ‘#4 r‘'Tr‘ ‘_ 45'“ ‘n ’_‘4‘“ ', r‘ ‘A’. .4“ 4 I T. ,.[‘. ‘.‘ r: lrmlqfi lam‘ . * lilf‘ LI. .. 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4L 41‘ 4 1' "Well the music is your special friend "aw : —‘ , “ F ‘= =~ Dance on fire as it intends m [V _ [hi Music is your only friend ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Untiltiie end. ... ... ... " Jim Morrison And on the 17th October,2010 Rock culture in SVNIT had more than one friend. The day saw the con- glomeration ofthe finest musicians in the institute coming togetherto produce music that cannot be described in mere words. Rock culture in this institute had reached a new high with Rattle And Hum 3.0 organized by CHRD and once again, this version succeeded its previous editions in sheer magni- tude and quality. The awesome to be evening began with Chapter PrimRose taking centre stage. For a first year band that was taking stage for the first time in the institute, the band played with a mature head and more than exceeded expectations. Battle of One, Last Resort and Toxicity rolled the ball in style. .. and it rolled all night long ; ) We hope they take the baton forward and spread the music virus amongst our juniors! And the wind of music continued further with Vayu under the spotlights. That rock culture wasn't all about wild music wa evident in their display. Though not in the best of their form, their rendition of Smoke on the Water and Cuts like a knife did show promise. Their flautist deserves special mention as he left the audience in a trance with his brilliant skills with the Flute. Cyborgium 106, like in the auditions once again held the crowd in a "Head Bang" spe| I.Their brilliant rendition of As I slither and Amon Amarth had the crowd banging their heads | ikecrazy! (RMS reported a huge increase in the sale of pain killers that night! ) We recommend they carry projectors with them to display subtitles as they speak ; ) (Yes, he's got a deep gruff voice and he's extremely proud of his masculinity! ) And from being the future of rock to the face of rock in the institute, Opinova (previously known as Half Step Down) proved why they were adjudged the Best Band in the Battle Of Bands at lscon Mall. The progress and journey ofthis band has been one ofthe bestthings happening to the music culture in this college. And proof to their talent was the variety of genres they traversed. From Road House Blues to Coming Back to Life to The memory Remains, OPINOVA made a clear statement— ‘The only thing wrong with the band was their name’: P We cannot wait to see this band reach greater heights! Showmanship and music aren't two separate entities. Lakkad Baggae proved this and more. The second their name was announced, the sound guy had plenty of reasons to be angry : ) They simply pushed the crowd onto cloud nine with ChopSuey and a tout le monde. Requiem has become for of an anthem for this band and by then, the crowd moved from the lawns (cements, whatever! ) onto the stage! (And the sound guy was reallyangry this time! ) We thankthem for pumping unseen energy into the event! And then the rolling got better ; ) Arguably the best band in the institute, The Renegades had some- thing for every rock fan. Consisting of the best in business, this band's performance stood out as a show on its own. Bulls on Parade and symphony of destruction blew whatever little was left on the crowd's mind. Killing in the Name Ofonce again stood testimony tothe talentThe Renegades possess. Surprisingly their performance wasn't hampered a bit by the fact that the girls had left by then ; ) And at the end ofthe day, it was music that held us there. The organizers deserved special mention for the determination they displayed while trying to stage this event. The only motive behind such shows is to bring good talent to centre stage and this was definitely satisfied with Rattle And Hum 30. We hope more such bands spring up in the institute to enthrall us in the further versions! Cheers! Aditya Radhakrishnan (T 1‘ I <, ’.7CT_if‘?7-i€S gr‘ W i. ; .2 ~. ;‘ J The Commonwealth Games could not have had a better timing. Amidst the vari- ous protests starched with tinges of sarcasm pointed at the ‘alleged’ misappro- priation of funds, these Games really proved the fact that Indian sports did indeed need a shot in the arm like this one, right here, right now. There might be cynics pointing their fingers and raising