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Govind ioug120505


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My slides from Indian Openstack User Group, May 5, 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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Govind ioug120505

  1. 1. Cloud and IaaSIndian Openstack User Group 5th May 2012 Govind Tatachari
  2. 2. AgendaCloud computing … warm-upDiscussion Segments: Why Cloud Computing? What IS or IS NOT Cloud Computing? IaaS markets – some insights Did you know? IaaS: Towards Reference Architecture © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  3. 3. Too many choices … Azure GoGrid DropBox Eucalyptus Private AWS Rackspace Virtualization HP SaaS OpenNebula Hybrid VMware Openstack CitrixPlatform-as-a- IBMService IaaS … can be mentally exhausting © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  4. 4. … but good for official goal-setting © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  5. 5. … and simply explained humor © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  6. 6. Discussion Segment Why Cloud Computing? © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  7. 7. What is the purpose/objective? Is there a business problem to be solved? Is cloud computing just too SHINY A NEW TOY? Can it ADDRESS/SOLVE any of India’s challenges/problems? Is cloud computing just too DISRUPTIVE to ignore? © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  8. 8. What is the purpose/objective? Is there a business problem to be solved? Is cloud computing just too SHINY A NEW TOY? Can it ADDRESS/SOLVE any of India’s challenges/problems? Is cloud computing just too DISRUPTIVE to ignore? Enable new solutions! Collaboration Scalability Flexibility Availability Portability Cost © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  9. 9. Cloud ecosystem: nascent, fragmented & growing SYSTEM INDEPENDENT INTEGRATORS SOFTWARE HOSTING PROVIDERSADVISORY SERVICES INTEGRATED STACK VENDORS PROVIDERS STARTUPS CLOUD CONSUMERS TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS … fraught with uncertainities and risks … How do you make your move “manageable”? Adapted from RobustCloud © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  10. 10. Discussion Segment What IS or IS NOT Cloud Computing? © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  11. 11. Cloud computing characteristics Service delivery DeploymentCloud service consumer models models Cloud service provider What services are delivered How services are deployed Specific characteristics Common characteristics Essential Enabing characteristics Technologies What makes it different from other solutions What makes it possible Adapted from National Institute ot Science and Technology (NIST) and observations by Rui Esteves © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  12. 12. IS it Cloud or NOT? Cloud computing Common Specific Characteristics Characteristics Service Essential Enabling Deployment DeliveryCharacteristics Technologies Models Models Datacenter as a Service  On-demand Processing as a Service  Self-Service Storage as a Service  Scalable Network as a Service  Measurable Desktop as a Service Is it “OSSM” (AWESOME)? © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  13. 13. Evolution of IT computing models Extreme Designed Designed Uptime for Failover for Failure (99.999) (Always On) Vertical Horizontal Scaling Scaling Expensive Expensive Cheap Custom “Semi-commodiity” Commodity Hardware Hardware Hardware Hardware Software HA HA Centralized Decentralized Distributed Centralized Shared Service Service Self-Service Model Model ModelMainframe Client-Server Cloud Source: Cloudscaling and NEC © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  14. 14. Discussion Segment IaaS Market – some insights © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  15. 15. Ranking: Public cloud IaaS companies Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant (December 2011) © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  16. 16. Ranking: Top 10 most powerful IaaS companies1 Amazon Web Services The gold standard2 Bluelock Out of the blue3 CSC Targetting the enterprise4 GoGrid All cloud, all the time5 IBM Leveraging the installed base6 Openstack No vendor lock-in7 Rackspace Taking a leadership role8 Savvis Full range of options9 Terremark Three-pronged VMware-based approach10 VMware Key building block Source: Christine Burns, Network World US, 15 April 2012 © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  17. 17. Cloud Acquisitions <2010: A Partial List D Center Virtual. PaaS SaaS DaaS EcoSysCA Cassatt 4Base 3Terra Oblicore NimsoftCisco LineSider, Webex, ScanSafe Tidal SkypeCitrix Paglo VMLogix SpringSource PostPathDell Ocarina 3PAR BoomiEMC FastScale, VMware TriCipher Integrien, GreenplumHP IBRIX, PolyServe Fortify Melodeo Opsware, LefthandIBM Storwize Lombardi, CastIron, Unica, Netezza CoremetricsOracle Sun Virtual Iron PasslogixRackSpace JungleDisk Slicehost Webmail.usSalesforce Heroku DimDim, Jigsaw Instranet, Activa Groupswim Source: Dani Shomron, ISC, Jan 2010 © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  18. 18. Cloud Business: Interesting Numbers The Growing Cloud ………………………… ……..Source DataIDC Cloud search >$16 Billion .. Predicted to grow at CAGR 27.4%AWS Revenue @50% YoY Growth for past 5 yearsGrowth Current earnings ~ $500 MillionRack Space Cloud Cloud product sales rose 85 per cent inEarning the quarter, touching 43m ( Aug 2011) Source: Divyanshu Verma, Dell R&D © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  19. 19. Growth of Rackspace Cloud BusinessQuarters RackSpace Cloud Earning QoQ Growth % YoY % Sep-10 26,763,000 Dec-10 31,415,000 17 Mar-11 37,107,000 18 Jun-11 42,954,000 16 Sep-11 50,673,000 18 89 RackSpace Cloud Earning 60,000,000 50,000,000 40,000,000 30,000,000 20,000,000 RackSpace Cloud Earning 10,000,000 0 © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  20. 20. Discussion Segment Did you know? © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  21. 21. Did you know?BYOC (CYA) projects: You can ... run an instance of Openstack on your laptop run an instance of Openstack on a couple of EC2 instances build a private cloud running Openstack in your lab  24 cores  6 TB disk  48 GB memory  Dual 1GBit network  a KVM switch  … and some snacks and few cups/cans of favorite drink for ~ Rs. 1.5 to 2 Lakhs © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  22. 22. History and Timeline of OpenstackJuly 2010 July 2010 Nov 2010 Oct 2011 Apr 2012 OpenStack First public OpenStack Conference OpenStack Global launches Design & OpenStack Essex Community grows with 25+ Summit in Design Summit Fall to 160+ companies partners San Antonio 2011 © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  23. 23. Openstack EcosystemAt present there are 160+ companies in Openstack ecosystem © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  24. 24. Discussion Segment Towards IaaS Reference Architecture Source: Sumayah Alrwais, Indiana University © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  25. 25. Eucalyptus Architecture © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  26. 26. Network Configuration per node © 2012 Govind Tatachari
  27. 27. Feature ComparisonFeature/IaaS Eucalyptus Openstack NimbusVirtual Network VDE VDE & Open vSwitch VDEVM Isolation VLAN VLAN Not availableSystem Security Firewall filters VPN access, SSH, VPN access, SSH, and (Security groups), security groups and use of globus SSH & WS-Security Cloudaudit certificate credentialsUser Security User credentials User credentials using User’s X.509 public provided thro’ web certificate authority key certificate which interface for VPN access is provided to the cloudDHCP On the cluster On the network On the individual controller controller nodeHypervisor Support XEN, KVM & VMWare XEN, KVM, UML, XEN & KVM QEMU & Hyper-VStorage System Warlus Object store (Swift) Cumulus © 2012 Govind Tatachari,
  28. 28.  Thank you © 2012 Govind Tatachari