their arms; there might be the ‘ever changing’ media, which portrays the falling bridges one day and the grandeur of the opening ceremony the other day; but whatever happens, no one can take these games away from us. The Indian sporting scenario is chang- ing, and it's changing big-time. A decade back India was associated with just a few sports that included Hockey (at its degrading best), Tennis (Leander paes and Mahesh Bhupathi were the only names we knew) and cricket(Where Sachin was the Indian team). Looking back now, we start with the emergence of the phenomenon, what I call the ‘Creeper effecti Just as the creeper needs support to grow taller and higher, Indian sports needed the economy to grow. And as money came pouring in, so did the victories. The‘Gangu| y'era, a bold new era of Indian cricket started the proceedings, followed by the ’Sania mania’. Though an Australian and a Pakistani (respectively) made these trendsetters halt halfway, the momentum never strayed far from us. The previous edition of the Common- wealth Games proved to be the artist of the ‘New Indian Athlete‘, where Seema Biswas, Abhinav Bindra, Anju Bobby George, Gagan Narang, and various others cemented their names in our minds. Yes, good media coverage did help, but the media never visits places without sheen. The 2006 Melbourne Games were the game changers, wherein India grabbed the fourth position and Lo! , we had struck Gold. Other sports gained equal footing, The “Saina“ effect in badminton, the “Randhawa“ effect in Golfand our very own Nada| ,“Somdev Devvarman“, all contributing to this uprising. Mahendra Singh Dhoni ushered in the ‘Rank 1‘ status and won the T20 world cup, Indian cricket had finally moved away from just being ‘Sachin’. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore then started it all with Vijendra Kumar, Akhil kumar, all following suit. The elusive‘O| ympic Go| d'was now rattled, shattered and conquered. Corporate India started realizing that athletics was proving to be a sound investment, reality shows were opting forthese boxers in- stead ofYuvraj Singh (who's resigned to his pubs nowadays); Money was making its way into Indian sports. ‘New Delhi 2010‘ is just the beginning. Football seems to be that one elusive thing we Indians are not able to do anything about. We aren't short of aficiona- dos, we aren't short of talent, but if the same amount of money that's pouring into athletics now starts coming to football, who knows, ‘F| FA 2026‘might not be a farfetched bet. Instead of criticizing our own Games, we should now bask in the glory of completing a successful phenomenon, to mark the beginning ofan age where India grows, not just as an economy and a military superpower, but also as a sporting superpower. The United States of America did it; China did it, now it's we who need to up the impetus. Let's increase our viewership, let's buy tickets for such games and let's post Facebook comments and buzzes about an Indian archerwho wins Go| d.The game grows with the audience, let's support it. Let's cheer for the double gold winner Deepika Kumari(Archery), let's clap for Krishna pooniaidiscus) and let's start a roar for our relay team. India finished second this time, with a total tally of 10! medals. A start? Yes. A sign for bigger things to come. All it takes is a little push. Venkatlyer I'll‘-IlI'lI)Il'talo[| IuLv. I>s‘l= ?i itv-v. ir. riut-ii : l§Eiv Pl» mm Jim’; --it-iitti —M-I -if :4-ll: YluL. illlull fill . -. i‘ ylfll gi'w‘ilt. fil 't, ,:| '4l[0.l{1=1:l egg -Iii-i . . » -I or . “., LPi. ».V1L-e mm-iitto ' iilun aimitaafainifltellilqtoiuifii -ma an M-i i't, iur'-llr-ii‘tri-ll’! ln'. 'lfil'lil§I . Iiiar-nialvit : :.iIlI7'-ufiio. |.1-'ltVj}: iir=1I, ii/ :4LiAi_gigi: : It-_inilnili=1ll’-4I-imiiiillta-t--iil1llt= i-i il1»viIt= i»v= iui-‘lint-xiii: aiisiuitittyntonrnfiuga i-Luijvmn Iluliti .14:-It-iarttoiiiii nellitl (ti Ir-Iii I "L. llIlfllI! ~"": Illilfflliillfi it-tilt ‘flflinliia rim -tg, i:t9.~t’ni| ,‘tqtI, it= ;.xv-$1-.1515-’. " i= .i: iq. oi-1uv. l|Iiii-. mt-.11-ii , . 537:'73«"l‘l"l'l7l'= X'f'Tfi'! H-«fit-i: i(«vI%i1?5-l'il. it-ai not I ’l7i5I_i"lE l7tT~"i'? -'ll“—T« I-‘Xofl IV: |I 1:2,»)-iiinni-—ai= ruIl-vli t. ..i_i. ..; i». nli». iIi-.3; Iii-. mi'toiIta‘K1i11, merit-iiiniiadhiiu
  10. 10. Techflhase atform versus Product leadership Apple is one of the greatest product development companies of all time. It has produced path breaking products like the first personal computer, the Apple I, the PowerBook, which set the design standard for laptops, the pioneering Newton PDA, th ac , the mother ofall de- signer PCs, the iPod and the revolutionary iPhone. All truly great prod- ucts; however, the company has often failed to dominate the market and design industry wide platforms. Microsoft, on the other hand, has rarely come out with a truly great product instead developing ‘good enough‘ products. These products acted as industry platforms by enabling and encouraging other firms and individuals to develop innovations around this platform a d thereby bringing relatively cheapl computing to the masses (and bil- lions of dollars in profits to Microsoft). MS DOS, Office and Windows are prime examples of this. By a platform, we mean a product or technology that has relatively open technical interfaces and business/ developer friendly licensing terms to encourage others to contribute complementary products or services in effect resulting in network externalities. This causes more users to adopt the platform, more complementors to enter the platform, more users to adopt and so on until the crowds of complementors reduce the incentives for new complementors. Apple has steadfastly guarded its Macintosh platform and has always chosen to optimize the hardware-software system and monopolize on the revenues. The Macintosh, albeit a great product, has miniscule (nearly 2 percent, 10pc in US) market share. By contrast, a platform strat- egy would have meant Apple licensing the Mac OS widely and working with other companies to come up with applications for the mass market. Apple hasn't done this and therefore software firms chose to support the more broadly selling IBM compatible machines. Then there is the iPod, a major success from Apple and currently dominating about 70 percent of the Portable Music Player (PMP) market. It has attracted complementary hardware such as connectors for car and home stereo, speakers etc all of which has made it more valuable. It was only under strong market pressure that Apple opened up the iPod software allow- ing it to play a variety of formats (and not just Apple's proprietary THE OF by ENIGMA / " Sandip Dev, lIM-A 5VNlTAlumni badgers | Dodgers I More Ever wondered why more people aren't using Apple or why Apple doesn't allow want you to install MacOS on your non-Apple laptop. Why doesn't Microsoft create something like MacOS? is it unable to do so or is there some other reason behind. I will try to look into these and more in this article. formats like the ini ial iPod did) and led to the wider acceptance of the iPod. Similarly, Apple also introduced a version of iTunes for Windows. The same can be said for the iPhone which is a remarkable piece of tec nology but is restricted on many fronts. For one, it can only be used with a few handful oftelecom providers. Also, Apple's policies highly discour- age firms to develop software of the iPhone. However, hackers around the world found ways of unlocking the iPhone and adding new apps thereby forcing Apple to give in to m rket pressure and releasing the iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) and allowing it to be open to outside applications in effect paving the way for it to become an indus- try platform. Nokia, and now Google with its Android OS, on the other hand has chosen to become a platform leader by opening up its Sym- bian 05. Nokia and Goog| e‘s market share in mobile phones is way larger than that of Apple; and Google is increasing eating into Nokia’s market. For Apple to become a platform leader, it must be willing to listen to de- velopers and make technical and design compromises for the sake of wider adoption. Apple surely is aware of the platform versus product challenge and has preferred not to follow an open platform strategy. At times, however, consumer pressure has forced Apple to open up its product without losing much distinctiveness. As consumers (and devel- opers) we would be forever grateful if Apple decides to open up its product and pursue both platform and product leadership simultane- ously. T 1 Relatively cheap because if you consider many of the free software alterna- tives to Microsoft software, the cost comes down further and may even be zero. Linux and Open Office are free software alternatives to Windows and Office and are equally competent but suffer due to network externalities in favor of Microsoft's products. 2 Network externalities: The more external firms in the network that create complimentary products the more valuable the platform becomes. Since almost everyone uses Microsoft‘: operating system, almost everyone else wants to use Microsoft's operating system. Its product stays popular because it’: popular. on mi. .. ILIIIFE [kl]. .. Sir Edward Downes, 85, had been the chief conductor of the BBC philharmonic and the Royal Opera in his heyday. Now, with his health declining, he had come to Switzerland with his wife, 74. He could have been just another, affluent, old, British gent retiring to his chalets at Gstaad or Zermatt or Verbier as he waited at the baggage carousel at Ziirich airport. But the truth couldn't have been farther away from the above perception. His wife was suffering from terminal cancer and the doctors had given herjust weeks with no hope ofa revival, save a miracle. You must insinuate, consequently, that the couple should have made a trip to Lourdes like countless other ailing people who flock the place, hoping to salvage their life, grappling that they are, from terminal afflictions, as they take a dip in the holy spring that is fabled to carry the tears of the Virgin instead of tripping to Switzerland. But the moribund couple in question was more practical. They were visiting the controversial Swiss facility of Dignitas. Dignitas is a clinic in Zurich that specializes in assisted or simulated suicides. The apparently dystopian allusions and evoca- tions of such an exercise, let alone commercialized (hotly contested fact) are grave and bleak to say the least. But this organization has its own set of philosophies thatjustify and lend an aura of benevolence to their persuasions and occupation. Their Tagline is ‘Live with dignity, Die with dignity‘. Basically, they use proven scientific methods to aid a person who is mostly suffering from some debilitating disease that has no scope for cure, in committing suicide in a manner that doesn't entail any pain and ensures a peaceful death. The procedure, they adhere to, requires the administration ofan anti-emetic, mostly oral, at least 30 minutes priorto the injection, or the oral intake ofthe lethal Nembutal. An over-dose of Nembutal, normally depresses and curbs the functioning of the central nervous system thereby, sedating the person to a point where unconsciousness sets in, followed by a simulated-coma, and then ultimately, death. There is, though, a stringent protocol involved right from the point when the patient makes contact with the clinic till the point of formal death. In succinct, persons who seek to end their lives, for whatever reasons, the Dignitas way, first contact the clinic via telephone, e-mail etc. They elicit the reasons that, in their view, have forced them to the edge of the precipice. If its purely psychological reasons that are involved, Dignitas advises them to see a Dignitas authorized physician/ psychiatrist, in the client's country or basically prompts them to embark on a psychological therapy to alle- viate their mental and emotional issues. In case of physical anguish, that degrades the qual- ity of life of the client to an extent that he seeks this final solution, Dignitas first asks them to send their health reports etc, to gauge their condition. After assessing the same, if they feel that the bodily pain is the only reason pushing the patient to commit suicide and if prescrip- tion drugs like morphine can allow the person to live out his numbered days with relative tranquility, they do the needful . In short, they try their best to dissuade the person from taking the extreme step and hence only 13% of people who make initial contact with the fa- cility, actually undergo an assisted suicide. The maxim is that the client should take the initia- tive and hence it's only on the behest and explicit wish of the person, at each step, that they proceed to the next. Once cleared by the in-house Dignitas doctors, they call the client to Switzerland where they fix an appointment with one of their externaI-associate—doctors to satisfy the Swiss law that makes it mandatory for a person wishing to undergo the procedure, to have at least two scheduled sessions with one of the authorized doctors in Switzerland before they can be prescribed the lethal Nembutal dose. Once the clutter of formalities is taken care of, the person is taken to one of the apartments in Zurich, rented by Dignitas, complete with all the required medical paraphernalia. Here, the person is given the oral anti-emetic and then the final fatal drug. All the while, the protocol dictates the Dignitas em- ployees assisting in the process to play a passive role. They are allowed to, in case the patient is physically unable to drinkthe fluid mixed with fruitjuice etc, to hold the glass up, but aren't supposed to tip it into the patients mouth or egg the patient to drink it. If the patient so chooses, he can decide to terminate the procedure even at this stage. Normally, the counseling prior to the stage where the person is cleared for the procedure by the in-house doctors , the employee salaries etc. are deducted from a fund and not from the patient. Once the invitation to Switzerland is extended, the client is required to apply for the membership to the Dignitas foundation and is charged something to the tune of 11000 euros for the same. It is this foundation that bears the monetary costs of the people who are prescribed counseling etc. and who finally are dissuaded to not undergo the procedure, not to mention the costs involved in the actual procedure. These people, those opting not to go for an assisted suicide, though, can revert back to Dignitas at any point In the future, if they change their mind. There was a controv‘ersy sometime back when Dignitas experimented with helium gas masks to aid suicides. The procedure, technically, is painless as it subjects the patients to no suffocation, which, it should be mentioned, arises only in an event ofinhaling in an environ- ment of C02 or C0 or sulfur compounds and not in case of an inert gas. The problem with the practical application was that when the brain turns itself off, when deprived of oxygen, it first kills the working of cerebrum, that controls the voluntary impulses and intercepts related stimuli. Because of this, there is no perceptible pain, but then the whole exercise of breathing then falls on medulla that compulsively and violently makes the thoracic cavity contract in an attempt to draw in more air. Now, since no gas mask is totally air—tight, some amount of oxygen from the ambience leaks into the mask and hence prolongs the death. After just 4 such procedures, the clinic reverted back to its original Nembutal administration. The clinic sticks to the mindset that all humans should be in a position to have control over their lives and correspondingly, their deaths. Why make a person needlessly suffer and face the ignominy of subsisting, in totality, on aid, that defeats the basic instincts that make him human or suffer pain that absolutely denudes all value from his life. Often, the fact that they can choose to die, anytime, they seek, instills a feeling of empowerment in them that helps them in facing theirtravails more bravely. As for Sir Edward Downes, he and his wife died by each other‘s side in one such apartment in zurich in peace. and in love. in this life. and beyond. As for dignitas, well. ... it raises a critical and primal question . ... .. what exactly makes us human? ?.. ... the fact that we can choose to live our lives, the way we want. ..or the fact that we can choose our deaths and embrace the final void, on our terms . ..after all what is science but something that gives us the answers and makes our lives easi r. ..why then, not to apply it to make our deaths easier and available when the existence itself, regresses to a tedium. Prashan t M B. Tech-lII (Mech)
  11. 11. I/ ello mid VI/ alcmrie / hlks I0 I'. 'mp—Iy l'l/44x6, We o[]ai'rrioi‘c lhim any 24*7’ SclI_r'iirri. Hz)u(lliirn. C()VlIiIltlI‘ll/ ll (or wha/ ever it it tliul the DD guys‘ keep warliling al7oul. .) B0 are we lwgin imiig/ it'. r Il£’W. i‘ . r€n'7'(ro it miglil he wm'tl1- wlula Io iriirnrliica our two llt’W. V‘l‘(’(1tlL’l‘. Y, l, <iri. r / )lll(7Ii and I’ultlrlRuwmii. Wlwre do we lregiri? (I’e/ ‘var/ .s‘ keep rill l You }. fll_'. ' 1/an l gel in lmgln ’) Iiulmviural (lll(lll'. )'l. ‘ front llm Ilurvurzl Urii‘ci'. s'i'Iy ll'll(I . Tflltl_l' tlrc wm'li'iizg of/ iumari niiurl ll'L'l'(’ / IIXSOLUTELY . rpce('l1lc. r.r l1’li('ll Mr. Drlimi liad liar l7I'(lIll analyzer]. lit-ii. vz)ri. " u)Tlw brain ml. ‘n'I / zimiim and la) Wlmicvcr spu- (‘l(‘. ' ii lmlrrrigatl 10, ii ll'(l. 'Il '1 worltirig. / ind wr. "'e Ilia qiicen 0/ Really Tr‘ lierxel/ ,' Puklil Rillt‘(lIll, I'(Il'lllg up TRP rullrigs luslztr than A/ Ir: Siir('. 'li Kal- / muli’. ' lama (‘. 'L‘ll. '(’. i' rilmul lll(’ ('17/rznionmwlllr G(lIll('. '. Slick‘ ('lll'l‘('li/ ll’ unr'horing ”(}<1m' in til) . 'cmml. "'-an (‘l1/l('- rrig . 'll()W IlI(II[Il1.' . 'rm'vmg Srmirrllzm lrirls rigrrlrixt (ma rm- (lllIL’l' In we who run ltI. i'I lllt’ lz)IlgL'. 'l irillmul limil and Wain‘ Wllllt’ Ila: l1’llUlL’ WUI‘lt/ ii‘(ll('lI(’. ' and up/ Ilum/ .'. M'. RmmlIl l1tl. ' lrimllr L'4Ill. ’(’lllt'¢/ In [)l‘L’. '(’IIl Zllt' IiUli’. ‘>l{)l‘ lmiiglil. In whal might lend a twist l0Il1C India-Pakistan diplomacy slory (likc they don't ll’ c enough) Rcncsa slcuths have stumbled across cvidcncc that points I0 fixing m the. .. wait for it. .. India-Pakistan diplomatic ial s! |nvcsliga- lions havc rcvcalcd that l’akislan‘s bookies place and win bcts on the outcome of the talks! (And they think lhcy’rc pros in doing that! Who cannot‘l)A well known bookcr Dr i<‘ar1-’l‘ill-l lcll had recently won Indian currency wor1limil- lions when he placed and won a bet on whether the Paki- stan side would use lhc icrm “(io whoop ass"lRcports about Spol fixing on lhc number oftimcs a talk mighl be called off have also emerged. in a retaliation measure, the Indian Government has called offihc supply of50i chap- paus through the dabbawallalias lo the flood ravagcd areas of Pakistan. Cheaper and lighter Idlis would be sent in- SURAT, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 27, 2010 sicad and the salt content would be kept nil to express its dissatisfaclion over l’akislan‘s tendency lo fix almost cv- cryihing under the sun. Isl / Id-l7rL'u/ r.‘ Fmling guilt)‘ (I/ l‘L’i' (1 niglil of l(Vl]Il'()l£‘L‘/ (’(/ /i. m7 lIe7'c'. i' Ilia i'L'InL'cly India maxi . ru<rcz'. '. '/ ill rimming- a/ lar pill. ((1-l‘7'ca) guaralilecd lo crilirplelcly ramovo all inn t'. ' o/ gr/ ill unrl rriilli'ayz)ii / eel lzr/ pp)‘ agairi. ’ AL QAEDA LENDS A HELPING HAND To combat the US‘s sinister plans to reduce employment rates in India by inducing curbs on outsourcing, the Al-Qacda's Training and Placcnicnl Section (T&P) today went public asking IT professionals to apply for vacant po- sitions in its coinbai forccs. lhcir spokcspc ‘on Dr I. Ven- kalakrishnan Iycr passionalcly dcmandcd m rcsignaiion ofindians from US sourced IT companies. We shall give youjobs. Rcccssion or no recession, Al-Oacda will rccruil. Conic, lci's kill" said Mr lycr. Induslrial sources say that lhis might aclually affect unemployment ralcs in lhc coun- lry. Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav though strongly Ci‘lliCi[C(l lhc analysis. “It is only going to affccl lhc cmploymcm rate, iiol lhc unemployment rate“ hc said. Given the fact that the rcquircmcnls for ihcjob arc-n‘1 stringent this ycar. lhc avcr- agc salary ofihc lndiari could go up bul his average life ox- pcciancy could comc down! Forward your rcsumc lo allq. coiri to apply for positions in lhc combat forccs. Spo- cial packagcs for teachers thrown out ofthcir jobs due lo sex scandals. We wonder why! Zml (l(l’,7l'L’{lI‘. ‘ Ilcrz". ' u lliL'. '. ‘{l}3(' / mm lll(' (: 'o'crii/ ncrrl oi lmliu. Sniolw. Yes ii if lrg/ m'ioii. ' Io liaulllz but so is Biirigvc-/ irIn]IiiI_i. ,' llllil TV-wzrlclilng. More [}(‘U[)l(’ (lie lllll’ / éillmg zIcl*u'i. r / iwm Alien . 'lIl/ I.' (mzl lculciirg gas / lir-/ oi'ie. ' ow_1' V'r'ur' Ilrai1_/ rmn a jaw gr'ani. r Ill lll('lIllll(’. So, go cilictul. ’ Siririlrc irll_wm’w lll‘(Il’i’l BHOPAL BOMBED A( N Formcr Union Carbide of India Lid Chairman Mr. Kcshab Mahindra made public his plans to start a ncw ll’L franchi- sec for lhc fonhcoming crickcl scason here in condolcncc mccting organized to mourn for those who lost lhcir lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. "I shall pay homage lo the dead by naming the lcam as Bl IOPAL BOMBS. This is also the perfect way to pay tribute to the entire country including the Judicial System which stood by me during the entire trial period. You have displayed tremendous amount 0fpa- ticncc and gratitude" said Mr. Kcshab. Unveiling a grand stratcgy. complctc with a list ofihc IPL officers who had to bc hribcd in order to win lhc bid wiihoul compclition, Mr. Kcshab also laid out plans to construct a grand (‘rickci sla- diuin in the premises oflhe now abandoned Union Carbide plant in Bhopal. This he said would serve lhc purposc ofa liOI'liC ground for lhc BIIOPAL BOMBS (Ii was lhc home ground for ‘BOMBS‘ right from I984 ilsclf hc quippcd. The condolcncc meeting was followcd with a fashion show and a grand party to prove UClL‘s solidarity with the nation on ground breaking issues. Mr. l’zr/ rlii. "'TliuI’. i‘ all / or mniglii/ olk l‘(’_l«‘()ll (ll‘(1llIlI/ lI(’. ’l lime will! rnaru llllllilll-(‘(’lIll'l( . '. 'm'. ' as‘ why I/ IL’ / l/rlii and / li, vliwuIj'u r/ rm’! lI£l’(’ (1 / ialiy vet uml ll r'mri: .'w on Wlll' Ul’/ I-2 lms In-cu Still! a rmnurrzling . ‘ll('('(’. ‘. ‘ in (lllallllllg rlniihlc-digi/ grmrllr in all mtll/ (‘l‘. i' ('rz/ (ial. (‘mm on who ((lV(’. i‘ ll llll’ (ll)l’glYill’lll mic l. ‘ hvlow ll) u‘/ iariyriii lltlvt‘ a M1ml. '/ [1l'()ll'llI l‘(ll(‘ that am rmilw (‘lilmr l7l1i. vll. ".’I"<)7' all llIl. ' tIlI(lIll()l'L’, Sllll‘ lurwil Io Erri;1I'- Tl/44X6. We 0// Ur‘ llIiIl'L’ llitlll um’ 24*7 " < Every line in this column is a figment of our imagination and is for leisure rcading. Facts and figures quoted are not true and the column is more of fiction than anything clsc> by Aditya Radliakrishnan Special Thanks lo Kailasam crisps and f TOAPALLAND ENTHRALL c Todays world. .where everything is supposed to be figured out, all facts are supposed to be perceived, yet they are not. The unexplained. he mysterious still happen5.. with no discern- ment, no scientific index. So I start this column to bring into your world a dab of paranormal, a drop ofsupernatural, across the world, across the country, commencing with our very own city. ..surat. Disclaimer: All matter stated here is true with respect to the auth r. Real people have been interviewed and their names hidden for obvious reasons. #1 The Serpent This story traces back to ii years ago. . . .on a rainy afternoon. A crowd of bystanders watched with awe as the female snake gave birth. The immense serpent lay on the middle of the road, barricading it, left to right. A few men took charge to guide the traffic back. As the last minutes of anticipation settled in, the crowd heard the blatant honk accompa- nied by the desperate cries of the pregnant woman inside. The bystanders hesitantly pre- pared to tell the driver to depart. A man stepped out of the car to witness the situation, he knew his wife would die and that there was no other path to the hospital. Without doubt, he had made his decision. Before raising the car window, he gave an apologetic look to the crowd and the car trailed off, leaving a horrendous sight for the villagers to witness. As the crowd slowly dispersed, the boisterous weather turned yet more loud, feeling bitter at the plight of the dead female serpent, lying lifeless on the road. The man paced up and down the crowded hospital hall in anticipation, trying to over- come the guilt and after hours of waiting, the nurse came out and informed him the news of the birth of his two baby twin daughters, with a hint of resen ent on her face. He rushed in to see his unconscious wife, planted a soft kiss on her forehead and slowly paced towards the crib kept a few feet away from the bed. The smile on his face immediately turned in to a look of horror. The first baby's skin from head to waist was covered with snake skin, while the other baby girl had the same scaly pattern waist to toe. EP| LOGUE: The parents tookthe babies home, they grew up normally. Every yeartheyshed theirsnake skin. ..and it grows back. The girls now reside in a village in Surat and would be around the age of 12. #2 The Dumas House Just as we enter the beach, keep going towards the right, there we spot a white house, not maintained properly. At an outer glance, we felt it belonged to an NRI who had not re- turned since Iong, but we, weren't satisfied with this story. We went in, opened the gates when a shrill voice stopped us. An old lady was screaming from behind. She told us not to enter it, and shooed us away. On asking the reason, we were told that some case is going on and that we aren't allowed to visit the place now. We are really frustrated and our group goes and asks lots of people about it. No one is even aware about the house, even its exis- tence, far away in the corner. Just one person, a fisherman, says it was used as a burial house. But he doesn't know more than that and he's never been allowed to go there too. We won't stop here, next time we go there; we'll have a thorough look. by david
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